The Heresy of Peter Kwasniewski

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. November 20, 2004.
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Peter Kwasniewski's "Many Religions, One True Faith" was recommended as a Catholic defense against the heresy of Guenonism or "Perennialism". It is nothing of the sort. It is in itself, a document that teaches grievous heresy.

Kwasniewski tells us:
There are definite extremes: first, that all non-Christian religions (leaving aside Judaism as a special case), and all non-Western forms of theoria and praxis (prayer, contemplation, exercise, medicine, and so on), are just plain false. Perhaps some Christians would not formulate their attitude in such words, but it is often what they think. For example, one often hears thoughtless dismissals of Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, acupuncture, etc., as though all of them were the devil's instruments. This conflicts not only with the Church's Magisterium—one might consult the nuanced teaching of the Second Vatican Council and "commentaries" on it like Crossing the Threshold of Hope—but also with natural reason. As St. Thomas Aquinas argues, it is impossible that any view be altogether false, since the human mind cannot embrace anything as true unless it has some truth in it, nourishing it.
As was said earlier, the Christian faith is fundamentally an Either/Or, not a Both/And. The Christian believes in, adores, and seeks salvation through Jesus Christ alone, Son of David, Son of Mary, Son of God. Anything else, even the slightest deviation, is not Christianity. The early Councils of the Church were not playing games of intellectual leisure; they were solemnly defining the divinely revealed mysteries which separate the Christian faith from every conceivable narrowing or corruption of the truth. Between Catholicism and any other religion, regardless of how close or distant it may seem, there is an infinite gap, the gap between the religion God has revealed and approved, and the innumerable religions he has not.
There is no true "conflict" with the Church's Magisterium. There is a conflict, and that is between the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, which does not admit that any of its doctrines can change so radically as to affirm what it formerly forbade, and the Pseudo-Magisterium of the Antichurch, which Kwasniewski seeks to defend, which has turned Catholic doctrines 180o around, so that they teach exactly that what they formerly forbade!

This is intellectual dishonesty on the part of the Modernists, of their "Aggiornamento" and "Vatican II". And Kwasniewski picks up and sells us that same intellectual dishonesty!

As Leo Suenens, one of these Modernist apostates himself admitted:"One could make an astonishing list for propositions taught yesterday, and the day before in Rome, as the only acceptable ones, and which were eliminated by the Conciliar Fathers" (Interview with I.C.I., May 15, 1969).

Again, Hans Kung, another outstanding Modernist apostate, who helped draft the "Declaration of Religious Liberty", admitted that the "Council" completely reversed Vatican I's position without explanation (National Catholic Reporter, October 21, 1977).

No one, not even the pope, or a purported General Council, has the authority to change the Deposit of the Faith, to contradict Divine Public Revelation. Yet that is exactly what Roncalli did, what the Aggiornamento is all about, and what "Vatican II" is all about. According to the definition of Catholicism, no matter how high up a person or persons may be, if they contradict or adulterate the faith, they thereby cease to be Catholic.

People forget basic Catholic truths: The Pope is NOT THE OWNER OF THE CHURCH, he is merely the High Steward of its Owner. God alone is its owner. Therefore, only God can change its basic constitution. And since Divine Public Revelation has been closed by God with St. John the Apostle's death, God has guaranteed it against any further addition or change! And it is precisely that Roncalli, his "Aggiornamento" and "Vatican II" have changed the basic constitution, so that, according to the Law of God, they have departed from Him and are become an Apostate Sect!

Nor is there scope for the argument that we cannot judge. It is not we who judge, but the Church. There are heresies against which the Church had not pronounced, and therefore we do not have the authority to say that adherents of these heresies have ceased to be Catholics. But there are very many heresies on which the Church has already pronounced, and imposed automatic penalties, and it is precisely against these that the Modernists have transgressed, so that they have already incurred the penalties of expulsion from the Church even before their putative promotions to positions of authority!

Kwasniewski goes on to tell us:
As for the perplexing question of Eastern Orthodoxy versus Roman Catholicism, the room for congenial harmonization decreases as the insistence on idiomatic differences increases. If there are truly irreconcilable doctrinal differences, then obviously ecumenism, at least in regard to these differences, is impossible. Nevertheless, the supposition that there are two basically incompatible Christianities, Eastern and Western, is a rather facile one; the reality is more subtle. There is a certain kind of Christian, whether Latin or Byzantine, who will insist until blue in the face that Athos and Rome are as far apart as being and non-being. With such a person, there is no possibility of fruitful dialogue. A kind of a priori machine has been installed that will exalt each peculiar doctrine in its peculiarity and amplify each divergence in its divergency. The common faith is broken apart until nothing common remains. Such a method can only come from a pre-intellectual insistence that there must not be anything truly common; and one may justly ask whether this attitude is compatible with the Christian charity that always seeks higher common ground in the worship of the same Lord and adherence to the same life-giving mysteries.
The Catholic DOES NOT have a "COMMON FAITH" with the Photianist heretics and schismatics.

Kwasniewski further underlines his hypocrisy and apostasy from the Catholic faith by his lying allegation, without any basis whatsoever, of a "PRE-INTELLECTUAL INSISTENCE" against there being things in common! If anyone is indulging in such "PRE-INTELLECTUAL INSISTENCE", it is no one more than Kwasniewski! But there is nothing new or surprising about this; this is typical of the members of this vile sect!

Kwasniewski goes on to tell us:
All religions contain something of the truth, and sometimes a religion that is essentially false has preserved certain truths better than followers of the true religion have. This may sound unacceptable, but a moment's reflection shows that there is no reason why it cannot be so, at least in the realm of natural truths. For example, most non-Western religions have a superior holistic understanding of nature, the body, and medicine than modern Catholics whose minds have been poisoned to a greater or lesser extent by false materialistic philosophies inherited from the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Since other religions can emphasize a truth forgotten or only obscurely known among us, we should not arrogantly refuse to look to them for the enrichment of our own faith, for recovering aspects of our own tradition that we have lost sight of.
This is some more nonsense that is incompatible with the Catholic Faith!

Kwasniewski speaks as a typical Occidentalist with no true knowledge or understanding of the East. But if at least these Modernists like Kwasniewski had not deviated from the Catholic Faith, it would have been obvious to them that all mankind, east or west, is in the same intense war against Satan and his angels, and that Satan will not permit men anywhere to live in peace. Again, as Catholics we know that all men, but pagans more than Catholics, are troubled by concupiscence and the temptations of Satan, so that there cannot be any thing that Satan will not have corrupted. And lastly, Satan has been at work among these benighted pagans from the fall, so what is the chance that these pagans retain anything good and true without being radically corrupted and being instruments of perdition? Can a Catholic even imagine such a thing? Certainly, St. Francis Xavier could not and did not! But people like the Modernist Kwasniewski have seared consciences, sold to Satan: They have the agenda of defending and legitimising Satan's own "church", the sect presently governed by the Lying Pole Karol Wojtyla, and no amount of lying and distortion is out of bounds!

I do not need to quote anymore. This much is enough to expose the lies and hypocrisy of Peter Kwasniewski!

What is evident is that Peter Kwasniewski is another ravening wolf like the arch-heretic Brian Harrison, so overcome with hatred of Catholicism and by the fear that some souls may escape from his foul sect, that he will do absolutely anything to deceive them!

"4But... false brethren... came in privately to spy our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into servitude."—Gal. 2 (Douai-Rheims)

©Lúcio Mascarenhas.
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