John-Paul II's Porn-Mass

©Lucio Mascarenhas. 5th. April 2002.
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May 1984, the Antipope and heresiarch Charles Voltiva (Karol Wojtyla, aka 'John-Paul 2') presided at a service in Papua New Guinea, where there were many barebreasted women taking part, by pre-arrangement. In this picture, such a woman is reading for the service...

Antipope John-Paul II's Porn-Mass In Papua-New Guinea

This is an example of the New Church’s version of inculturation... the niceties of modesty, the effects of original sin are, in their view, merely old fashioned mumbo-jumbo.

Perish the thought that their new-fangled ideology may have any resultant connection to the explosion in sexual activity among their "religious" ...

We know that the prophet Balaam has today very many disciples, the chief being, in this day, the Antipope Balaam IV aka 'John-Paul the 2nd'.
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
Orthopapism II/Michaelinum | Index of Articles
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