The Madness of José Colaço
And His "Gospel of Chicken Little"

©Lúcio Mascarenhas, January 9, 2005.
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I place before you a recent bit of correspondence (see below) with an outstanding traitor, Dr. José Colaço of the Bahamas.

A few days back, Colaço sought entrance into the GoanCenter forum, whose home page clearly says that it exists exclusively for patriots and those Goans interested in learning their history, both of which categories exclude public traitors. When I rejected and rebuffed Colaço, he broke out in a hysteric rant:

Dear Mr. Mascara-in-Anus

Apologies for that request. It must be my error

You are that same Prakash nut who signs as Lucio (Why are you hiding your Indian name?)

You have a slightly smarter brother on the West Coast of the US (When you were born, the nurses forgot to apply for good sense...poor you)

You, on the other hand... are the guy who tried to get a Portuguese passport... and was denied

Am I correct?

Good decision I must say. Don't want any NUTS among us

BTW: why do you live in Shiv Sena territory? you nitwit


and yes..... Good luck on your EIP project


ps: Don't forget to abuse me. Most nuts do that
I thank José Colaço for his insulting mail full of hatemongering. I am genuinely grateful — because my enemy — this proud and triumphant traitor — has made a fool of himself.

And no, despite his rather fervent appeal, I will not stoop to his level, of playing the gross Chimpanzee!

The best gift that a miscreant can give his intended victim is to score a self-goal!

If from his letter, the reader will think Colaço infantile, it is because he is. But more than infantility, the poor chap demonstrates clear signs of a mental breakdown.

The stress of dissembling, of being a hypocrite, a traitor and a coward, and of working overtime to seduce other Goans to the Gospel of Cowardice, has evidently begun to take its toll!

This is either a man whose brains has broken the dams of reason and is descending thunderously down the rapids of insanity, or of a man teetering on the verge of insanity!

Woe is me! Shame & Scandal in the family!

There is always some one who is the black sheep of the family. My message to Goans in whose family there is a traitor, is that you should not allow this fact to divert you or hold you back from your moral responsibilities, of being a patriot.

Two of my relatives are traitors. Of course, two is two too many. But none of them are so outstanding traitors as Colaço. That is a great relief.

Unlike Colaço, my brother's treason is unthinking and absorbed without use of the critical facilities, and he shows signs of becoming a patriot: My brother will either become a true patriot or become, like Colaço, a public exhibitionist of treason and unmitigated foolishness. Only God knows which, but I pray for the former option.

"I Aim To Please!"

Colaço's owners, his Indian masters, will never be disappointed in him, or have cause for complaint. Told to bend, he crawls. This is a man who is a Masochist, who proclaims incessantly, in "season" and out of season, his "Gospel" of Chicken Little. He makes himself the Patron Demiurge of Cowardice.

Think how foolish is his public position: If we Goans fight for our rights, by waging war to force the evacuation of Goa by the Indians, and to secure justice, reparations and restitutions, we run the danger of being subjected to a Genocide similar to that to which the Timorese were subjected to by the Indonesians.

But Timor was an exception. Timor was not about a foreign invasion, it was a civil war, in which one party, the patriots, abandoned by the treason and sedition of the "Carnation Revolution" to the tender mercies of the Communists, foolishly lost hope in themselves and turned to Indonesia for aid and assistance — a very grave error.

Indonesia's invasion and occupation came at their urgent request, and Indonesia ruled with their staunch support.

Till the very end, these former patriots fought, fighting on the side of Indonesia against the Communists masquerading as nationalists, and when all else failed, and a UN protectorate was forced upon Timor, these former patriots adopted a scorched earth policy, killing as many of their enemies, and destroying as much of the infrastructure before withdrawing into Indonesian West Timor.

In withdrawing, they also forcibly picked up entire communities of former patriots, refusing to allow them to conciliate with the enemy, and relocated them to West Timor.

I can sympathetize with them, although I disagree strongly with their recourse to Indonesia.

Of Nutcases and of Nutcases

Colaço says that I am a "nutcase". Perhaps, he is right. From his perspective, I am a nutcase because I refuse to accept the morality of the Rape of Goa, or to acquiesce, connive or collaborate with it. I am a nutcase, according to his "lights", because I am a patriot!

