Dear Fellow-Goan Patriots,

We Can Win! We Will Win!

"Oppression can only survive through silence." — Carmen de Monteflores.
About a year ago, I came across as story about a project to replant pelicans in the Bay Area of U.S. California. Alarmed at the dwindling number of pelicans, it was decided to release captive pelicans into the Bay. However, it was observed that the replanted pelicans, born and raised in captivity, were not able to survive in the wild by fishing as did the native pelicans. Until someone hit upon the idea of introducing the captive pelicans in small numbers among communities of established native pelicans. The replanted pelicans picked up the fishing skills from their native peers and were soon able to survive on their own, thus making the project a success!

I apologize for the inadequate form in which I have recounted this story; others may know it in a better manner.

However, my point is, that like the native pelicans, we, Goan patriots, though few in numbers, by acting in concert can influence other Goans to awaken their patriotism and thus both increase our numbers and achieve eventually our end — the liberation of Goa from the Indian Occupation!

Speak up friends; think clearly, long and hard, and set down your thoughts clearly to make hardhitting letters that shock and wake up the stupid and those hypnotized by the chimerical splendors of the Goliath (India).

We must work on the Pelican Syndrome: As more and more Goans take courage to speak up, more and more Goans will be encouraged to throw off fear and the false shame imposed upon us by fools to speak up for Goa and for our rights. This is the only way that we will be able to finally arrive at a point where we can actualize the Liberation of Goa from Indian Occupation!

Arise, Goa's children, and join your voices to the growing thunder of voices denouncing the Rape of Goa!
It is not only necessary for us to congregate, but it is also necessary for us to provide a forum with a particular slant or atmosphere, designed to provoke Goans to think and to shed their inhibitions in expressing patriotic sentiments.

I have deliberately fashioned GoanCenter towards this end, and have refused to participate in or be party to the "Consensus" of Goan Quisling communities, such as Goanet, Goacom, Jose Colaco's "The Goan Forum", Gaspar Almeida's Gulf-Goans, etc.

Senhor Bernardo, unlike me, seeks to propagandize Goans by being a member of these forums, which choice I respect; I believe that by often acting in concert, we complement each other. However, for me, I find it unacceptable to be subject to public and formal traitors, people who censor patriotic messages or who slant the direction of discussions against patriotism, or who instigate concerted attacks upon patriots. It is for this reason, mainly, that I refuse to be party to these groups and fora.
There is, today, a great crowd of traitors and quislings, who are loud and vocal in deriding us and mocking us patriots. Certainly and undoubtedly, they outnumber us who are willing to stand up and be counted for Goa, be counted as patriots. Yet, that is not reason for despair. For, despite being vocal, they represent a foreign element introduced amongst us, a false conceited learning that contempts Goan roots, while we represent all that Goa and Goans stood for and stand for.

While all Goans look upon St. Francis Xavier, Fr. Jose Vaz and Fr. Agnelo de Sousa as our cultural icons, it is only the patriots who are true to the values that they represent!

Therefore, despite being fewer in the public forum than the public traitors, we represent the Goan prolectariat, while they represent foreign masters! Certainly, they prove the truth of the ancient adage: The number of fools is infinite!

But we can win only by not allowing ourselves to be put down, by raising our voices incessantly, in season and out of season.

Let us make a joyous sound!

We live!

We are alive!

We will not be wished away!

We will not go away!

You (India and Goan traitors) may celebrate your victory and your triumphs as much as you want, but you are like grass, which will wither in the summer heat, when there is no more any water to feed you. And the day is coming soon when we, the Goans, shall avenge our Goa and ourselves upon you by bringing you to book. In that day we shall cut you off from the land and shall cast you upon the fire! So help us God!

We are not doctors and professors; few of us are greatly educated. We are not fluent in the English language, a language that is foreign and inimical to our history. And in expressing ourselves in this language, unlike you, we stumble and make clumsy mistakes.

To these conceited vermin, traitors to their own homeland, history, people and traditions, we are a nuisance, a disturbance to their merrymaking in the twilight of their doom. And for that we do not apologize to these bandicoots.

Yet, it is we, and not you that will prevail!
I sincerely believe that we can win. We have grown in strength, and we will continue to grow, if we persevere with confidence.

Till only a short time ago, there was only Francisco Monteiro, Agnelo Gomes, Bernardo Colaco, Errol Rodrigues, A. Veronica Fernandes — to name but the most prominient — who were publicly plugging the Goan cause on the internet. Today, our numbers have swelled. This is because we have not allowed ourselves to be discouraged by the naysayers, by the cowards and traitors, but have persevered.

This work is slow and tedious, but it is necessary, and it is the foundation of our ultimate success.

Let us therefore not be discouraged but let us persevere with joy and confidence, continuing to awaken and aggregate (gather) more and more Goans to the cause of Mother Goa.

Eventually, the day will come when we shall prevail!



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