9/11 - Touching Base

©Lucio Mascarenhas. 12th. September 2002.

The Tuesday, 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and on the Pentagon were some of the most severe terrorists act in history. Nevertheless, at the risk of sounding cynical and inhuman, it bears saying that the Americans had it coming for a long time.

As of now, we are told that Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger aircrafts and flew three of them into major buildings. The fourth aircraft went down before its hijackers could achieve their target because, it seems, the passengers fought the hijackers and foiled their plan.

Two of those buildings targetted were civilian buildings, full of non-combatants. People had just begun to report to their offices and workplaces when the terrorists struck.

These attacks were carried out by nameless, unidentified individuals who made no statements and no demands. In the aftermath of these senseless attacks, America has been thrown into turmoil, trying to come to grips with what motivated these acts.

However, the Old World is not surprised by these attacks. The Old World has had these experiences since the last thirteen hundred years.

The root of these attacks is to be found, not in the deprivation or sense of injury, real or false, on the part of Muslims, but in the very ideology of Islam.

Islam, from its very commencement, has claimed to be not only a universal religion, as Christianity is, but also that every individual and community had an obligation to embrace it, and that it was the duty of the Muslim to go out and conquer them and impose Islam on them.

In light of this principle, Islam looks at the world as being divided into basically two zones: the Land of Peace (Dar-us-Salam) and the Land(s) of War (Dar-ul-Harb).

According to Islam, Islam is, by the will of God, commanded to conquer and rule over all the world, and therefore it is the religious duty of Muslims everywhere to work for this end by overthrowing non-Islamic states and bringing them under Islam.

This is the doctrine of Jihad.

In the lands of Islam, the Islamic Law must be paramount, the non-believers who are Jews or Christians are reduced to slavery (dhimmi or rayah) and forbidden government or military service. For this privilege, they must pay a poll-tax, the Jiziya, which is sent to Mecca for its upkeep and that of the Muslim poor.

Again, Islam does not recognise the marriages of other peoples and religions. And though, technically, Islam claims to enfranchise women, they are actually treated as sub-human beings whose only purpose is to give sexual pleasure and breed children. Therefore, non-Muslim women are fair game for the Muslim, to be carried off even if she is someone else's wife.

In accordance with this fundamental doctrine of Islam, right from the time of the heresiarch Mu'Ahmad himself, Muslims were sent out on campaigns of conquests.

At the time of the inaugeration of Islam, Arabia had three major Christian states: Himyar in Modern Yemen, Hira, which held the entire Arabian coast of the Persian Gulf, from Kuwait till Oman, and Ghassan.

These were overwhelmed by the fanatical troops of Islam and Islam was imposed upon them.

The same fate was met by other Christian nations that were swept over by these highly-motivated fanatics.
©Lucio Mascarenhas. 12th. September 2002.
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