Colaço himself contrasts to my foolishness his wisdom — which is a "wise" treason and a "wise" cowardice.

He tells us that we must be cowards and submit, and not fight. He advises collaboration with the Occupation, with the Rape of our Mother Goa begun in 1954 and still ongoing.

The Virtues of Cowardice

"It is a lesson which all history teaches wise men, to put trust in ideas and not in circumstances." —Ralph Waldo Emerson
Imagine a world which adopts, and which has consistently followed the Colaço's Gospel of Cowardice.

The Greeks, whom the Persians sought to conquer for nearly five hundred years, would not have resisted the superior forces of Persia. There would have been no Thermopylae and no Marathon. More than that, there would have been no Alexander the Great, the man who changed history by bolding seeking to reverse the centuries long play by the Persians to add Greece and his native Macedonia to their enormous empire, by bolding counter-invading with a small outnumbered army and overthrowing successfully the Persian Empire!

If men had been following Colaço's extraordinary Gospel of Cowardice, there would have been no St. Joan of Arc. Instead the French would have been cowering before the Anglo-Normans, and indeed would not have prevented the Anglo-Normans from marching on Rheims and crowning their king as the King of France!

If men had been following Colaço's extraordinary Gospel of Cowardice, the Christians of Europe would not have attempted resistance at Toulouse against the invading hordes of Muslim barbarians; or the Crusades to drive these barbarians back and to recover and reclaim Christian Iberia, North Africa and West Asia that these barbarians encroached upon! History would have been different! There would have been no Portugal or Spain, and history would have been very different!

If men had been following Colaço's extraordinary Gospel of Cowardice, John Sobieski, King of Poland would not have come to the relief of Vienna, to drive away Suleiman the Turk from his program of conquering Austria! History would have been different!

If men had been following Colaço's extraordinary Gospel of Cowardice, Pope St. Pius V and the Venetians, Genoese, Spaniards, Austrians, etc., would not have combined to avenge the conquest of Christian Cyprus by the Turks, and the unspeakable barbarities perpetrated there on its defenders, by defeating the far stronger Turkish navy at the Battle of Lepanto! History would have been different!

If men had been following Colaço's extraordinary Gospel of Cowardice, Spain and Portugal and Italy and Germany and the Dutch and Belgians and Poles and Russians and Swedes and Danes would not have been resisting Napoleon Bonaparte's French Empire! History would have been different!

If men had been following Colaço's extraordinary Gospel of Cowardice, the French and Belgians and Dutch and Danes and Norwegians and Poles and Czechs and Serbs and Austrians would not have been resisting Hitler's Nazi hordes! History would have been different!

But we need not go so far for our analogies. Our own ancestors did not heed the Colaço Gospel of Cowardice, resisting again and again against the intrusions of the Muslims, by seeking first the assistance of the Vijayanagar Empire and then of Portugal. This is how our Goa, the Rome of the East, came to be. If our ancestors had been cowards, in following Colaço, we would have either been pagans today, or what is worse, Muslims!

I fervently thank God that our ancestors fought and did not submit, as Colaço teaches us to do today!
"Hope begins in the dark — the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You do not give up." —Ann Lamott

Desperately Seeking Susan?

I had long suspected Gaspar Almeida, Colaço's ancient accomplice, for being, like Colaço, a traitor, although I had no concrete proof — the man was as slippery as an eel, refused to be pinned down, and indulged in ambiguation. He had once before joined the GoanCenter, and had withdrawn of himself when things got sticky... Then, recently, about a month or so back, he applied for membership in GoanCenter. I always wondered why... There was never any logical explanation for his desperate urge to get in, into a forum that explicitly positioned itself as exclusively for Goan patriots.

I have consistently categorized José Colaço as a peculiar specimen. Unlike other traitors and collaborators, he himself strongly focuses on and chronicles the Rape of Goa. Yet he advocates collaboration and surrender on the pretended ground that, like in Timor, we too could be subjected to a Genocide by the Indians — the Gospel of Chicken Little, with the twist that our protagonist is so terrified of his own shadow (or simulates it?) that he believes that merely moving a limb in the cause of righteousness will bring the sky falling down on him (and us)!

