Allegations Against Timothy Henneberry, Anthony Hopkins, etc.

©Lúcio Mascarenhas, July 15, 2008.
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I have been importuned since some time to withdraw the allegations made against Timothy Henneberry, Anthony Hopkins, and others, by them and by persons claiming to be their friends. I had promised to reconsider / reinvestigate these pages. However, I have been pre-occupied and therefore unable to do so. I am seriously behind in my apologetical and evangelical work, and this is an unnecessary distraction.

I reiterate, as I had stressed in these two pages, that the allegations made were unproven and that every person accused of a crime must be assumed innocent until proven guilty.

I had nevertheless felt compelled to put up these pages as part of my duty to forewarn souls against even possible dangers.

In having put up these pages, I reiterate that these allegations remained and remain unproven; and in taking down these pages, I affirm that this action (of taking down these pages / allegations) does not constitute proof that they are either true or false.

The person who had originally importuned me to put these allegations into the public domain as a warning to souls, is capable, just as I was / am, of putting them up on the internet, in the public domain, by himself. His putting them up would carry more credibility, as he admits personal acquaintance with Timothy Henneberry, Anthony Hopkins, etc. I therefore do not need to distract myself over this matter anymore.

The withdrawal of these pages should not be construed as a closure of, or abdication of, our right to act against and to prosecute those who wrote us unwarranted, malicious and insulting mails in this matter, men such as "Fr." Graham Colby, etc. We will continue to work to bring criminals to book eventually, so that they are held responsible for their crimes and mischiefs, unless, of course, they tender us a sincere apology. "There is plenteous redemption in the Lord." Both Timothy Henneberry and Anthony Hopkins have, for their part, written respectfully and with sanity; something that cannot be said for Colby and others.

Lúcio Mascarenhas, Bombay, India
Secretary for Correspondence to His Holiness Michael I, by the Grace of God, Pope.

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