The Naked Emperor

Exposing Gandhi's Hypocrisy Against Christ

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In school, we learnt the charming little tale - actually only a fable with a moral - of a Chinese Emperor, his two flunkies, and an ingenious peasant who pretends to be a tailor of the most fantastic garments. He is patronised by the Emperor, for whom he "stitches" an imaginary dress, which the two flunkies and the Emperor are too proud to admit that they cannot see. Therefore, the Emperor disrobes and robes in the imaginary new dress and parades proudly in the city. All the citizens know the story, but all are too scared to speak out the truth - all except one little girl who cries out, "The Emperor is Naked!" and would not be silenced...

Like that little girl, I am practically the sole voice on the internet pointing out that the great "Emperor" Mohandas Gandhi, the "Mahatma" was a hypocrite. Some unknown person, a Kapil using the email identity of "Kapskom" wrote me attacking me for this denunciation of his "emperor".

I am a disciple of Christ Jesus. Jesus is God, the Messias who was to come and who came according to the predictions and prophesies made as to his coming. Christ Jesus came to die on the cross for our sins, and he did exactly that, being crucified at the insistence of the Jews, who rejected him as the Messias. On the third day after his death, he resurrected and latter ascended to heaven. In the last days, he will come again in might and power, overthrow evil and establish a lasting kingdom of justice and righteousness.

Christ Jesus is God incarnate. He is Yahweh-Elohim, the God of Abraham. He is the God of Moses, who gave the Ten Commandments in the desert. He became man so that he could suffer for the sins of man that man may be made acceptable to the Justice of God.

Christ Jesus specifically claimed to be God. Exclusively God, identical to Yahweh-Elohim. And this truth is central to his message, which is Christianity.

Throughout history, men who could not or would not bide the truth, men who wished to set themselves up as "gods" and as preceptors to lead men in ways of their own making, disobedient and godless men, who have sought to deny and pervert the message of Christ. There is an entire tradition of these efforts, continuing down to our age.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born a Hindu, a Bania or Vaisya. His mother was a particular follower of the Satnamist school of Hinduism.

Satnamism developed as a response to the impact of Islam and its furious monotheism, its furious condemnation of the pantheism of Hinduism. But while other reform movements, such as the one that produced Sikhism sought to remake Hinduism as a monotheistic religion, Satnamism adopted this as only a cosmetic effort and concentrated rather on an effort at whitewashing and justifying the immodesty, grotesqueness, obscenity and maliciousness of Hindu paganism and pantheism.

It was this Satnamism in which Gandhi was nurtured and brought up. During his time and in the time immediately before him, since the past few generations, Satnamism reiterated its basic approach in response to the impact of English Protestant monotheism.

Challenged by English Protestantism, Gandhi resolutely held to his Satnamist beliefs without question, and sought to ramify them by latching onto the Western Antichristian tradition.

This tradition had systematically misrepresented Christ to deny his Godhood, his salvific passion. Gandhi adopted this and made these his own.

When we consider these teachings, we see that these people deliberately pretend that they like and admire Christ and his message even as they actively subvert it by robbing it of its truths and thus gut it. That is, they rubbish the true Christ and give us a false Christ, a duplicate Christ to commit mindless idolatry with; a Christ that Christ himself cannot recognize. That is, they rob us of the substance even as they make a great show and pretence of glorifying the emptied out, debased shadow, the outer form, the better that they may subvert and seduce us from the true Christ.

And it is this that, above all, defines Gandhi and Gandhianism.

Jesus Christ is integral; his message is integral. It is this integrity that brings together the approved books into the Bible, which is not a book but a collection of books, and which excludes other books from the Bible.

That is, the message of Christ is not 'revolutionary' or absolutely new, unconnected with the previously given messages, to be found in the Old Testament books.

The Core Message of the Bible is God's insistence on his personality and his rejection of "other gods" as counterfeit.

He denies and forbids as evil the claim that all that is believed to be divine is one — that is, that all the "gods" of the various nations are one with him.

God is very specific and insistent that he is NOT the same as these "other gods" — they are NOT ONE WITH HIM!

This is the first law, and without it there is no further law, no Christianity.

The Old Testament is full of the Israelites' desperate efforts to avoid God and to succumb to the same brain-numbing laziness that is paganism, yielding to one's sinful nature, creating grotesque "gods" that lust after their neighbour's wives or covet their neighbour's goods just as much as sinful man does. It is human tendency to fabricate unto ourselves "gods" that are in our own sinful image.

The Old Testament is full of the Israelites' desperate efforts to avoid God and to succumb to the same brain-numbing laziness that is paganism that all the other nations and peoples gave into.

But God very specifically would not permit this.

It is obvious — and an outstanding, startling fact — that the severe, austere monotheism of the Israelites was not their own work, not the work of some man, men or school of men, but of an implacably insistent God who specifically reserved Israel for himself as a base from which to propagate monotheism among all mankind.

