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©Lucio Joaõ Mascarenhas, May 2003.

From: Venerate Saint Gabriel/Curtiss
To: "Prax Maskaren"
CC: Gerry Matatics
Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 14:40:27 -0700
Subject: Test and Answers on the Catholic Faith

Are we to obey God and HIS infallible Church or men?

Curtis Gabriel
Attachment: "Test and Answers on the Catholic Faith" by Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi.
To Venerate Saint Gabriel/Curtiss

Dear Friend,

I am in the receipt of a letter "Tests and Answers on the Catholic Faith". While I am thankful for the kind thought that would have motivated this letter, I am bewildered by the purpose, which is not stated. I am, of course, not discussing the contents at this time, merely asking you the provocation and purpose of your taking the trouble to write to me, and to write to me what you have written.

Secondly, isn't the author of this text Michael Paul Rios? Haven't I seen his writtings on 'Who Bewitched Siri?'

And why am I being clubbed with Gerry Matatics?

Amused, confused, curious,

Prax Maskaren
From: Venerate Saint Gabriel/Curtiss
To: "Prax Maskaren"
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 17:43:01 -0700
Subject: Re: Hello

Are you claiming to be Catholic?

I profess the Faith as I am instructed to do under Canon Law and because I love Jesus Christ, the head of Holy Mother Church and souls.

Curtis Gabriel
Dear Curtiss,

Thank you for your kind letter.

It is common courtesy to state the moving cause when writing a letter to a perfect stranger. Now, it is my belief that we are not acquainted, that we are strangers to each other. Therefore, I am piqued by curiousity to know what could have been the reason that you choose to write to me.

I have written a civil reply to your letter, but to which you write, "Are you claiming to be Catholic?" I get the feeling that this is an insult. I hope not, and I cannot even guess why you should even think of trying to insult a perfect stranger.

I can not understand what you mean by your query. Either I am a Catholic or am not. If you believe one way or the other about me, you should state that upfront. There is no reason to beat around the bush.

On the other hand, if you think that I am merely claiming, or pretending to be a Catholic, and have reason to believe that this guess is correct or probable, you should also state that upfront, and not beat around the bush.

That you profess the faith and that you love Jesus Christ cannot be an excuse for your attitude. Certainly, I believe that Christ Jesus did not teach His disciples to launch unexplained attacks on perfect strangers. That was not His style.

Certainly it is not the Christian way to come down like an Assyrian upon the Israelites, like a wolf upon the flock.

To remind you, I merely asked why did you take the trouble to write to me as you did, and why did you lump me with Matatics. I mean: What could be the connection between me and Matatics.

I ask civilly enough. Perhaps I can expect an explanation?

Or is it that you have been taught that common courtesy and civil behaviour are mortal sins?

Yours sincerely,

Prax Maskaren
From: Venerate Saint Gabriel/Curtiss
To: "Prax Maskaren"
Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 11:10:41 -0700
Subject: Re: I beg your pardon?

Dear Prax,

The reason I sent you an e-mail; I read just recently a response that you wrote to a Mr. Richard Irayni about the Catholic Faith and the Canon law of Holy Mother Church that states that an Abjuration must be taken to come back inside the Church in order to be under the Church's protection for there is no hope of salvation if one was in error, unless a Catholic does as Holy Mother Church commands.

This response that you gave Mr. Ibranyi was very rude and certainly not with Catholic charity.

But you seemed to think you have no error.

When I read your response, it seemed to ring and smack of arrogance and that you really didn't care to follow the Church law in order to have hope of salvation. You attacked him with out providing any Church Dogma, Encyc's., Bulls, or Canon law.

But the single point that stuck out in my mind about your response , was the fact that you completely rejected the Law and "infallible teachings" on the subject of abjuration and heresy and how it must be inforced and how the proceedures are carried out for the salvation of a soul.

Then I read Mataics heretical writings and wondered if you followed Matatics belief or the Church teachings that Ibanyi puts forward.

Curtis Gabriel
From: Venerate Saint Gabriel/Curtiss
To: "Prax Maskaren"
Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 11:29:30 -0700
Subject: Where are the Catholic Bishops and Priests

Dear Prax,

Do you accept the facts of the documenyt or reject?

Curtis Gabriel
Attachment: Where are the Catholic Bishops and Priests? by Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi; A.D. 2001
Dear Curtiss,

Thanks for the clarification.

I would like to know where you read the exchange that I had had with Mr. Ibranyi. Can you point out to me those pages?

There was a reason for my harsh response to Ibranyi.

