Outlining the Family Tree
Of The Modernist Heresy


The Descent Of The Modernist Heresy

©Lúcio Mascarenhas. April 23, 2005.
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The Protestants abandoned Christianity as a part of their Deformation — their founding moment. Since then, they have been beset by steadily increasing anarchy, and the inability to restrain members from departing into even grosser heresies and even outright apostasy, and indeed they fail to perceive the need for preventing this.

As a result of this anarchy, Protestantism has resolved into three broad groupings — Liberals or Free-Thinking Protestants, Evangelicals or Median Protestants, and Fundamentalist or Literalist Protestants.

One of the movements, indeed the main and defining movement, among Liberals, is what is called "Modernism", an apostate form that is constructed around the principle of Evolution in all things, not merely in the origin of species.

Within the spirit of Pan-Europeanism, etc., this disease crossed over into the Catholic Church, and therefore, it became necessary for Pope Pius IX, and again, Pope St. Pius X, to attack and excommunicate it.

So much is broadly agreed to, by "academics". What these "academics" however refuse to acknowledge is that "Catholic Modernism" never went away, but that it merely acted according to its principles by going underground, and that it came overground in Roncalli and "Vatican II" — that the "New Religion" represented by "Vatican II", and by Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla, and now Ratzinger, is that same identical Modernism condemned by Pope St. Pius X!

It is the business of the Catholic Anti-Modernist to expose the heretics' tails, all tied up together.

One man is willing to admit the fact that the Modernism condemned by Pope St. Pius X is the same vileness that constitutes the New Church aka the Fake Catholic Church aka the Antichurch, is a "Fr." Michael Morton, an Englishman and "priest" in the Antichurch (See fourth link below), who makes this admission while attempting to create a hagiography of the Modernist disease.

Traditio.com's analysis and history of the Antiliturgical movement, inspired by and an integral part of the Modernist heresy, and which played a critical role in achieving the establishment of the Fake Catholic Church, is also interesting (See fifth link below).

These pages, in chronological order, demonstrate the truth of this descent:
  1. Wikipedia — Liberal Protestantism

  2. Wikipedia — Origins of Modernism

  3. Wikipedia — History of the Modernist Heresy among Catholics

  4. Michael Morton: "Catholic" Modernism — 1896 - 1914

  5. Traditio: The Slow & Methodical Destruction of the Catholic Liturgy

However, the clinching evidence is that what we get from the "horse's mouth, from a prominent modernist who has been so much approved by the Antichurch that it made him a "Cardinal".

I speak of Yves Congar (April 8, 1904-June 22, 1995), a French Dominican who had been banned from preaching under Pope Pius XII, but who was released from his restrictions by the Antipope John XXIII-II and foisted on the Grand Latrocinium "Vatican II" as an "Expert".

Here is what "Cardinal" Congar stated, alluding to the Roncallite "opening" of the hijacked Church to the Modernist heresy, the "Aggiornomento":
"Pius X was the pope who confronted the Modernist movement, understood as 'the theoretical and practical subordination of Catholicism to the modern spirit'... However, the movementís studies continued to follow its irreproachable course, both from within and without [the Church], although at times it met with resistance, problems, controls and restraints. Later the situation changed profoundly. There was John XXIII (1958-1963), the Council (1962-1965), aggiornamento...." — Yves Congar, Eglise Catholique et France Moderne, Paris, Hachette, 1978, pp. 37-8. Source: Tradition-In-Action.
Is there any doubt remaining?

Pope St. Pius X: Hammer of the Modernist Heretics

One thing that is usually said — or rather insinuated — is that Pope St. Pius X contrived a common name — Modernism — for several different, non-homogenous ideologies; therefore, implicitly, "Modernism" is neither one ideology, nor do any of these ideologies actually fit Pope St. Pius X's definition of being "Modernism".

Yet, an examination of the arguments and narratives demonstrate that this is false, that, in fact, while presenting different faces, the Movement is unified and homogenous, and that it does in fact fit Pope St. Pius X's definition of it as being "Modernism".

Moreover, given that the true Modernism what not at all a purely "Catholic" phenomenon, but a secular disease which also infected some Catholics, we have the fact that Modernism itself took this name for itself in the secular world, and still uses that name without any controversy as to the rightfulness of that name.

This Modernism is not merely a disease afflicting theology and spirituality, but is a global disease afflicting all aspects of life, including arts and the sciences, engineering and technology.

The big difference is that in these secular pursuits there has been no authoritative and monolithic conservative body to identify and denounce it as the disease it is.

