Hindutva Dreams of a Poodle Church

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The following is a newsreport, the origins of which I have lost: Building up on his controversial suggestion for Indianisation of churches in the country, RSS chief K Sudarshan on March 26, urged Christian intellectuals to set up a 'federation of swadeshi churches.' Releasing a book, The Indian Church, at Nagpur, Sudarshan said Christian intellectuals in the country should initiate the process by discussing the shape of such a federation. 

Reiterating his concept of swadeshi church, the RSS chief said churches should have no foreign links or financial transactions with them and their management and properties should be solely under the control of Indian devotees. Stating that he was not the first to raise the issue, he said his predecessors like Guru Golvalkar and Balasaheb Deoras too had expressed similar sentiments in the past. 

Calling upon Christians to join the mainstream, Sudarshan accused church leaders of discriminating against Dalit Christians in providing employment to them in institutions run by missionaries. "When Christianity believes in equality, why not give priority to Dalit Christians in their own institutions instead of asking the government?" he asked.

Sudarshan also criticised the recent Vatican admission of sexual exploitation of nuns. The book, released by Sudarshan, is authored by journalist Virag Pachpore who worked as a RSS pracharak in the Northeast. Protestant and orthodox church leaders took a strong exception to Sudershan’s remarks describing them as "foreigners". They refused a dialogue with the RSS because it did not represent the entire Hindu community.


What I fail to see and understand is the purpose of the Hindus getting obsessed with Christian internal administrative issues. Obviously enough, it is of no concern to the Hindus, no more than it is to the Shinto, Scientologists, Raelians or whatever.

Certainly, if the subject matter was the internal administration of Hindu sects, I could understand the obsession.

But all this is evidence of Hindu malice and of an intent to commit and perpetrate mischief. That and nothing more. Obviously enough, it is an attempt to destroy Indian Christianity and substitute in its place a domesticated, plaything church that would work according to their wishes and desires, and which would in fact be no 'Christian' church at all.

Moreover, this obsession with severing Indian Christians from the rest of the world.

The obvious intention is to isolate and weaken it. Christianity is universal: it is neither, radically, Indian, Italian, English, German, American, but it is Christian. All labels are merely accidental and comparatively insignificant.

Christianity in every place on earth owes its final roots to a bunch of Israelite missionaries - the twelve Apostles and the disciples. Obviously enough, they were foreigners. And the true community of the faith is universal, not restricted to any one place, country, tribe, nation or race.

As for exchange of assistance between localized groups of Christians, whether to or from Indian Christians, it is of no concern to the Hindus.

And this is just yet more hypocrisy. We have the recent expose that a 'charity' linked to Sudarshan and Co. has been exposed in the West, as funneling Expatriate Indian and foreign contributions to the family of Hindu terrorist organizations known familiarly as the Sangh Parivar —the VHP, the BJP, the RSS, the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, the Bajrang Dal, etc. (See Here: Campaign 'Stop Funding Hate')

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is no secret in India that the Sangh Parivar depends critically upon the funds infused by expatriate Hindus and by Hindus naturalized overseas.

Lastly coming once again to the Dalit Question: To recap once again, the Dalits have been victimized, not by Christians but by institutionalized Hinduism down the ages - three thousand years plus. And that is still active, as Jhajjar and the daily newspapers everyday demonstrate.

Therefore, it is for the criminals - the perpetrators, precisely, to recompense and to restore their victims, and for the state to compel them to do so. Christians may or may not have the wealth and infrastructure to aid these victims, but whatever Christians do for them is a favour, not an obligation in justice and morality.

The only obligation in justice and morality lies upon Hinduism.

Finally, I call upon readers around the world to take cognizance of this campaign of terrorism and intimidation in rural India and to represent to their governments to take up the matter with the Indian government and also to bring up the matter in international fora.

The cockroaches hate the light. So throw on the switches of the spotlights!

Lucio Mascarenhas.
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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