The Imitation of Satan
OR The Triumph Of The Whores

PUBLISHED on the Internet: Oct. 12, 2005.

Tara Subkoff is the daughter of George Subkoff of Westport, Connecticutt, and an American actress. But more importantly, she is, with Mathew Damhave, the founder-proprietor of a Satanist, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic business of whoring that has been impiously given the name of "The Imitation of Christ" Fashion House.

About a month or so ago, I noticed an immodest picture of the American actress Scarlett Johanssen with the caption that she was modeling for this "Imitation of Christ" Fashion House.

I checked and verified this information, and found that this fashion house is run by Tara Lyn Subkoff and Mathew Damhave.

This is the office address of this harlotry:

The Criminal Matthew Damhave
Prostitute and Antichrist Matthew Damhave
"Imitation of Christ"
Seventh House Pr.,
498 Seventh Avenue,
24th Floor,
New York City, New York State.
U.S.A. Zip Code: 10018.
Tel: 212-643-4810. Fax: 212-9716066.
The Criminal Tara Lyn Subkoff
Prostitute and Antichrist Tara Subkoff

One can view samples of the pornographies purveyed by these prostitutes of the "Imitation of Satan" here: 1 | 2.

The picture at right shows this whore and her father, George Subkoff. This is George Subkoff's office address:
George Subkoff Antiques,
260 Post Road East,
Westport, Connecticutt.
U.S.A. Zip Code: 06880.
Tel: 203 227-3515. Fax: 203 227-1884.
E-mail: [email protected] OR [email protected].
This is the information I can find on the criminal Matthew Damhave: Born – Johannesburg, South Africa, January 9, 1967.

I am willing to bet that these two whores, Damhave and Subkoff are Jews. At the moment, I have no evidence whatsoever for this belief, but I am pretty certain that they will turn out to be Jews or of Jewish descent: Maranos.

This blaspheming whorehouse was founded in either 2000 or 2001. However, there has not been a peep about its existence from anybody, and more particularly, from the usually vocal sect under the Antipope John-Paul II and now Ratzinger. As a matter of fact, I cannot find any website that claims to be Catholic that adverts to — or protests — this blasphemy and sacrilege.

I ask: Why is this? Have all the Christians in the U.S.A. been castrated? The deafening silence on this monstrous blasphemy indicates that this is so!

The cases of Elian Gonzalez, George Bush Jr's legislation of Noahide Laws and of the birthday of the Antichrist of Lubawitch as the U.S. National Education Day in violation of the constitutional principle of separation of state and religion (which seems to be applicable only to Christians), the prostitute Alma Lopez's pornification of Our Lady, Terry Schiavo, Imitation of Satan "Fashion House", etc., demonstrates the utterest apostasy of the West, and of the corruption and impotence of Christians in the U.S.A., who seem utterly ignorant of St. Phinees, grandson of Aaron the High Priest, who, by his zeal, turned away the wrath of God from the Israelites!

St. Phinees is but the most famous of the Defenders of the Faith. There was a St. Menas who was martyred during the Roman Imperial Persecutions; he had lived in the desert as a monk, but being moved by the Holy Spirit, he descended to the city during the persecution and overthrew the idols , for which he was martyred (There are several St. Menas).

Another Christian was martyred because he forced his way into a whorehouse where a Christian woman was forcibly taken in order to be defiled as punishment for refusing to sacrifice to the idols of the Roman pagans; he fought his way in and out with his sword through armed Roman guards for which both were martyred and are now Catholic Saints!

Indeed, Pope Urban summoned all Christendom to war against the territorial aggression of the Mohammedan heresy, teaching that "Deo vult!", "God wills it!"

However, in this age and time, Christians all over the world are desperate to show themselves castrated eunuchs, incapable of outrage at blasphemies and sacrileges (The "Army of God", which works to abort the Abortory-Holocaustists shows itself the sole exception, for which, despite being largely Protestant, they will assuredly be blessed and rewarded by My Great and Mighty God!)

Indeed, they follow, implicity or overtly, the explicit teaching of the Roman Modernist sect, of Wojtyla and now Ratzinger, that physical violence against the enemies of God, who encroach upon us, is wrong!

Indeed, if one were to accept this, one must posit, as did the Marcionite heretics, that the God of the Old Testament and that of the New Testament, are opposite; that the God of the Old Testament is "evil"!

For did not God Himself, in the Old Testament, command the Israelites to slay the Canaanites to the last man, sparing neither man, woman nor child?

Did not God Himself utterly destroy the citizens of Soddom and Gommorah?

But Catholics believe that the God of the Old Testament and of the New are one and the same. And, as the Bible teaches: "There is a time for peace, and a time for war".

That Christ himself did not war (excepting His violent expulsion of merchants from the Temple) is not relevant. Christ never forbade warfare. He forbade Peter from resisting the servants of the Sanhedrin who had come to seize Him because it was His Will, the Will of His Father, that He should die for the sins of all men, that mankind may be redeemed and reconciled to Him.

Christians of the Age of Faith had a better and honest understanding of the Word of God. Today's Christians are corrupted by the heresy of absolute pacificism!

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