Not In Communion With Rome?

©Lucio J. Mascarenhas, formerly "Prakash". 5th. October, 2002.

It has been alleged that this site is ‘Not in Communion with Rome.’

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

In 1958, the heretic Roncalli commenced a SCHISM that separated the bulk of the then Christians from the bosom of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Head Quarters of this Schismatic sect is, as with the Catholic Church, Rome. In fact, this sect has usurped the physical buildings of the Catholic Headquarters in Rome, the Vatican, etc., from where its heresiarch, the antipope John-Paul the 2nd presently governs.

That a sect has its Head Quarters in Rome does not make it a part of the Roman Communion, which is the House and Temple of the Living God, Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, and by Him established and guaranteed.

As regarding the position of Rome, since the prince of the Apostles, St Peter (or Simon Bar-John) transferred his seat from the Syrian Antioch to Rome, and died there, it has therefore been understood, and that right from the beginning, that his successors are his successors in the bishopric of that city, Rome.

About the central role of this city and the Church he founded there, the last Ecumenical Council, the Council of the Vatican held in 1870 under the auspices of His Holiness Pope Pius the 9th of happy memory, reaffirming what was said by the Councils and saints before it, taught that this Church (the particular Roman Church):
  1. "Has always kept the true Religion unsullied." (213.4)

  2. That the faith can suffer no Diminution here. (216.3)

  3. In its faith, the whole, true and perfect security of the Christian religion resides. (213.5)

  4. "Because of its greater sovereignty, it was always necessary for every church to be in agreement with the Roman Church." (204.5)
This is my faith.

I have always adhered to this, not having swerved from it in the least: that the Papacy will always remain, at least until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham; and that the particular Roman Church or Church of Rome will always exist, without ever entirely falling away.

This is my faith.

Therefore to describe me as being ‘Not in Communion with Rome’ is a gross falsehood and a libel.

Certainly, I am not in communion with the Antichurch and every other sect, whether head quartered in Rome or not.
Note: For proof of the schism commenced by Roncalli and presently presided over by the antipope John-Paul the 2nd, see these pages: Schism & Roncalli; for a discussion on the topic of the position of the Papacy and the particular Roman Church, see Indefectibility
©Lucio J. Mascarenhas, formerly "Prakash". 5th. October, 2002.
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