Zionism & Christianity - 2
The Iraq Question & Israel

©Lucio Mascarenhas. 16th Feb., 2003. St. Onesimus; Ss. Elias, Jeremias & Comp., Egyptian Martys.

Some months back, Arab Muslim terrorists in Israel seized the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, with the Israelite army surrounding the place. The terrorists also took the Christian religious hostage — but, not so amazing to the Christian familiar with the present situation obtaining in the Antichurch of Charles Wojtyla, these religious belonging to his sect, actually acted as the abettors and accomplices of the terrorists.

At the time, there was stagemanaged, largely by this same impious sect and its allies, a wave of protests throughout all the world, amazingly directed NOT at the desecration of so holy a Christian shrine by these Muslims and Muslim terrorists, but at the Israelites (!) for hemming them in and putting them under seige! Does hypocrisy never end?

Today, we are facing another wave of the same insanity.

During the Kuwait War, Iraq, in order to distract its opponents and to expand the war, and thus to draw in fellow-Muslims and convert the war from being a purely Iraq-Kuwait one into a Muslim versus the-rest-of-the-World war, struck at Israel with its missiles, when Israel was not at all a belligerent.

Now such actions are unacceptable among civilized nations, and it is urgently necessary that the perpetrators of such lawless actions be swiftly and summarily brought to justice and put away from the ability to repeat such acts.

But, from the purely Christian viewpoint1, we must always keep on remembering that the Israelites, though no longer the Chosen People, because now it is us, the Christians, who are, are still SPECIAL unto God, and that He does not appreciate either those who strike at them without just cause, and those who do not aid them when thus struck. 2 This is true, even though the Jews are our first and most deadly enemies, for we serve not men, but God.

And it is further evident that George Bush, Jr. is a stooge of the Jews, as demonstrated by his father's illegal action in making the Lubawitcher Rabbi's birthday into the US Education Day, an action that goes against the law of the land, which mandate strict separation between religions and the State.

And that that explains, more than anything else, the vehement and unrelenting pursuance of Iraq that threatens now to lead into a war.

Yet, nevertheless, such a war is both just and legitimate, for Saddam Hussain is a loose cannon, and cannot be allowed to go scot-free after having struck at Israel without just cause.

Yet, again, since the Jews and their stooges are well capable of taking care of him, and bringing him to justice, there is no cause for the Christian to get involved in this imbroglio.

Therefore, the hysteric campaign, which has drawn in even Christians, against Bush's intended war against Saddam Hussain, makes no sense and is furthermore opposed to the ends sought by Christianity.

Therefore, for now, let us stay aloof and not allow ourselves to be dragged in. Let the godless, pseudo-Christians demonstrate and underline their apostacy and insanity by joining with and endorsing Saddam Hussain and his ilk, who, even though moderate Islamists, are still nevertheless, the enemies of Christianity.

But, as I never tire in repeating, let us work quietly and behind the scenes always to achieve the positive ends of Christianity.

And let us remember the lesson taught us by God in the old Testament: DO NOT ALLY OR SEEK ALLIES FROM AMONG HIS ENEMIES! DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN WARS AMONG THE UNBELIEVERS!

If we faithfully observe these rules, we shall succeed and flourish.

1. See (Epistle of St. Paul to the) Romans 11:25-27: "I must not fail, brethren, to make this revelation known to you; or else you might have too good a conceit of yourselves. Blindness has fallen upon a part of Israel, but only until the tale of the Gentile nations is complete; then the whole of Israel will find salvation, as we read in scripture, A deliverer shall come from Sion, to rid Jacob of his unfaithfulness; and this shall be the fulfilment of my covenant with them, when I take away their sins. (Knox Version)

2. Zecharias 2:8: "For thus says the Lord of hosts... for he who touches you, touches the apple of My eye." (Rheims-Challoner)
©Lucio Mascarenhas. 16th Feb., 2003. St. Onesimus; Ss. Elias, Jeremias & Comp., Egyptian Martys.
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