The Neo-Cons — Sad Plight Of Cornered Rats

©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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In the face of the Great Apostasy, we find a strange phenomenon — Neo-Conitis. The Neo-Con is a person who pretends to be a Conservative, and a defender of the Pope, of the Faith.

But, despite his pretensions, he is a strange creature. He claims for the man he believes to be Pope, privileges that never were accepted as belonging to the Pope.

The Neo-Con believes that the Pope can do no wrong, that the Pope cannot err.

But this is contrary to the Catholic Faith.

And yet the Neo-Con goes beyond merely this. He goes beyond to insist that the robbers who have hijacked the Vatican are thereby legitimate rulers of the Church of God.

In the history of the Church, we find time and again, great and holy men warn erring popes and even, sometimes, threatening to depose them and elect a new pope in their stead. One such was Pope Paschal II, who got involved in a three way conflict, involving himself, the Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation, and with priests and bishops who were not willing to compromise on the program to complete terminate lay investiture of clerics.

When Paschal compromised with the Emperor Henry V, a huge uproar broke out against him, from among the ranks of the clergy, and some of them, including Hugh, Archbishop of Grenoble threatened him with withdrawal of allegiance and with electing a new pope. Hugh went on to become pope himself later.

But in sharp contrast, the Neo-Con insists that, because he has the possession of the Vatican, the Modernist Antipope is therefore the legitimate Catholic Pope, and that therefore, his actions and pronouncements cannot be challenged.

Lucio Mascarenhas
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
Orthopapism II/Michaelinum | Index of Articles
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