The West
The "Failure Of Christianity"

©Lucio Mascarenhas. April 29th., 2002.
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It is commonly said that the Christian West is undergoing a fatal internal crisis. However, how true is this?

First of all, the Modern West is NOT Christian. On the contrary, it is the product of the internal anti-Christian rebellions that have wracked Christendom, starting with the Protestant Schism, Gallicanism and Josephinism in France and the Holy Roman Empire (Austria-Hungary), then the French Revolution and Napoleonism, culminating finally in the Great Apostasy of Roncalli, Montini and Vatican II, all orchestrated by Christophobic Jewry through the front of Free-Masonry.

The Great Apostasy extinguished the last vestiges of the old, theocratic political Christendom.

The crisis wracking the West is its internal process, the institutionalised revolution, moving inexorably forward towards its logical end.

As of today, it has achieved this in the New Age movement, the confluence of Protestantism, Libertinism, Secularism, Freemasonry, Jewish paganism (Kabbalism) and the revived old paganisms, the new invented paganisms, and the surviving paganisms, largely Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

The crisis is the process of the auto-destruction of the formerly Christian people of the West in order to clear the way for the final stage — the Kingdom of the Antichrist, the Jewish Anti-Messiah, a Danite.

The freemasonic states of the United States of Soddom, an artificial nation modelled, not on Christian Rome, but on Pagan Rome, and an attempted restoration and duplication of it, together with its mother, the United Kingdom of Gommorah. These two are, if you will have it, Gog and Magog.

(Of course, my identification of the U.K. and U.S. with Gog and Magog is only speculative, not definitive! I am not a prophet!)

It is these two who are the greatest enemy of Christianity and Christendom today, not Islam, Communism, or any other enemy, great and formidable as they might be.

The only way for Christians is to repudiate and fight these states and their founding and essential inspirant ideologies, and work actively for the restoration of political Christendom.
Many Westerners have considered Christianity a failed religion, and have turned to the various rival ideologies, such as for example, Hinduism, Islam, etc.

However, it is not Christianity that has failed.

What has happened is that Christianity has been successfully discredited in the minds of very many, people who refuse to open their eyes and see the truth.

The main instrument of this perceived discreditment is Protestantism.

It has, by its many contradictions, made shipwreck of souls and Christianity into a Byeword.

Many of Christian heritage have been deluded by this apparent failure. They have allowed themselves to be seduced, and, as the dogs and pigs do, have returned to their vomit.

The enemies of Christianity exhibit these converts as trophies and as proof that the West has found Christianity false and their religions true.

That, however, is not the case. If it were so, all of the West, or the larger part, would have turned to that particular ideology which they believed to have found true. In fact, there is not such en masse movement towards any one particular ideology. On the contrary, they have dispersed in a thousand different directions. Some have turned to Islam, some to Hinduism, some to Buddhism, some to Sikhism, so to this and some to that.

Some have embraced Jewry, some Moonism, some Mormonism.

Others, and very many, have invented their own new weirdness, while many others have given themselves to these as adherents.

None of these are integral, none of them part of one greater whole. On the contrary, they are mutually contradictory and exclusive.

Therefore, the adherence of some to the one or of others to the other cannot be proof that these had found Christianity false and the new religions they embraced as true. At the most, it can be conceded that they are deluded.
©Lucio Mascarenhas. April 29th., 2002.
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