The Cacurgy of Fr. Pius Parsch

About a month or so back, I found and purchased a book by Fr. Pius Parsch. I took the book because I esteem Catholic official works from before October 1958 as being free from the taints of heresies which ar rather too evident in publications published since then. However, on opening the book, I found myself mystified and suffering from unease.

There is a sharp difference (usually) between books published upto October 1958 and those subsequently, with the former class being clear and embued with a positive and pious spirit, while the latter are, to say the best, pedestrian. Yet, I found Parsch's book pedestrian.

Nor was this all. I have other liturgical books by Parsch, too, and finding them inexplicable pedestrian, I had put them away. But this time, I was determined to investigate Parsch and to determine the reason for his being pedestrian.

In my investigations, I found two crucial texts on Parsch, one pro, the other contra, but both identifying him as one of the critical Modernists and Antiliturgist, who contributed substantially and critically to the mangling and debasement of the Catholic Liturgy, and the creation of the Fake Catholic Church and its pseudo-Catholic liturgies.

These pages are:
  1. "Catholic-Authors"' Hagiography of Parsch

  2. A Lefebvrist Exposure of Parsch

From the Catholic viewpoint, both accounts of Parsch are damning. More importantly, they supply crucial evidence how the Fake Catholic Church came to be contrived.

First "Communions": Receiving Christ?

Truth is medicinal yet unpleasant. Because it is unpleasant, it is only a fool who would avoid it as medicinal.

I make no apologies for pointing out "in season and out of season" to my fellow Goans, the truth, unpleasant though it may be, for "the truth shall set you free". Those who crave crap, the balm of lies, intellectual dishonesty, intellectual self-indulgence and mutual self-deceit can go to Gaspar Almeida, Frederico Noronha, Marlon Meneses, Jose Colaco, etc., and to their associated teachers of heresy and immoralities: Remo Fernandes, Wendell Rodrigues, Bosco, Viviana, Jorge & Cecilio Pinto, etc. (I give Goan name-forms instead of Anglice forms)

Recently, I had occasion to highlight the hypocrisy and false pretense of the fifth Modernist antipope, the Malevolent Ratbag—Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger (Maledictus V).

Ratbag teaches that:
Eucharistic devotion such as is noted in the silent visit by the devout in church must not be thought of as a conversation with God. This would assume that God was present there locally and in a confined way. To justify such an assertion shows a lack of understanding of the Christological mysteries of the very concept of God. This is repugnant to the serious thinking of the man who knows about the omnipresence of God. To go to church on the ground that one can visit God, Who is present there, is a senseless act which the modern man rightfully rejects. —Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger, Die Sakramentale Begruendung Christlicher Existenz
Evidently, and not surprisingly, Ratbag denies the Real Presence of the Theandros Christ in the Consecrated Host.

That being so, what can one make of the "Communion" served out in the Fake Catholic Church and its temples? Obviously, it is, as this sect has been emphasizig for so long, merely a memorial meal, and nothing more.

What then: Does a child, when receiving "First Communion" in this sect receive Christ? The very notion is nonsensical, as Ratbag has rather plainly said it.

So what then of "Eucharistic Adoration"? "Eucharistic Adoration" is based on the certain Catholic belief that the Host consecrated according to valid rites, by a validly ordained priest, is transubstantiated into the very (Concomitant) Body and Blood of Christ Jesus, true God and true man.

But with the Fake Catholic Church denying this Catholic doctrine, as, for example, Ratbag does here above, which is no innovation in that sect, what exactly do the dupes of this sect commit while they go about imitating the Catholic devotion of "Eucharistic Adoration"?

Why, then: They adore — with the Kind of Worship (Latria, Aarti) that man is permitted to offer ONLY to God — a plain piece of bread, obviously! And this is nothing more than IDOLATRY, pure and simple!

Well, here's news. According to Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XII, who only reiterate long-standing Catholic belief, if the rite is mutiliated, it is invalid [Mr. John Meneses had kindly posted to the GoanCenter list recently a commentary—from DailyCatholic.org—on Pope Pius XII's Sacramentum Ordinis]. And an invalid rite does not confect the Blessed Sacrament.

Therefore, even when the worshipper DOES NOT believe the heresy of those who deny the Real Presence, he, as a dupe of the Fake Catholic Church, nevertheless still worships as God what is actually only plain bread!


I would strongly recommend this site, however, with the usual caution: Novus Ordo Watch, and especially, its excellent exposes of the Antipope Ratzinger a.k.a. "Benedict XVI".
©Lúcio Mascarenhas. April 23, 2005.
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