The Gross Lies of Wm. Grossklass

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Dear Mr. Giuffre

We have our differences. However, I write regarding a page written by William Grossklas—one of that pack of three rabid and self-constituted guard-dogs—Alpha Loughnan, Beta Grossklass and the joker-pup Akin—of the apostate and Modernist sect, the Antichurch, written against you ( wherein he states:
I don't know of a single integrist "traditionalist," or "Traditionalist," which ever you prefer, who has ever mentioned the Church's condemnation. The reason, of course, is simple. In their hatred of the Church, it's just too good to pass up because it fits their agenda all too well.
This is a lie, straight and outright, and it is my particular pleasure to expose Grossklass' lie!

The first person, in contemporary times, to expose the lies of Melanie Calvet is the Abbe George de Nantes, who leads one faction of the Traditionalist Movement—"the Christian Counter-Reformation in the 20th Century."

["The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 20th Century"; The League of the Catholic Counter-Reformation; The Abbe de Nantes on La Salette]

John Loughnan, Grossklass' accomplice in Catholicophobia, picked it up next, from George de Nantes.

Loughnan's pages clearly base themselves on (see here: George de Nantes's exposes as the origination of his (Loughnan's) own polemical writings against those who acccept the Pseudo-Melanianist "prophecies", citing Fr. George de Nantes' pages as his references.

As is evident from Loughnan's pages on this subject, James Akin and Grossklass collaborated with him (Loughnan) as part of a team, along with the assistance of a few persons of lesser prominence, in Loughnan's own effort. Grossklass and Akin base themselves on the result of this joint effort.

Just thought that you might want to know this.


Lúcio Mascarenhas

Appendix: "Old Catholics Part of Traditionalist Movement"!

After I had written the above, a further outright lie by William Grossklas has come to my notice. In his page titled "Other Articles" (, Gross Grossklas claims:
Part of the so-called "traditionalist" movement is a group know as the "Old Catholics". They are out of communion with Rome and are known by many, many other names. To get a handle on this schism / heresy, visit this site. Also this site contains a listing of the some "churches" which are NOT CATHOLIC and which you may come across.
This is a totally dishonest and disingenous attempt to tar the Catholic Traditionalist movement by pretending that the "Old Catholic" movement is a part of it. By this lie, Gross William Grossklas demonstrates his gross hatred for Christ and His Church, and his utter contempt for the truth.

The "Old Catholic" movement was a rejection by Liberal Catholics of the definition of Papal Infallibility in the last Ecumenical Council of the Church, held at the Vatican in 1870. Their leader was a Dr. Dollinger, although they disregarded him in their further developments. After breaking into Schism, this sect federated with the Protestants, and with the Jansenists of Utrecht; they also abolished clerical celibacy, and many other Catholic laws.

The two movements, Dollingerism and Traditionalism, are the very antithesis of each other.

As a matter of fact, the "Old Catholics" have attempted, which is not at all something new, to confuse Catholics into believing that they are part of Catholicism, and thereby enticing the Catholics to join and participate in their services, etc. It was a Traditionalist, Fr. Antony Cekada, who was among the first to warn Traditionalists of this danger, and, as a matter of fact, Gross William Grossklas actually links to Fr. Cekada's article warning Traditionalists of the deception of the "Old Catholics."

As a matter of fact, as liberals, the "Old Catholics", who hate the Papacy and the sempiternal Catholic doctrines, are ideologically very close to the Antichurch, to which Gross William Grossklas belongs!

Lúcio Mascarenhas
P.S.: See more on these three dogs (F. John Loughnan, William Grossklass and James Akin) and their hatred of Catholic Truth: The Self-Idolatry of the Antipope Wojtyla—The "Aarti" Controversy (

See also my rebuke to Gross William Grossklas' alpha-heretic, F. John Loughnan:

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