The Slime Is Churning!

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Today is 31st October 2004, the last Sunday of October, and therefore, according to the Catholic Calendar, the Feast of Christ the King. Today, after many days of dilly-dallying, I finally posted to Rama Coomaraswamy my article critiquing his father, Ananda Coomaraswamy and the "Perennialist Heresy" which he co-founded along with Rene Guenon and Frithjof Schuon (

About a week before, William H. Kennedy posted to the Christania list, and I checked his webpage. On the main page there was a reference to both Ananda and Guenon, and I therefore searched for his take on these men and their ideology, but to no avail.

Then I wrote a letter to Kennedy:
Dear Mr. Kennedy,

The blog of Ms. Carrie Tomko ( has brought to my attention the fact that Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, the father of Rama Poonambalam Coomaraswamy, was a proponent, along with Rene Guenon, Titus Buckhardt, Pallavacini, etc., of the Heresy of "Perennialism" or Pseudo-Traditionalism: the Pretension that all religions of the world originate in one single "Tradition" or alleged original religion.

I was not previously aware of the existence of this heresy; I thought A.K.C. was involved only with Art issues.

I have further researched the subject, and have found that Tomko is telling the truth.

Tomko also presented evidence that proves that the "Perennialist Heresy" is a part of Freemasonry, a Masonic plot and contrivance. That makes sense. (I will admit that I have not checked the "Sophia Perennis" site, as the very idea nauseates me!)

When I checked your site, I found that you mention A.K.C. and Rene Guenon in the same breath. But when I tried to find what you had on the subject of A.K.C. I drew a blank.

I am interested to know what you have to say about the "Perennialist Heresy", and of A.K.C.

I am working on a letter to Dr. Coomaraswamy asking him for his views of the subject; his take on "Perennialism", on his father, A.K.C., etc. I am troubled by the prospect that Dr. Coomaraswamy may himself be a "Perennialist" and a "Catholic" as a Perennialist, just as Guenon, etc., became Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.

As an aside, I am trying to verify the information that A.K.C.'s mother was Catholic; I estimate that she was Protestant. Prof. Wignesan claims that she was Catholic, and that A.K.C. was raised Catholic, until he formally became Hindu in 1907. But this page informs us that she was "non-denominational", i.e. Protestant.


Lucio Mas.
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Kennedy did not reply. There has been no reply till today. Now I know that I need not expect one.

Today, after I had posted my article to Rama Coomaraswamy, I visited Carrie Tomko’s blog once again (It has changed now to Since I access the Internet from a cyber café, I usually do not follow the links, but merely save pages down, take them home and read them. However, I did follow the links to "Ordo Lapsit Exillis" and saved some of the pages.

One page I saved is W.H. Kennedy’s "Rene Guenon and Roman Catholicism" (, which article is not to be found on Kennedy’s own site but is to be found on the "Ordo Lapsit" site; indeed, it was published in the Sophia magazine, evidently an organ of the Freemasonic-Traditionalist "Sophia Perennis"!

Another is "What is the Ordo Lapsit Exillis?" ( Although this group "Ordo Lapsit" does not identify itself formally as a Freemasonic group, the text definitely identifies it as Freemasonic. There is nothing left to doubt.

Tomko in her blog, posts a statement by Kennedy in his self-defense:
Yesterday I emailed William H. Kennedy, author of Lucifer's Lodge, and have today received his answer. Here is the correspondence:

Carrie Tomko: I have been researching Guenonian Traditionalism and in the process visited the Dagobert\'s Revenge website where I discovered that the woman who wrote the introduction to your book is anti-Catholic and claims to be the Grand Master of Ordo Lapsit Exillis, of which she says \"there is a definite Monarchist and Luciferian current at the core.\"

She also indicates that Dagobert\'s Revenge signifies \"vengeance sought by the Merovingians against the Catholic Church.\"

Since I have blogged her organization and your association with it and with her, it seems only fair that I also blog your explanation if you are interested in providing one.

I would certainly like to hear your side of this!

The following is Mr. Kennedy's reply:

Dear Carrie,

Dagobert's Revenge and Tracy R Twyman give equal time to the other side of their aganda. I am the Catholic voice in the DR page and they also have an evangelical Christian who writes for them. If you read my articles on DR you will find nothing that contradicts the Catholic Faith. Tracy gives me full editoral control over my work which is more than I can say for the Catholic journals I have approached who all have some agenda they try and force upon potential writers. Equal time can never be underestimated. In fact many Catholic journals refuse to do so and that is a great shame.

Politcally speaking I am on the libratarian end of the Democratic Party and believe in free speach in the market place of ideas. I am pleased and proud to work with Tracy Twyman as much as I do not see eye to eye with her on every issue. If Larry Flynt gave me the same editorial control I would write for Hustler - no kidding. I work in the market place if ideas and will spread my message to who ever will afford me full editorial control. Thanks for giving me equal time.