Therefore, men like Gandhi lie, and lie knowingly and hypocritically, when they pretend — in the face of incontrovertible facts — that this was purely a distortion introduced by men.

And this leads us further: If we are to be faithful to the God of Israel, we must necessarily reject Ba'al, Chemosh, Moloch, Astarte and the others.

Yet if we reject them, shouldn't we also reject Rama, Krishna, Ganpati, Hanuman and the other Hindu Ba'alim? It is impossible to be both faithful to God and to accept these Indian Hindu Ba'alim even as we reject the Canaanite, Moabite, Ammonite, Philistine, etc. Ba'alim. That is, our faithfulness to God and rejection of the Ba'alim must extend to and include the rejection of all Ba'alim — Hindu, Vodun, Shinto, Druid, whatever.

The Bible teaches: "The gods of the pagans are devils."

The Bible teaches: "What the pagans sacrifice, they sacrifice to the devils."

It takes a great deal of HYPOCRISY to reduce Christianity solely to Christ's Sermon on the Mount and to his instructions to the youngman, and negate and RUBBISH everything else - including, obviously, the Ten Commandments, the very foundation of Christianity, the First of which teaches us: "There is no other God besides Yahweh-Elohim."

In the history of the New World, we see instances where White men have conned natives of their property by giving them glass beads in alluring colours, which the natives thought were very valuable but which were infact easily manufactured and therefore really worthless.

Gandhi very generously wants us to throw away the Gold that is Christianity in exchange for his pretty but pretty meaningless, though colourful, glass beads, trinkets and baubles.

He sells us some pretty baubles: "I can sing most of the Christian hymns; I read the Bible; I have many Christian friends; etc." None of them are pertinent to the question.

I will not deny that Gandhi was a great man. He was not so much born a great man, or a great man by accident, but I believe that he became a great man by determined efforts, self-cultivation.

He was not content to walk with the common herd, but determined to blaze his own trail.

Certainly, Gandhi incontrovertibly achieved greatness. He became a great soul, one who is able to influence and subsume most common souls.

And his greatest achievement, even greater than his courageous and fearless stand against the British Empire, was his pilgrimage to Noakhali, the then epicenter of the mutual Hindu-Muslim genocides, in order to shame men and bring them back to a sense of humanity. None of these will I deny or pretend to reduce to insignificance.

Gandhi was undoubtedly and incontrovertibly a great man, a determined man who achieved great success in influencing his neighbours, both Indian and English. He was a man who determinedly and consistently cultivated charisma and the art of influencing and overawing people, to get them to do as he wanted. And he was eminently successful. But he was just as incontrovertibly and deliberately a hypocrite, one who misrepresented Christ.

I will therefore not deny his greatness or his successes. However, I will also not make an idol of his successes or permit them to overawe me and to seduce me from following Christ Jesus, the God of Abraham, as Gandhi wishes to.

[However, even as it is true that he achieved greatness by cultivating charisma, it also remains true that his success could only have happened in the Hindu milieu at that time (for the West had not yet degenerated to the point where they could accept Gandhianism); it required the fertile soil of credulity and superstition, and even more, it needed vitally the counterfeit, dumbed-down morality of a naive, unsophisticated and ignorant people — ignorant and stupid whether by accidents of birth, culture and history or by choice.

In the West, with the abandonment of the Church to form anarchic groups of "Protestant" sects, each of them independent, people have been brought up in a similar culture of stupidity and ignorance, progressively more in those who have departed the longest, so that they were and are amenable to Hinduism and the other paganisms, to Yoga-ism and other satanism, to revive their ancient paganisms or to invent their own new paganisms. It is these Protestants who were easy patsies for Gandhi's psychobabble. Catholics were immune until Roncalli's and the Vatican II psychobabble demolished their Catholicism.]

Gandhi, then, was certainly great, a very great man. Other men have come before him and since him; men with great determination, who concentrated on their core beliefs and who left a deep mark on mankind. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Gracia Moreno. Gautama Buddha who took on the might of Hinduism and of the Brahmins to found his protest movement. Alexander the Great who took on the might of the immense and far-flung Persian empire and succeeded in overthrowing it and conquering it, going down to each and every corner of that empire to ensure its submission. Peter the Great who seized Russia by its beard and dragged it into the modern age. Columbus who pursued his faith and did not allow himself to be discouraged. Napoleon and Hitler with their dreams of world domination. Winston Churchill with his determination not to allow England to succumb to Hitler. And so many others. They were all great men.

However, because a man is great is no guarantee that he is moral.

Gandhi was a great man. He was also, in many things, intensely moral. However, in one thing he was outstandingly immoral.

He deliberately misrepresented Christ. He joined up with, ganged up with men who had made it their religion and mission to misrepresent Christ, and he made their misrepresentation his own.