Yet, from the beginning, there is a curious collaboration between Colaço and Gaspar Almeida. This is demonstrated by the Colaços having made Almeida a co-moderator of their fora (TGF and Goa-Goans); it is further proven by their acting as seconds for each other.

This is despite Almeida not being formally known to propagate Colaço's Gospel of Chicken Little.

It is interesting that Colaço came forward for membership in GoanCenter when I took his accomplice and collaborator, Gaspar Almeida, to task for heresy. Colaço obviously sought to come to Almeida's succor. But through Almeida, his very close collaborator, Colaço knew who I am, so that his pretense at being astonished at my change of name does not wash.

Moreover, I wonder why Colaço was so desperate to come in, for he certainly remembers well our previous battles — he must have been desperate enough to get into GoanCenter to think that he stood a chance to get in under my nose!

This raises the interesting question: What is the urgent need for first Gaspar Almeida and then a substitute, Colaço, seeking to get into the GoanCenter list? Are they more than merely legitimizing the Occupation, by going so far as to actively collaborate by spying for the Occupation?

It would be interesting to follow the developments — and the denouement!

Argument about name

It is interesting that Colaço rakes up the issue of my name.

Once before I had an argument with Colaço about my name. I was baptized "Prakash" — the main culprit being my mamti, who was then a Jesuit who had been caught up in the mania of Indianism and of Modernism. In April 2004, after trying every other means, I had my name changed in the Maharashtra State Gazette.

Evidently, the decision to give me an "Indian" name was one in which I had no choice or role to play. Yet Colaço castigates me for it.

By contrast, a relative of his, a Fr. Armando, went and lived as a Hindu among Hindus in Karnataka, and took the name "Swami Animananda" by free choice, which Colaço applauds.

I import here the exact page and text from Colaço's own site, on "Swami Animananda":
View Source:

The Catholic Church in a lurch: Breaking the Silence!

by josé colaço & ema souza-colaço© 2002; April 13, 2002

swami animananda We both come from families whose many sons and daughters consciously chose to serve as Roman Catholic nuns & priests. We both have first hand knowledge of the many sacrifices of these family members of ours. While each and every one of these relatives of ours is special, we'd like to dedicate this script to Fr. Armando Alvares SJ aka Swami Animananda SJ aka "Swami" or Tio (Uncle) Armando to us. Swami gave up a life of infinite comfort in the Aldona homestead to live the life of a Jesuit hermit missionary in Deshnoor district, Belgaum, South India - the heartland of the Lingayat Hindu Brahmins. Swami converted himself to asceticism and became a total vegetarian while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He advocated simplicity to us, and lived it himself. A testament of how much our Tio Armando was loved by the people of Deshnoor was the number of people who attended his funeral.
I cite this merely as evidence of his hypocrisy and inconsistency.
The argument about my name — and about my new name — revolves around whether I am responsible for a name given me at birth, and whether I have a right to change it. Evidently, Colaço — and Gasparjee — delude themselves that I need their permission to change it, and only then will they consent to recognize it, which attitude is evidenced by their refusal to recognize my new name. —Lúcio Mascarenhas

Allegation about Portuguese Passport

It is not true that I have ever applied for a Portuguese passport. Colaço has consistently twisted my account of what had happened, right from the beginning.

What I had stated is that I had thought of applying for the passport, and even went so far as to visit the offices of Portugal in Panaji. But when they told me that I must get my documents attested by the Indian Occupation, I refused and did not move forward.

I had never lodged a formal application for a Portuguese passport, and there is therefore no question of any such application being approved or not.

I believe that I am a Portuguese citizen by right and by descent, and precisely and automatically because I am Goan. I have my parents' and grandparents' Portuguese (E.I.P. / Estado da India Portuguesa) papers to prove my Portuguese citizenship, and I do not need certification by the Occupation, nor will I cooperate with it in any manner and thereby give it color of legitimacy.

Colaço is not only a hypocrite, but also a shameless liar. But hypocrisy and lying are not his greatest "virtues": his greatest "virtue" is his cowardice, which he makes into a cloak of righteousness, pretending that the reason he advocates collaboration with the Occupation is because of the potential for India to inflict genocide upon us Goans!

