What's Going On?

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We have people — Goan people — talking at cross purposes.

I am a Goan expatriate, that is, a Goan who lives outside of Goa. And when I visit Goa, I see things that I do not and cannot like. Such as:
  1. The Degradation of Infrastructure. Infrastructure is being Cannibalized, which is the standard practice in the Indian Union. Roads are dug up and not properly repaired.

  2. Unplanned Urbanization and Environmental Degradation. Builders from the Indian Union have flooded Goa and monopolise the Construction industry, bringing in the same chaos and anarchy that prevails there. That is further helped by the fact that we are administered by the same incompetent legislations of the same Indian Union. There are huge colonies being thrown up, and reckless urbanization, destroying the historic social and architectural character of Goa.

  3. Population Influx. The greatest enemy of Goa is the unchecked influx of people from the Indian Union, thus destroying Goa's Demographic and its Social character and ethos.
However, some people, even Goans, either refuse to see this, or worse, justify these evils and even praise and laud them.

Thus, we have a recent article by a Dr. Francisco Luiz Saldanha in the (now-defunct) Coastal Observer magazine, Bombay. Excerpts from this article:

Rome of the East

Dr. Francis Louis Saldanha, the Coastal Observer, Nov. - Dec. 2002.
A tiny speck in the serene corner of the Earth... small but spectacular, an invaluable gem! It is a beauty-spot on the glorious, glamourous face of our Bharatmata.. Goa Dourada, a precious pearl of the Orient.. Rome of the East! Goa is adorned by the scenic, sylvan grandeur, nestles on the lap of the golden sand of the Coast, incessantly lashed by the lustrous, sparkling waves of the turbulent Arabian Sea and filled with the soothing music wafting from the depths of the Indian Ocean. That's where I belong... that's where my hearth and heart is in that lovely, cosy corner of my beloved Country!

From my School days at Loyola, Margao, more than half-a-century ago, Goa has undergone complete metamorphosis. Many of the old sprawling houses with large balconies are replaced by modern cottages, some duplex with a lot of money pouring in from Gulf and Captains and crew from foreign ships and such other sources. Cars and scooters zoomed passed me, a pedestrian, trudging my way to the Church; every step reeled back to my mind old memories.. pleasant and unpleasant. The older priests in mufty (civilian clothings) speak English with a Portuguese accent transliterating Konkani expressions; the younger priests wear Pepe-jeans and T-shirts. Some of them are good preachers and deliver sermons in Sanskritised Konkani... good for the local language, the beautiful mother tongue of Goans and other Konkani speaking people.

The old popular Ladainhas (Litanies) followed by zahttak / copa, are rare, so is the loud recitation of the Rosary at night, the direct, vociferous invocation of the Almighty, out of vogue, but the Charismatic spirit is slowly spreading and Potta (a city in the Malabar, center of the Charismatic movement) is often dwelt upon. Hearsay a few Catholics have become Protestants.

Countless interesting, unforeseen observations swing into focus, but cannot be packed into this capsule. Time has changed and Goa has changed with Time... more for the better, befitting the principles of Democracy - Equality, Liberty and Fraternity!

END of Extract.

Contrast Dr. Saldanha's Litany of the Occupation with this report recently appearing in the Gulf-Goans group discussion:

To: [email protected]
From: "Gasper Almeida" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 02:49:04 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [GoanCauses] Mind My Words - by Richard Cabral in the Herald www.oherald.com

Mind My Words

By Richard Cabral
It’s a beehive of activity. Nobody’s actually got the time to stand and stare. The tourists are coming. Where there was a nice little open space overnight you find that a temporary restaurant has mushroomed. Where there was a tightly pulled shutter a Kashmiri has a colourful array of ready-made or carved furniture. Where there was an incomplete construction the ground floor has already on display myriads of articles ranging from leather to jewellery.

If you really want to see for yourself how everybody has been galvanised into action then one should stand in the street next to the market and just take it all in. If anybody wants an example of chaos then that is the place to be. Two wheelers, variety of four-wheelers, pedestrians, passenger coaches, cattle, dogs, cyclists, rickshaws and motorcycle pilots all add up to a confusion classic.

But a red carpet seems to have been laid by the official agencies as road digging and road expansion is seen at many places. Piles of mud are found lying by the roadsides. Heaps of stones can be seen at some spots. In a few places water is gushing out as if to say we have no water problem.

Here and there the road has been cut to give water connections and the vehicles have to brake hard to avoid the bumps. The last year’s potholes have merrily survived for another year. This makes the village loudmouth to ask, “Has there been any improvement in the infrastructural facilities?”

So I asked one of the tourists what he had to say about his stay in Goa. He had so much to speak that I was left speechless for well-nigh ten minutes. And barring a palatable opinion about food the rest was not at all pleasant to hear. But who cares? One day they will have to.

Yesterday’s tide has already turned into a trickle today. Tomorrow not even a trace might remain. Then what do we do? The scenario could be so grim that a repeat of the French revolution could take place in Goa. Mind my words.

END of Extract.

So, what's going on? Is Dr. Saldanha and all those brainless traitors and bootlickers of the Enemy right, or is it those who are realists and see and expose the painful truth?

Concannim or Konkkni?

There has been for many years a debate on the Indianists' mangling of the Concannim language to produce a bastardized version, that is called "Konkkni". It is alleged that this is a "Sanskritized" version, which is bad enough, but in fact, it is a Maharashtrianized version, which is much worse. This language is indistinguishable from spoken Marathi, and is factually a contrived dialect of the Marathi language.

This fabricated language has been deliberately created by the Fake Catholic Church for the dual purposes of Indianizing Goans, and for paganizing Goans.

This is the "Concannim" that the Thomas Stephens Kendr is hawking in its tutorials for those interested in learning the Concannim language.

This is the garbage slang that the shameless traitor "Dr." Francisco Luiz Saldanha (a curse on all doctors!) is praising.

An Explosion Waiting To Happen?

Court jesters of the Occupation regime have been dismissing the warning and threats of Goans as being of a fringe and as being insignificant. However, it is a fact that Goans are getting more and more vocal about the Rape of Goa, even if they do not use the patriot's language.

Besides the warning voiced by Ricardo Cabral, we have seen such unlikely people as Lamberto Mascarenhas, Wendell Rodrigues, Remo Fernandes, Ethel da Costa, Marlon Meneses, etc., who are more usually known as supporters and hanger-ons of the Occupation, voicing such warnings.

This is proof of the discontent and ferment in Goan ranks, that even outstanding traitors have been voicing Goan displeasure at the state of affairs.
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