I understand that you are a follower of Fr. Leonard Feeney and perhaps also of Mr. Ibranyi. However, it is a fact beyond any dispute, disregarding the gutted versions and selective quotations from Church documents by the Feeneyites, that the Church has always and bindingly, by its Ordinary and Universal and as much Infallible Magisterium as the Extra-Ordinary Magisterium, taught that Baptism also includes, as a Specie of supplied Baptism, the Baptisms of Blood and of Desire.

Feeneyism distorts this and misrepresents this.

Since the Feeneyites were disobedient, the Church sought to bring them in line, both in England and in the US. However, Feeney and his followers stuck to their line and pretended to be ignorant of what the Church was talking about, and further pretended a feigned innocence when the Church finally cracked down on Feeney himself, having first acted against the St. Benedict Centers in London, England and Boston, USA.

From the Catholic viewpoint, Feeneyites are outside the Church, having voluntarily seceded from the Church and their tacit and overt repudiation of its authority by its indiscipline and by following the excommunicate Fr. Feeney.

It is common courtesy and also Christian to be honest.

A Feeneyite may disagree and disagree violently with this viewpoint, but it would be dishonest of him to misrepresent himself when attempting to put forward his beliefs for consideration and acceptance by others.

Once, in about 1998, I caught a Protestant telling a Novus-Ordite that his ‘church’ had priests, confessions, the Mass. I happened to overhear, and I happened to know that the man was a Prot, and therefore lying. Therefore, I intervened and fried him royally for attempting to mislead and to gain souls by lies.

We traditionalists do not try to gain over souls from the Novus-Ordo sect by misrepresenting ourselves and by lies and by deceit.

But this is exactly what Ibranyi did with me, through his lieutenant Philip McCabe.

McCabe came accross to me as one of us, the Catholic Traditionalists, and not as a follower of Feeney. Then he tried to sell me the idea that I needed to do an abjuration, etc., in order to ‘return’ to the Church, to Catholicism, I having been briefly in the Novus-Ordo Antichurch…

Since I did not know that he was in fact a Feeneyite, I went along with him, considering to do. However, in the meantime, I discovered that McCabe was in fact a Feeneyite, and that he was actually attempting to gain my adherence to Feeneyism by deceit and by misrepresentation.

Now that got my goat, and while I would have been willing to look into the Feeneyite case if I had been straightforwardly been asked to, I do not appreciate being led up the garden path.

I strongly resent lies and deceit, and I appreciate it even less when someone claims to be using it to propagate the Gospel of Christ Jesus. That is insult added to injury, and is aggravated blasphemy.

Therefore, I naturally enough took a hard line with McCabe.

Seeing this, McCabe unilaterally extended this bilateral correspondence between me and him by bringing in Ibranyi.

Just at the time when I was busy resenting the mischief and deceit of McCabe, Ibranyi wrote a letter in response to him, a copy to me, but which letter actually made gross and unjustified attacks upon me and upon my family.

In civil law, this is called aggravated battery, I think.

Ibranyi knows and knew nothing about my family. He had no business attacking me or my family without knowing us. But he presumptively began to attack my family and to make presumptive allegations against both me and them.

That was crossing every limit and boundary of common human decency.

Ibranyi alleged that I was against the Feeneyite misrepresentation of Extra Ecclessiam Nula Salus because (by his presumption) I had non-Christian ancestors and other family members and could not bear the thought that their souls are lost.

(Even if I did have immediate non-Christian ancestors and family members, that would not be grounds at all to make and convict me of such an allegation.)

By his presumption and by presenting his insulting and baseless, foundationless presumption as determined fact, he added insult to injury.

And by constituting himself my accuser, judge and executor, all in one, he shows what regard he has for the Christian norms of Charity and of Justice.

In the light of this, I cannot see how I could have reacted but the way that I have.

Make no mistake about it: I have zero obligations towards Ibranyi, and Ibranyi has zero rights to impose himself upon me.

I have no regrets. If I had to do things once again, I would do, write and say exactly the same harsh and denunciatory things of Ibranyi that I then said.

I think that Ibranyi is just and merely a pompous ass, puffed up in his own ignorance and conceit.

He is a man who is not all there, mentally speaking. And he is below contempt.

You are free to judge as you see fit between me and Ibranyi, between me and McCabe. I make no apologies at all. I believe that I have acted with exact propriety and exactness. I had entertained McCabe respectfully when he first came to sell me his ideology, and did not behave insultingly or disrespectfully. It was only when I was victimized, and when, furthermore, my family was victimized, that I counter-attacked.

And in my counter-attack, I have kept within the bounds of Christian Charity and of Justice. Therefore, I do not fear.