William H. Kennedy

Kennedy provides us an interesting autobiography: It shows his long involvement with the Occult — and there is no evidence that he has turned away!

It is also interesting that Kennedy defines himself, in his reply to Tomko, thus: "Politcally speaking I am on the libertarian end of the Democratic Party and believe in free speech in the market place of ideas." Being Libertarian and being Democratic Party are both incompatible with being a true Catholic! Again, pardon me if I am wrong, but I believe that Catholicism DOES NOT believe in FREE SPEECH!

Again, being given "equal time" does not explain why a self-professed Catholic has to be a professed member of a professedly anti-Catholic and Freemasonic sect, nor why he needs the Freemasonic and anti-Catholic leader of this sect to write the introduction to his book. There are many who spend their energies in today’s world defending and propagating Catholicism, and none of them are obliged to do that under the auspices of the Freemasons! And, last but not the least, not only does one need a rather long spoon to sup with the Devil, but, as a matter of fact, no true Catholic, who had any choice about the matter, would be found in the same room as the Devil!

What fellowship between Satan and Christ? Indeed, we advise souls to flee the Antichurch, and do we do so only that they should seek admission to Freemasonry? From the Frying Pan into Hell-Fire?

At this moment, I believe that the evidence is conclusive that the Freemasons have infiltrated even the "Traditionalist" Movement. Kennedy’s article on Rene Guenon, which is actually a hagiography of this heretic (Geunon), proves that Kennedy is also an adherent of the Perennialist Heresy. The evidence is conclusive that Perennialism is a Masonic invention, a feint to mislead souls to damnation! I will write a refuation of Kennedy’s hagiography of Guenon.

Certainly, however, Kennedy has provided us with valuable material, that shows that the Freemasons had already deeply infiltrated the Church. The Abbe Gombault is evidently, like Guenon his disciple, a heretic!

Tomko asks:
I have a question. Do you pay attention to the publisher when you decide to buy a book? Would a publishing house that published a lot of Theosophical stuff, for instance, put you off even though the title of the book was of interest? Would you research an unheard-of publisher to see what else they offered? Or is it that the publishing house is inconsequential? Can a writer accept an offer from any publishing house that will print his book, or must the author be selective?

Here in Bombay, the single largest publisher in "Catholic" lines, is the Society of St. Paul, which is tied in with the Archdiocese of Mumbai. They have their bookshop and store in the Examiner House, the former residence of the Bishops, and they also have their own Alberione Center in Bandra.

Years ago, I used to still visit these bookshops. During one visit I noticed a book on "Electronic Seances." There is a lot of other stuff. There are writings by Deepak Chopra and others. Everyone in India knows or ought to know Arun Shourie, a vicious enemy of the Christians, and incidentally, also of the Buddhists. The St. Paul’s Bookshop at Examiner House has Shourie’s work against Ambedkar, the founder of Neo-Buddhism. I asked, "Why not Shourie’s works against the Christians?"

There is a prolific woman Protestant writer who attacks Catholicism and others, though at this moment I cannot recall her name. I found her works too in the bookshop, though not the ones against Catholicism.

I used to visit for two kinds of books: Some old copies still existing from before 1958, and TAN Book reprints. The old books are no longer available. And since I find that most of the books are harmful and derogatory of Catholicism, I have stopped visiting. The last time I visited was to pick up a specific book that a friend had purchased a copy of: Maureen Sullivan's "100 Questions & Answers On Vatican II", since after reading it, I found that I would need to write a refutation of it.

I hope that this answers Tomko’s queries. Certainly it is wrong.

Lúcio Mascarenhas
P.S.: I would strongly recommend that one read's Kennedy's "Martyrology" of Frithjof Schuon:

I draw particular attention to these statements:

1. Sgt. Jim Richardson: "A search warrant also turned up photographs of nude and semi-nude members of the group participating in ritual dances."

2. Robert Miller: "What the evidence does indicate is that the group is engaged in activities that are protected by the First Amendment and should be respected in a community that values the free flow of ideas. The behavior of consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes must be considered the most fundamental of liberties guaranteed under our constitutional system."

3. The Bloomington Herald-Tribune tell us: "A grand jury is not a proper forum for determining the criminality of behavior that may be viewed as unorthodox or unacceptable to some members of a community but which is linked to sincerely held religious beliefs." That is, consensual adultery and sexual orgies in the name of "religion" is ok!

4. Michael Fitzgerald, Schuon's disciple: "The enemies of Schuon are people who don't adhere to Schuon's notion of a basic uniformity of belief. The problem with many of the people who don't like Schuon is that over a period of time they've become more fanatical for one religion."
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