Fatima: Goebelsian Lies Of The Antichurch

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To "Fr." Edwin de Sousa, SDB, Rector,
Don Bosco’s Shrine of Our Lady, Help of Christians,
Matunga, Bombay. [email protected]

Dear Sir,

It is with great amazement that I read the newsreport (see below) reproduced in the latest issue of your publication, the Don Bosco’s Madonna of July 2004, wherein you repeat Michael Fitz-Gerald’s denial of the project to convert the Site of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima into an inter-religious center.

This is made more amazing given that in early May, (5th of May, I believe), the Church built at the Apparition Site was used by Hindus by specific and deliberate invitation for their Satanic rites, praying to their pythonic spririts, Siva, Uma-Parvati, Durga, etc.

This event was preplanned and meticulously prepared for — so much so that the Portuguese TV SIC filmed the entire process, from the preparation of the Hindu delegation worshipping first at their demonarium in Lisbon, then travelling in the bus to Fatima, then the Rites of Desecration in the Church, with their Priest of their Devils, their "Shastri" presiding over the entire satanic ritual.

The pictures have been posted on the net [See here: http://www.oltyn.com/HindMay5.htm ] and anyone can see how abominable and nauseating the whole affair is.

Moreover, your newsreport very "innocently" quotes Guerra's statements only selectively, making it appear that this is all that was said, and that Catholics have taken these few words and have exaggerated, misinterpreted and distorted it to mean that he plans to use Fatima as an inter-religious site.

But, as a matter of fact, there was a lot more said, and not only by Guerra, but also by the "Bishop" of Liaria, that of Lisbon, Jacques Dupuis, Michael Fitz-Gerald, etc., all of which went towards the same end. [See here for fuller reports and commentaries: Fatima to Become Interfaith Shrine? Account Of One Who Was There | The Antichurch's Satanic Congress To Desecrate Fatima | Fr. Campbell On The Desecration Of Fatima By The Antichurch]

These are facts that are well documented and available on the internet easily to any seeker with even moderate abilities.

Therefore, it is evident that you have deliberately carried this news report with the intention of suppressing the truth and suggesting the false — the old Satanist ploy of "Suppressio veri, suggestio falsi"!

Therefore, I ask you: What was the specific purpose of carrying the evidently deliberately false and lying denial of Fitz-Gerald?

It is evident that Fitz-Gerald's denial was an exercise in Goebelsism, an effort to pull wool over the eyes of those who are awakening to the fact that the New Church is in fact not the Catholic Church but a New Protestant Sect.

It is evident that Fitz-Gerald, like all the other klepts in the hijacked Vatican, is president, not of some "Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue", but of the Satanic Council for Goebelsian Propaganda!

And it is become evident that you and what was the Don Bosco's Madonna too are part of the same game-plan!

Is this the way that you honour the memory of your spiritual father, St. John Bosco?

Lucio Mascarenhas, Bombay.



Contradicting reports that have spread quickly through Catholic Traditionalist groups, a key Vatican official has denied that the Marian shrine at Fatima, Portugal, will be made an inter-faith center.

Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, the president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, told London's Universe newspaper: "There is no question of the Fatima sanctuary becoming an interfaith pilgrimage center." He stressed that the shrine would remain a center of devotion to the Virgin Mary.

The archbishop was responding to fears aroused by the statements of Msgr. Luciano Guerra, the rector of the famous shrine. During an interfaith conference held at Fatima recently, the rector of that shrine — which is embarking on a major construction project — said that it would soon "change for the better." Msgr. Guerra said that the future of Fatima would be "a shrine where different religions can mingle."

©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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