Bombay: Shiv Sena Territory?

Another issue Colaço raises once again is the allegation that I dwell in foreign territory. Is Bombay foreign? Certainly, it is, for now, legally a part of the Indian Union. But it is just as certainly a part of the Concan ethnic homeland.

This is a no-brainer: Who belongs in the Concan? To whom does the Concan belong by right? Is it the Concannim, from whichever part of the Concan, or is it the Marathi and the Gujarati and others who have come in and colonized and who seek to absorb the Concan into their own lands?

Now, as a Goan, and therefore a non-Indian, I would not normally have any rights in Bombay. However, India and Nehru not only invaded Goa, but they also enacted a "law" that (pretendedly) stripped us of our Portuguese citizenship and imposed Indian citizenship upon us without out consent and automatically.

As a result, I gained rights over India. And since India's acts were criminal and illegal, I never came under the complementary obligations of Indian citizenship.

Therefore, I am fully entitled to demand and obtain my rights as a Concannim in Bombay, which is very much a part of the Concan.

Non-Resident Freedom-Fighter?

Another person (Vasant Baliga) threw at me a similar challenge to that of Colaco (and Gasparjee). He asked, effectively, how I could portray myself as a Goan freedom-fighter when I do not reside in Goa. To that I requested him to first certify to me that the various "Indian freedom-fighters" who resided outside of India and conducted their campaign from their host countries, such as Rasbeeharee Basu in Japan, Ananda Coomaraswamy in the U.s.A., etc., were or were not authentic "Indian freedom-fighters."

The Indian Communist, M.N. Roy, lived for long in Russia and Mexico, taking part in the Mexican Revolution of 1917, which was opposed by the Catholics under the "Criste-Roi" Movement. Subhaschandra Basu lived for many years in Nazi Germany, as a guest of Hitler, before being transferred by a Nazi submarine to Japan in order to revive, for Japan, the "Free Indian National Army", which collaborated with the Japanese advance in Cochin-China, the Sundas and the Brahmaputra Basin, before being beaten back after Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

These are only a few of the examples. There are many more. Some lived in France, others in Germany, and in other countries of the world, where they took refuge. The terrorists of the Hindustan Republican Army and the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army took refuge in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.

My challenger choose to let that counter-query pass in silence. And I would like to throw that same query back at Colaco, when he effectively questions why I reside out of Goa.


"Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability." —Cicero
Date: 1 Jan 2005 13:45:46 -0000
From: "Yahoo! Groups Notification"
To: [email protected]
Subject: APPROVE — Colaco1 wants to join goancenter


The following person would like to join the goancenter group:
Email address: Colaco1 <[email protected]>

Comment from user:
José Colaco: This looks like an interesting group
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 14:55:20 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Lúcio Mascarenhas" <[email protected]>
Subject: A Reminder — Stay away!
To: [email protected]

Mr. Colaco,

Maybe this group is interesting, and maybe not. But as I have said already once before, I have no desire to either communicate or patronize a traitor and one who makes it his vocation to seduce others into treason and collaboration. This list is not big enough to entertain even one known traitor as a member. And the most gentle rejection I can throw your way is: Vhoshimar!

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 09:19:28 -0800 (PST)
From: "José Colaço" <[email protected]>
Subject: OOPS! YOU ARE THE SAME NUTCASE with that Indian name i.e. Prakash !
To: "Lúcio Mascarenhas" <[email protected]>
CC: "Gaspar Almeida" <[email protected]>


Dear Mr. Mascara-in-Anus

Apologies for that request. It must be my error

You are that same Prakash nut who signs as Lucio (Why are you hiding your Indian name?)

You have a slightly smarter brother on the West Coast of the US (When you were born, the nurses forgot to apply for good sense...poor you)

You, on the other hand... are the guy who tried to get a Portuguese passport... and was denied

Am I correct?

Good decision I must say. Don't want any NUTS among us

BTW: why do you live in Shiv Sena territory? you nitwit


and yes..... Good luck on your EIP project


ps: Don't forget to abuse me. Most nuts do that

©Lúcio Mascarenhas
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