A Crisis In Catholicism?

©Lucio Mascarenhas, April 13th., 2004.

I became aware of the Crisis in Catholicism in 1992-93. However, as I studied the matter, it soon became obvious to me that there was not really a "crisis". On the contrary, there was a deliberately fostered situation, of abrogation of the Catholic Law and of its substitution, first by a seeming anarchy, to make way latter for legislations that are aimed to lock into place, establish and solidify the Liberalist-Modernist-Evolutionist Complex of heresies espoused by Roncalli and by the "Vatican 2" Robbers' Council.

Everyone, including myself, I must acknowledge, has been guilty of sloppiness in thinking and in expressing ourselves, falling into the trap laid by the apostates, by calling this deliberately contrived situation, a "Crisis."

A "Crisis" is something that happens to you, not something that you deliberately create and foster. A Crisis is not deliberately created, it happens.

The Apostates not only actually deliberately created the Chaos and Anarchy that typified "Catholicism" from late October 1958 onwards, they also very cleverly gave people the impression that all these happenings were inexplicable, beyond their power.

However, the Chaos and Anarchy was actually mandated, governed, implemented and enforced from the hijacked Vatican, by the Apostates themselves, and were rooted in the very principles that they adopted when they cast out the Holy Catholic Faith.

The reason of this essay is to exorcise, though belatedly, this old ghost of a "Crisis" haunting us Catholics, to explode the lies and to expose the truth.

Let us carefully avoid the word "Crisis" to describe this Contrived Situation, thereby falling in with the lies of the Apostates, but let us call this Situation as it is - the Godhating, Freemasonic French Revolution brought into the Church by the long hidden Satanists, under the greatest of them, Roncalli and Montini!
©Lucio Mascarenhas, April 13th., 2004.
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