Factory of Myths

The Factory of Myths

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The Hindus superciliously allege that the Indian Christians are descended from 'low caste' converts, that no 'upper caste' members converted. However, this is not true.

In accordance with the command of Jesus Christ, the missionaries, beginning with the Apostles Thomas and Bartholomeo, where ever they went, went first of all to the leaders of the host societies, the community leaders and elders and preached to them first.

It is a matter of record that the first converts of Thomas in Kerala were Nambodiripad Brahmins, that his first convert in India was the Kshatriya, King Gondophanes of the modern Afghanistan, and that Thomas was murdered by the Brahmins and Kshatriyas of Tamil Nadu because he had converted the local king's wife and son - Kshatriyas, the queen and the crown prince.

The missionaries who came in with the Portuguese also followed the same practice, so that today, the Christian community of my native Bardesh province of the former Portuguese India is dominated by descendants of the Gaud Saraswat Brahmins, as I myself am one.

It is true that, after the upper castes hardened their stance and conversions from them were reduced to a trickle, the missionaries turned to the lower castes, who had far lesser airs about them and were more open to the message of Jesus Christ.

Thus it is that the majority of latter converts were from the lower castes, and that they now constitute a large part of the present Indian Christian population.

Deliberate Pollution

Another deliberate Hindu lie is that the missionaries and the Portuguese and English deliberated polluted wells with bread, thus causing those caste Hindus who inadvertantly drank from these wells to lose their caste position and leave them with no other option but to accept Christianity.

This is the most vicious lie told against the Christians, and has not a shred of historical foundation. This myth was created in order to justify the conversions from the upper castes, to deny the real reasons why these conversions happened.

Of course, it is pure nonsense, because, when a Hindu is polluted, according to Hindu theology, all he has to do is bathe in Ganga waters and / or cow's urine, and drink it, to become purified!
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