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What is Orthopapism?

With the Great Schism engineered by the Roman Modernist wing of Liberal Protestant heretics, under the auspices of Angelus Joseph Roncalli, there gradually arose various groups in opposition and to defend, preserve and ensure the perpetuation of the True Church. These groups together comprise the Catholic Resistance. The Resistance can be grouped into n broad schools of thought — Cassicanists, Sede-Vacantists, Orthopapists; excluding those who strayed into heresy or who compromised with the Roncallite Antichurch.

The Cassiciacanist follow the Cassiciacum Thesis of Guerard des Lauriers. Also called "Sede-privationists" and "Guerardists". Rt. Rev. Fidelis McKenna, The Instute Mater Bonii Consilii in Italy, Belgium, etc. Also, in a peculiar manner, J. Lawrence Case.

The Sede-Vacantists following the constant teaching of the Church as incorporated in numerous Magisterial documents, believe that
  1. a manifest and public heretic, as opposed to an occult or hidden heretic, cannot become a pope or, for that matter, truly acquire any position in the Church, unless he has been reconciled before his election, etc.; and

  2. any and every Christian, of whatever rank and position, not excluding the Pope, if he became a public and manifest heretic, would thereby automatically, and without any declaration, lose office.
Therefore, since Roncalli and his followers who 'succeeded' him, John Baptist Montini, Albian Luciani and Charles Voltiva, were either never legitimately popes, or if they had been elected lawfully, lost it by becoming heretics.

Researchers — Fr. in Italy, and Benns & Bawden in their book, have effectively exposed Roncalli to have been a public and manifest heretic from before his purported election, thereby nullifying it. And since his 'sucessors' were adherents of his heresies, they also never did become legitimately pope.

Orthopapism is a name that I have made. I use it to define the position of those who go beyond the mere and bland declaration of the Sedevacantists that the so-called popes presently occuping the Vatican are non-popes, to affirm the need of electing a true pope, or to find out if this has been already achieved, and if achieved, to submit themselves to this lawful pope.

What Is The Basis & Our Right In Attempting The Election Of The Pope?

Every Perfect Society has the inherent, intrinsic, inextinguishable and eternal Right and Power to Supply itself with its Needs, to ensure its Perpetuation. Every Perfect Society has a True and Sovereign Right and Power to supply itself.

The Supreme Governor of a Society is who gives it its Corporate Identity. Therefore, the need for a legitimate governor is the First Right of a Society, and every Perfect Society, by Definition, has the natural and inherent Power to supply itself with such a head.

The Church is a Perfect Society, but even more than merely a Perfect Society. It is the House of God, His People, His Family. As a Society, God is its Ultimate Head. And He has legislated that the Church Militant is to always have a head — the Sucessor of Saint Peter, in its Supreme Governorship. And He has legislated that this head is to be supplied, not by Apparitions, Visions, or Prophecies, but by Human Hands.

Anyone who claims the Headship of the Church solely by virtue of any such illegitimate appointment — such as by a purported Apparition, Vision or Prophecy, is a liar and a heretic.

But the Church is not merely a Society with God as its Ultimate Head, it is also a Society whose very Vivifying Principle is the Eternal God Himself, so that it is Indestructible and Eternal: It, the Mystical Body of Christ, cannot cease to be! And if the ordinary electors fail or cannot supply the Church with its head, that right and Power is not lost, for indeed it cannot be lost or extinguished; but it is reduced to the Church-at-Large, until it is exercised, a Right and Power that neither the elapse of time or misaction can destroy.

The Duty to Supply, in this condition, lies on each and every Christian, one to the other, all to each another.

To refuse one’s duty and/or to hinder another in the performance of this duty is a Sin.

It is our duty to supply the Church with its Head with Expedition. Passivism, when we are obliged to actively pursue our duty is a Sin. It smacks of the Heresy of Quietism. But this evil is ramified by the Heresy of ‘Mysticalism.’

The Heresy Of Mysticalism

‘Mysicalism’ is the false notion that God will supply us with our Head by extra-human methods — such as by appointment in a purported Apparition, Vision or Prophecy. Thus, its adherents, of any manner, stray into the minefields of Heresy — for THIS IS HERESY!

‘Mysticalism’ is excluded by the Catholic Faith for the reason that, in order to accept any of these ‘Mystically’ ordered popes as the true pope, one must take the putative Private Revelation in which he was supposedly constituted pope as Universally Binding, that all may accept it, thus making it a part of Public Revelation, by adding to and thus amending it.

The Papacy Is NOT A Luxury, But A Necessity!

There are those who oppose the attempt at electing a pope for fear that the man elected may be a monster. That is a risk that we must always take. We are bound to exercise our prudence in selecting the worthy candidate, but even if we end with an immoral Head, it is still better than to actively resist God to His Face by refusing to elect a pope or worse, refusing to recognise a legitimate electee. This is what is called "tempting the Lord your God to wrath" — an action always denounced as rash and blasphemous!

What Is Our Right To Elect A Pope?

In normal situations, the right to elect the Pope rests on his electors, as provided by law — the College of Cardinals, and in their default, the Clergy of Rome. But failing both, as it is now, the Church, can, through the College of Bishops, obtain this Head. It is necessary for our Resistance Bishops, acting as the College, to gather together in obedience to the will of God in Consilium, and, fist of all, elect a Pope to fill the vacancy.

Election By The Laity

But even failing this, the Right and Power of the Church to always have a Head is not thereby extinguished, but goes in the final case to the general People of God — God’s Prolectariat, in whom it cannot be extinguished nor lost either by lapse of time or by misaction — such as a botched election.

We are freemen in Christ, purchased by His Blood. And if He expects us not to be idle bystanders of the misery of our neighbours, how much so would He expect us not to be idle bystanders in the face of the plight of our Holy Mother Church. Should we expect that having seen our Mother robbed and aided her not, misused and cast into the gutters and relieved her not, that we might expect to gain the favour of our Master Christ Jesus? Or ought we, like Phinehas, to unbidden rise to our duties?

The Role of Precedents

By and large, the Constituents of the Resistance feel the compulsion to be Conservative in their approach. But there is no need for this attitude.

The Church has never been conservative in anything other than the basics of Christian Doctrine, and especially it has not been conservative in its approach to methods and innovation.

I would remind the 'Prisoners of Precedents' that every Precedent was at one time an innovation. If the governors of the Church had been paralysed by the same attitude, the Church would have been stuck in a time-wrap.

Again, this attitude is a sin, in that it manifests a lack of faith in our Victorious and Triumphant God and in His Provisions for us, a Provision that anticipated and anticipates every difficulty that the Church may encouner from the time He gave it its mission to the time of fulfillment, when our Lord shall return at the Parousia.

See here Fulton Sheen's famous essay: "The Art Of Controversy".

See also His Holiness Pope St. Pius X on the subject of innovation and of Catholic Action.

We must manifest our faith in Our Lord Christ Jesus, by overcoming the circumstances and by triumphing over them, making our own by participation, the Victory that He assures us He has already won, that we may be truly a Triumphant, Triumphalist Church, overcoming all the tricks and stratagems of our enemies.

Therefore, we must not be afraid of innovating and creating new precedents, by compelling our bishops to overcome their fear and diffidence, and convening a Consilium to fill the papal vacancy, or failing that, convening a lay election.

Post Script

I have, after re-evaluating the claim of David Allen Bawden, have come to recognize the validity of his election and there I now recognize him as being the lawful pope, His Holiness Pope Michael.
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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