Fatima: Goebelsian Lies Of The Antichurch

©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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To "Fr." Edwin de Sousa, SDB, Rector,
Don Bosco’s Shrine of Our Lady, Help of Christians,
Matunga, Bombay. [email protected]

Dear Sir,

It is with great interest that I read the newsreport (see below) reproduced in the latest issue of your publication, the Don Bosco’s Madonna of July 2004, wherein where your sect makes a great fetish of treating sodomites as untouchables, so much so that it is willing to sacrifice "Ecumenical Dialogue" with the "Anglican" heretics.

This is made more amazing given that your sect deliberately cultivates paederasty — the sexual abuse of young and innocent boys, and the seduction of women and girls into adulteries and fornications.

I say deliberately, because it is evident that it is, in fact, a deliberate policy. That is proven by the fact that your sect has deliberately abrogated the Catholic law that uncompromisingly disbars those clerics once discovered to have committed these crimes from the clergy and from any further position in the Church.

That is also proven to be deliberate by the systematic covering up of these crimes by your sect, and of protecting and consoling those discovered.

But even more interesting is the recent newsreport, not reproduced in your publication, that the Republic of Samoa, in the Pacific Ocean, has officially and publicly demanded an explanation from the Salesian authorities in Australia for posting a Salesian missionary from Australia to Samoa, whom they had known to have committed paederasty with young boys when posted in Australia, without informing the Samoan authorities of this prior history; the missionary was discovered to have repeated his crimes in Samoa!

See here for fuller reports and commentaries: f2 network:
Samoa has castigated the Catholic Church in Australia for sending a priest [Fr. Klep, SDB] to the country without warning that he was a convicted pedophile. The country's most senior official described the action as a cynical exercise that impugned the integrity of the Catholic Church. ...The country's most senior public servant, Auseugaefa Vaasatia Komiti, said last night that senior officials of the Catholic Church in Australia had failed in their moral obligations, adding that the man who was in charge of the Salesian order in Australia between 1994 and 1998, Father John Murphy, now also faced deportation from Samoa. Another priest, also subject to past allegations, is also facing deportation.

Mr Komiti said Father Murphy had witnessed Klep's visa application, which stated that Klep was a person of good character who had never been convicted. He said the Archbishop of Samoa was apparently not informed about Klep's criminal past and may have been "deceived and misled" by senior officials of the Australian Catholic Church.

"We have evidence that shows that the people who sent him here knew about his convictions," Mr Komiti said.

The head of the Salesian Order in Australia, Father Ian Murdoch, has declined to be interviewed about the Klep case.

However, the executive officer of the Australian Catholic Church's national committee for professional standards, Julian McDonald, has said Klep should not have been sent to Samoa.
Nor is this all.

On 21st June 2004, the news agency of the Antichurch clergy, Zenit, carried a newsreport:
The Salesian statement denied the newspaper assertion that religious involved in cases of sexual abuse of minors "are systematically moved from one country to another to remove them from judicial investigations."

"Insofar as the Salesian congregation is concerned, it is emphasized that this does not correspond to the truth,"
the statement affirmed.
I believe that this pretension by your sect, the Antichurch, is merely eyewash. It is designed to continue to lull the hijacked flock even as they are being indoctrinated in the heresies of Modernism and Evolutionism.

The claim that your sect, under the dispensation of "John-Paul II" is opposed to sodomism is merely a lie, and a temporary arrangement. Ultimately, when this phase of the Revolution is completed, with the death of the antipope "John-Paul II", it is already intended that the next antipope will liberate your sect from all these restrictions.

Thus, this is merely a cynical ploy by your sect.

Lucio Mascarenhas, Bombay.



Talks between Anglican and Catholic theologians collapsed in the wake of the appointment of an openly sodomist Episcopal bishop, the Daily Telegraph of London reported on December 1.

According to the Telegraph report which was later confirmed by Church officials — the Vatican planned to break off participation in the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) after a final upcoming meeting. The paper reported that the Vatican officials were reluctant to even go forward with that final meeting, but eased their opposition after the leading Anglican participant, Bishop Frank Griswold, stepped down. Bishop Griswold, the Anglican chairman of the ARCIC had participated in the consecration of the openly sodomist bishop, Gene Robinson, in New Hampshire. Catholic officials had apparently advised their Anglican counterparts that they could no longer regard Bishop Griswold as a partner in the ARCIC dialogue.

Prior to the installation of Bishop Robinson, Pope John-Paul II had sternly warned the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, that the ordination of an openly homosexual man would threaten ecumenical talks. Although clearly shaken by that warning, Archbishop Williams did not take a clear stand against the New Hampshire appointment.

©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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