And he used his unquestionable powers over men to propagate this misrepresentation of Christ.

Now, deliberate lying about any man is never moral. But what we have here is not the misrepresentation about a mere man, but of the Incarnate God, of the Theandros, Christ Jesus. Thus, this misrepresentation is also blasphemy and sacrilege.

Let me put this straight: There are men who are courageous enough to admit the truth of the faith and become Christians; there are men who are courageous enough to say that they hate the faith and God and be Satanists and Devilworshippers. But the dangerous ones — the deadliest and most to be feared — are those hypocrites and yellowbellies who do not have the courage to take a clear stand but pretend to be one thing and are another. Like Gandhi, who pretended to be an admirer of Christ even as he rejected his core message and sought to seduce men from this, Christ's core message.

These are dissemblers, hypocrites, cowards, seducers, robbers and murderers of souls, sirens, pirates, highwaymen of spirituality. It matters little whether they are men of little significance or great men like Gandhi — they are all the same.

In the Bible, God re-iterates his uniqueness and his rejection of the grotesque, immodest "gods" contrived by men and by the nations of the human race. God spends an inordinate amount of time and effort in inculcating this message in us, those who will hearken to him, and Gandhi, in a few cavalier sweeps, rubbishes and misrepresents all of this. If this is not hypocrisy, what is?

Recently, I have had occasion to view the pages of a sect founded by another remarkable man, even a great man. If Gandhi was a Mahatma, so is this man, for he is another specimen from the same factory. This is James Callan, the founder of the schismatical sect, the Spiritus Christi of Rochester, New York, USA.

Callan, like Gandhi, is a maverick and a great leader. And like Gandhi, he too is a great hypocrite and dissembler, a liar who misrepresents in order to propagate and justify his own beliefs. It is remarkable how so much alike are Gandhi and Callan. But for the time lapse, they could be twins!

My quarrel with these men is simple and basic. I have no quarrel with you when you say that you will not accept Christ and Christianity. I have no quarrel with you when you set out to establish your own religion, your own ideology. But I will quarrel with you when you take Christ and misrepresent him, alter and twist and distort his message to make him say what he does not say and what he actually forbids.

In sharp contrast with Callan is C.S. Lewis, a man born and died as a Protestant, but who nevertheless was a Christian in his actions and confessions. More than anything else, this is borne out by the celebrated passage from his book, Mere Christianity.

Compared to Gandhi and his hypocritical, pretentious "admiration" for Christ even as he subverted his message, Lewis is a moral giant.

Every man who wishes to set-up his own new ideology will have to account for his actions before God, but as long as he leaves Christ Jesus alone and does not pretend that Christ taught what Christ did not teach, and otherwise misrepresent Christ, I will not bother myself with him. Misrepresent Christ, however, and I make it my business, as Christ demands, to wage war upon you.

There have been Hindu leaders before Gandhi, and others since. I do not make it my business to bother myself with them, however, as I do with Gandhi, since Gandhi very publicly misrepresents Christ.

Gandhi is a hypocrite because he misrepresents Christ.

He is a Dissembler because he uses dissembling in order to misguide people and misrepresent Christ.

He is a Seducer because he seduces people away from Christ and his authentic message to his perverted version of Christ's message which perversion legitimizes paganism.

He is a Perverter because he perverts the truth, the message of Christ.

I do not use my words idly.

Mu'Ahmad Quraishi, the founder of Islam, pretended that Christ Jesus foretold his coming and based his new religion on this misrepresentation.

Gandhi founded his value-system on his misrepresentation of Christ Jesus.

But Christ himself did not misrepresent anyone. Not even the Jewish religion that prophesied his coming.

In the Old Testament times, we had the Israelites punished by God for rebelling and murmuring against him. That is when Moses erected a bronze serpent upon a tree, by the inspiration of God, and they that looked upon this bronze serpent were saved. Yet the same image was made the object of idolatry by the Israelites in a latter time, under the kings, and one king, zealous for God, destroyed this image, which had been made the object of idolatry, calling it a "little brass."

Gandhi, too, has taken Christ and emptied him of his true and essential message, reducing him to a empty, gutted shell, and makes a show of his admiration for this gutted outer form — Gandhi's "little brass."

Two millennia ago, Christ asked his disciples what men thought of him. Simon replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." And Jesus said, "Blessed are you, Simon, son of John, for it is not flesh and blood that has revealed this to you, but my father in heaven." And two millennia latter, Gandhi pipes up: "You are a great soul, but not the unique son of God." And claims that this is a "compliment."

But this is not Gandhi's greatest compliment for Christ. That, his greatest compliment is this: "Your message is great and inspiring. But certainly the messages of my Baal, my Moloch, my Beelzebub, my Astarte, these are much more greater and inspiring that yours! They are much superior spiritual guides than you!"
©Prakash J. Mascarenhas. 2nd September 2003. This page is copyright.
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