Why Another Orthopapism Site?

© Lucio Mascarenhas, formerly "Prakash"
During the period October-November 2002, I had been attacked by viruses, which compromised my mail. In a panic, I changed the passwords of many of my accounts, and did not note them down. Therefore, I lost most of these accounts. One major account I have lost is that of the original Orthopapism site at http://www.geocities.com/orthopapism.

It is my intention someday to have my own site. At the moment, however, I cannot afford the costs of a foreign service, and I know that the Indian services do not have the culture to stand up to the Indian government and refuse it the information it demands from them.

Therefore, in the meantime, I am forced to use my default website, http://www.geocities.com/prakashjm45 as the base for the second Orthopapism site
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