"Jesus In India": More Hindu Blasphemy!

Hindu Malefactors' Christmas Gift To Christians!

©Lúcio Mascarenhas, December 23, 2004.
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Today morning (Dec., 23, 2004) I saw and purchased the "Sandhyakal" newspaper, since it carried a large picture of Christ Jesus along with a false, provocative and insulting article titled "Jesus Learnt Yoga In India".

I reproduce for your benefit, both a copy of the paper, and approximate transcriptions of the article, both into Roman script and English.

News article in the "Sandhyakal", Bombay, Dec 23, 2004

Hindu Satanists Blaspheme Christ, the Only True God!

Yeshu Bharatat Shikla Yogabhyas!

Washington, Dec 23: Prabhu Yeshu Khrist Bharatat Yogabhyas Shiklæ! Tyani balpan Bharatat ghalvilæ ani Bharatiy Gurujini tyana pratham "Isa" hæ nav dilæ! Isa yacha sanskrut bhashæt arth "Parameshwar"! Amæricæt nuktæch ek pustak prakasheet jhalæ! Ya pushtakachæ nav ahæ "The Second Coming of Christ". Hæ pustak lihilæ ahæ swargiya Paramhans Yoganand yani! Yoganand yanchya punyatithinimith Los Angeles yæthæ ya pustakachæ prakashan jhalæ! 1642 panæ aslælya ya pustakat Yeshu Khrist yanchya jeevanateel anek mahatvapurna ghatnavar prakash taknyat aala ahæ! 13 varshchæ astana Yeshu Khrist Bharatat aalæ ani yogabhyas shiklæ! Hæ pustak atishay chhan aaslyachæ mat Robert Elwood yani vyakt kælæ aahæ! Kaliforniya Vidhapeethachæ tæ pradhyapak asoon vishwadharma vishyateel tajjha aahæt!

Jesus Learnt Yoga in India!

Washington, Dec 23: Lord Jesus Christ studied Yoga in India! He spent his childhood in India, and it was there that Indian Gurus first gave him the name "Isa"! Isa, in the Sanskrit language, means "The Supreme Self-Being" (i.e. God). This is revealed by a book recently published in the USA! The name of this book is "The Second Coming of Christ". This book was written by the late Paramhans Yogananda! This book was published in Los Angeles on the birth anniversary of Yogananda! This book of 1642 pages casts light on many important events in the life of Jesus Christ! When he was 13, Jesus Christ came to India and studied Yoga! This book has been recommended by Robert Elwood as a very excellent read! He is a professor at California University and studies world religions.

According to the paper's credits, it is edited, printed & published by Ms. Rohini Neelkunth Khadilkar at the "Navakal" Press, Navakal Path, Khadilkar Road, Girgaum, Bombay. Post Code: 400 004. Tel: +91 22 2386 0987 & +91 22 2384 1524. AND Navakal Press, Plot No. 431-B, Government Industrial Estate, Charkop, West Kandivali, Post Code: 400 067. Tel: +91 22 2896892, +91 22 2869 0936.

This is the first time that I purchased the Sandhyakal, and I was not too familiar with it. So I checked on it on the Internet. I found that it belongs to the "Navakal" group of publications, which, along with the "Saamna" advocates Marathi terrorism and colonialism in Bombay and in the rest of the Concan. Incidentally, "Navakal" means "New Age". The connection is interesting.

These are the relevant pages that I found on the Internet:
  1. Paramhans Yogananda's "The Second Coming of Christ"
  2. "Website" of Navakal
  3. Justice Srikrishna Commission Indicts Navakal for Promoting Pogroms & Genocide
  4. Newsreport: Editor of Navakal Jailed For Contempt of Court (Justice Srikrishna)
  5. Feminist Epiphany of the Navakal Group Editors
For those who desire an antidote to the exquisite crap dished out by these satanist vermin, my page, In Defense of the Truth: Jesus In India?, may be of help.

War Till Death!

No Peace With Satan!

There are many Christians, unfortunately most of whom have become lukewarm and indeed, what is worse, nominal Christians, who dream of an end to warfare, and of living in peace and harmony with pagans and heretics.

What they forget is that this life on earth is a constant warfare, and that there are only two possible positions — for God or for Satan! Those who seek to recuse themselves from fighting on God's side, have actually defected to Satan's side!

In this constant warfare, we cannot make any peace with the enemy. We cannot dialogue with the enemy, for the enemy seeks nothing less than our total and unconditional surrender, destruction and damnation. The only options before us is to fight on until we have triumphed in heaven, or yield to eternal slavery in hell!

It is the duty of Christians to uphold the honor of God, His name, and of the names of His saints. Yet today, we are badly compromised and look on with indifference as blasphemy upon blasphemy is heaped upon our God. Yet the votaries of Satan — Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. — are very jealous of their own honor. Anything that even slightly seems to dishonor their degraded systems evoke an immediate and violent campaign of terror and intimidation! Yet we are eunuchs!

We look on indifferently, as heretics and infidels heap blasphemy upon blasphemy upon the Living God. We look on indifferently as non-Christians, and even apostates, blaspheme by wearing the cross and the Crucifix, not as a symbol of Christ and of His Redeeming Sacrifice, but as a "fashion symbol"! This sacrilege is aggravated by the cross or the Crucifix being coupled with immodest dress! We look on indifferently, as the pagans caricaturize the the Sign of the Cross in greeting their obscene, grotesque idols! We look on indifferently as prostitutes such as Alma Lopez commit gross sacrilege against the Mother of God! We look on indifferently as conceited and usurping magistrates, modern day Antiochs, glorify homosexuals and degrade Christianity! We have sold our dignity as Christians for the false peace of Satan!

Our Lord told us: "If you will be ashamed to acknowledge me before men, I too will be ashamed to acknowledge you before my Father." Let us wake up, and war for the honor of our God, or else we will also be consigned along with these vicious lycanthropes to eternal damnation in hell! Let us be, as were the Maccabees, jealous for the honor of our God!
Arise, Christian, and beat your ploughshares into swords,
And warring upon the sons of darkness,
Chastise them that they may fear the name of the Lord our God!
For there is "
A time for Peace, and a time for War"!
Recognize the times: It is time for a Crusade of Restitution and of Reclamation!

Deo vult! Brethren, to arms! Death to the infidel! Death to the apostates! Death to the blasphemers!

Lúcio Mascarenhas [The Christian Doctrine of War]
©Lúcio Mascarenhas
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