Finally, I will ask you to act with prudence. You have posted me a long, lengthy article by Ibranyi that goes to more than 300 kilobyte of computer capacity, thus burdening my Email inbox unnecessarily. You could have merely furnished me the URL or web address of that page and I would have checked it out. As it is, I have already seen this page, though only briefly.

You must behave prudently with others or not expect them to treat you with respect.

I hope that you understand my point.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Prax Maskaren
From: Venerate Saint Gabriel/Curtiss
To: "Prax Maskaren"
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 10:01:27 -0700
Subject: Re: I beg your pardon?

Dear Prax,

I have but a couple of points to make before I end my conversation with a known heretic, and that is there is ONLY Catholic, not "Traditional" nor "Old Catholic" nor Norvus Ordite. And if a baptized Catholic does NOT follow the law of Holy Mother Church, especially in the Great Apostasy, then the punishment is excommunication!

Father Feeney was not excommunicated, for the record shows this and also a well know writer for a well known College has done research on this and wrote the book and sees the truth as well! His name is Maas.

Feeney was censured, period! Father Feeney was not required by Canon Law to go to Rome nor do anything other than what he did, and that was to profess the Catholic Dogma.

If Father Feeney was excommunicated as you think then Pope Pius XII was a heretic, but for sure the devils in the Holy Office as this is why the devils did away with the Holy Office!

But we know he (Pope Pius XII) fell in 1951 for allowing and teaching Natural Family Planning.

Now, I understand what you truly hold as a belief and that is that JPII is the Pope and you also hold the heresy that the Mass is more important than the faith.

So that is two heresies for sure that you hold, as it only takes one to be excommunicated.

God has taken your Mass away, for Christ is not at the Altar...

I will pray for you to see the truth and to abjure as the law requires to save your soul.

To Jesus through Blessed Mary.

Curtis Gabriel
Dear Curtiss,

Thank you for your letter. However, I would like to ask you a few questions.

How did you determine that I am a 'known heretic'? Or are you the pope?

Additionally, you affirm that you know that I believe in certain errors. I ask: How did you come to learn of these? Since you are not God and therefore cannot see into my heart, you must either be talking nonsense, or that you have Extra-Sensory perception, or that you are a clairovoyant, a fortune teller. Or is it that you ARE God and Omniscient?

As I remarked in my encounter with McCabe and Ibranyi, you are stupid. Man, what stupidity, what presumptions, what pompous, asinine conceit!

You say that Feeney was not excommunicated, merely censured. You split hairs.

Feeney, like Luther before him, was proud and conceited, prefering his own opinion to the Divine Truth. And resisted and disobeyed the Church in his conceit and arrogance. And by thus rejecting the authority of the Church, he constituted himself a schismatic sect.

I pray for you, that you come to your sense and that you put away this Feeneyite nonsense.

Yours sincerley,

Prax Maskaren


It is a very wearisome and unprofitable work to witness to Feeneyites — possibly, the most mendacious sect of Philistines in our times — which is why I leave them severely alone. Yet, once in a while, some Feeneyite will gratuitously approach me, and attempt once again to threaten and browbeat me into heresy!

In this case, it was a Curtiss Gabriel, evidently an acolyte of the extraordinary Richard Ibranyi.

Curtiss began by writing a letter to me, and a copy to Gerry Matatics.

I have had no contacts with Matatics at all, nor is there, as far as I am aware, any synergy in our thoughts.

People who are conversant with my position will know that I am one of the staunchest opponent of the Antipope Wojtyla aka "John-Paul 2", and that I reject the prevalent notion that the Mass and attending a "Mass" — any "traditional mass" — an error carried to rudiculous extents, to the scandal of the Church — is more important than the faith. Yet, it is exactly this that Curtiss here accuses me of! This is merey evidence of sloppy thinking and of sloppy homework — of not seeking out the antecedents and history of the person upon whom one has come down upon, in what is colloquially called "visiting".

But since I am utterly fatiqued with the sedulously cultivated stupidity of the Feeneyites, I see no reason to point out these mistakes.

Perhaps the most offensive part of this whole charade is the gratuitous palming off of the Magisterium of Richard Ibranyi, Curtiss' heresiarch, for that of the Church! It is Ibranyi's self-constituted Magisterium that defines who is a Catholic (read, "Feeneyite") and who is not; not that of Holy Mother Church. This is the apogee of arrogant and conceited presumption!

Who can dispell such hubris?

Of course, I do not accuse Ibranyi — here — for what is merely put forth by a man who is his admirer, for that would be unjust. It could be justified only if Ibranyi wrote to endorse Curtiss' line. As it stands, this fault, therefore, belongs solely to its author, Curtiss.

Lucio Joaõ Mascarenhas
©Lucio Joaõ Mascarenhas, May 2003.

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