Blessed Be The Courageous!

God Bless Nikon of Ufa and Donald Sheley of San Bruno!

PUBLISHED on the Internet: Dec. 14, 2005.

Russian Hero Archbishop Nikon of Ufa

"Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." – G.K. Chesterton.
Russia's Interfax news report
Moscow News
The Telegraph, Calcutta, Children of a Lesser God
Clickwalla, World Hindus Furious at Archbishop Nikon for calling Demon Krishna a Demon!
The Times of India, Bombay
India Daily, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Two incidents have come to my notice recently. The local newspapers in Bombay have carried articles recording the protests of Hindus at the letter of Archbishop Nikon of Ufa to the Mayor of Moscow requesting him not to permit the construction of a temple to the demon Krishna.

One of the persons protesting is a Ramesh Kallidai, of a British Hindu association, who had recently threatened and intimidated the Postal Department of England into withdrawing a Christmas stamp that reproduced a four hundred year old Indian painting showing a Nativity scene with St. Joseph and Our Lady marked with the tilak. This is proof of Hindu tolerance.

Another evidence of Hindu tolerance is the refusal of the Hindu priests of a major temple in Orissa, India, to admit an American woman, Barbara Kay Fleig, who apostatized to Hinduism, into the temple.

A day previous, the visiting Thai Crown Princess Sirindhorn, practising a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism (the Kings of Thailand are crowned by Hindu Brahmin priests according to Hindu rituals, although Thailand is officially Buddhist) was also forbidden entrance.

[See here: Barbara K. Fleig | Crown Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand |Crown Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand]
In this day of massive 'Dharam-droh' (apostasy) by purported Christians (especially by the Fundamentalist Sons of Darwin in the hijacked Vatican), it is refreshing to have a Christian leader with the courage to stand up to the pagans and tell them to take their filthy demon of fornications elsewhere.

Thank God for the Archbishop Nikon! God will reward him!

Who is Krishna?

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In the histories of the Greeks, we are told how they had developed their moral sense so that they forbade the public recitation or relation of their mythologies, the doings of their "gods", as being immoral and unsuitable for polite company and as being incitements to immoralities. It was this moral progress that made the Greeks amenable to conversion to the true God, the God of Israel, so that they became Christians.

But by contrast, the Hindus never developed this moral compunction!

Krishna, according to the Hindu "scriptures" was a scion of the royal house of Mathura, a city in Braj (Vrijja?) country in the west of the Gangetic basin. His uncle Kams or Kansa had usurped the throne and had killed off each of his sister's children, but Krishna was carried off into safety and brought up by low-caste Yadava cowherders (Yaduvanshis).

It must be noted that Krishna belonged to the Kshatriya or warrior and rulers caste, the second rung, while the Yadavas were Shudras, the fourth caste, and considered impure and polluting, yet, nevertheless, part of the Aryans (Arya), unlike the Mlechhas, that is, foreigners (also called "Yavanas") and those who had abandoned Hinduism (Charwaks, Zoroastrians, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, etc).

Krishna later killed his uncle Kams and became King of Mathura, but then was forced to emigrate, and resettled in modern Gujarat.

More to the point, although Krishna had eight wives (all high-caste), and although he had a long-standing sexual relationship with Radha, a Yadava woman (and also with a number of other Yadava women, according to some Hindu accounts running into between 30,000 - 50,000), he never married these Yadava women, because, to do so, would be in violation of the Caste Laws of Hinduism.

That is, he had an illicit relationship with Radha etc. who was even later married off to a Yadava man.

According to some accounts, Krishna, from these thousands of liasions, produced a great horde of children, who began to fight among themselves and made a nuisance of themselves; Krishna was forced to wage war upon, and destroy them, and survivors fled accross the Hindu Kush into Central Asia and then on to other parts of the world, becoming ancestors of men in the rest of the world (See also "Abhiras" in

I have in my possession a book which details the adulteries and fornications of Krishna in painstaking details, and which would put Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt to shame as being inadequate pornographists: Joseph Campbell's "The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology", which, it was not my intention to quote from, as it is unsuitable for pious Christians, but which, I realize, I will need to quote from, as evidence! (See "The Pornography of Krishna").

It is this immoral, heartless, licentious, adulterous and fornicating person that Hinduism, eternally immoral, worships as an exemplary and as a "god"!
The pagans are loud in pretending that they are tolerant, blah, blah, but that just more hypocrisy. It is true that Hinduism in most urban centers in India are 'tolerant' but that is not something internal, but a product of British rule and the reforms it provoked....

But the pagans are not only hypocrites, they are also narcissist, in love with themselves and their own prettyness!

And the cute pretension that Hinduism is the 'world's oldest religion' is just more humbug and an intolerant encroachment and imposition upon others!

Deliver us, Lord, from the pagans and their demons, especially from Krishna, the Baal of Fornications!

Californian Hero Pastor Donald Sheley

"These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own." – G.K. Chesterton.
My attention was drawn today by Novus Ordo Watch ( to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League's protests against the San Bruno-based Church of the Highlands' Pastor Donald Sheley's August 7 sermon (, and to the San Mateo Daily Journal news report ( which unashamedly throws all notions of impartiality and equalhandedness to the winds by legitimizing the ADL's insulting aggressions and impositions on Christianity and Christians.

According to the Daily Journal:
Sheley�s sermon references the Bible�s depiction of Jesus� death as a Jewish crime. He claims that the troubles �the nation of Israel� faced since the time of Jesus� death is a result of its rejection of Jesus. �And ladies and gentleman, that�s the tragic story of the nation of Israel. For 2,000 years, they�ve been driven and chased into every corner of this world, hated, killed, murdered because of their rejection,� he said.
The Daily Journal goes on to quote Jonathan Bernstein:
Painting Jews as the responsible party for Jesus� death is an outdated theory that the Vatican, theologians and clergy from many denominations have rejected since the 1960s. The execution of Jesus is almost uniformly understood to be a political act of the Roman government taken to stabilize its military rule.
By these words, the ADL, and the Daily Journal by direct collusion and abetment, wish to delude people by the outlandish lie that the murder of the Messiah was solely due to the Romans, with no Jewish complicity! Indeed, these hypocrites and liars are so bold as to attribute the murder of the Messiah to a Roman political motivation "to stabilize its military rule" over Israel that is boldly invented out of broad cloth, a pure fabrication without any basis or evidence whatsoever in history!

These are the heights of perversion that "Western civilization" has attained to!

I see no logical reason why or justice in, the Jews desiring to exculpate themselves, with the abetment of thier accomplices, wish to throw their guilt on the Romans. Is it not more logical to allege that the Messiah was betrayed and murdered by the Martians or Kryptonians? Or possibly, that the Messiah scourged and crucified Himself?
Both Donald Sheley and Archbishop Nikon fill me with pride and joy. Joy that there are still people who acknowledge themselves Christians and who will not bow before the gods of this earth or their minions.

May the Lord God bless these brave and courageous men, and make them flourish!

Lúcio Mascarenhas, Bombay.
(Author of The Aarti Controversy).
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