Ah!... If I Were Michael Leach!

©Lucio Mascarenhas. April 13th. 2004.
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This article written in response to the article by Michael Leach: If I Were Pope!
"God hates both the sinner and his iniquities." (Wisdom 14:9)

Ah!... If I Were Michael Leach!...

On second thoughts: NO! I do not want to be Mike Leach... and be cursed by God!

It is bad enough that we have this thing called the Lying Pole — aka "The Second John-Paul" — and all his blasphemies and sacrileges. However, it is evident that the Freemasonic Revolution in that part of the Catholic Church which defected, under Roncalli, to the Protestant Liberal and Modernist heresy, has fructified and has reached the desired depth of degeneration.

Today, members of this suppurating sect are impatient with their — in some respects, overly cautious — clown-antipope, and are eager to go deeper into natural progression and onto further heights in their Cultus of spiritual whoring and fornication: Come let us fornicate in the Temple of our Baal! They have no time and patience or respect for the awful, jealous God of Israel. They are embarrased by the offensiveness of the Cross, by the Passion and Redemption wrought by Christ Jesus, God Incarnate, in his own flesh and blood offered most painfully on Calvary and on the way thereto. They have driven away Moses and his God as a bad memory, far from their thoughts and have fabricated unto themselves a new "God" — A God of Unconditional Love — a glittering as gold Golden Calf.

They have fabricated themselves a new, caricatured Christ, a glorified Santa Claus, who in the face of their whoring and fornication and self-indulgence and auto-idolatry, can only go mechanically "Ho! Ho! Ho! Lets Celebrate!"

But it is not true that Yahweh is merely Love. Yahweh is also HATE!

God passionately hates sin. Sinners are hateful unto Him, and no one with the least stain of sin may enter His holy presence.

It is true that He forbears destroying us now, that He freely gives us the chance to conform to Him and to mend our ways. But if we shall fail Him, and die unrepentant, then the God of Hate will condemn us to eternal damnation!

And so what would the Antipope Michael Leech do? He would tell all men that God loves them unconditionally, which is a lie. He would tell them that nothing, not even sin, can seperate man from the love of God, which is a lie. He will tell those who have divorced their spouses and who live in adultery with concubines and paramours in the immoral and irreligious new pseudo-marriages that the godless, autolatrous State has "hallowed" with the "sanction" of civil law, that they have not forfeited the love of God, which is a lie!

He would tell homosexuals and transvestites and abortionists and fornicators and paedophiles and contraceptionists and prostitutes that they need not to repent, that God loves them as they are — unconditionally, which is a lie!

Yes, Mike! Work hard practising your embrace. You need to get to be as good as any Moslem, for when you get to live with your eternal master and teacher, Satan, in his kingdom, you will need to embrace him always, passionately, desperately. Keep on practising!
Michael Leach is no ordinary member of his sect. He is the head, so we are informed, of the publications arm of a major clerical organisation in his sect, the former Maryknoll Fathers. Which means, even though it is not said, that he himself is probably a cleric...

How far and how deep has this malaise spread in the Antichurch? Is the disease terminal? Are there no souls left with even a vestige of the old Catholic consciousness anymore?
I have been observing that the West, a system constructed by the Protestants and Freemasons and Anticlericals in order to destroy Christendom, has been deeply penetrated by Indian paganism

But nothing brings that fact more horrendously home than the quote Leach gives from Henry Fonda in the movie, the Grapes of Wrath: A fellow ainít got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everybody, so Iíll be everywhere, wherever you can look. Wherever thereís a fight so hungry people can eat, Iíll be there. Wherever thereís a cop beatiní up a guy, Iíll be there. Iíll be in the way guys yell when theyíre mad. Iíll be in the way kids laugh when theyíre hungry and they know supperís ready, and where people are eatiní the stuff they raise and liviní in the houses they build. Iíll be there too! This is pure and unadulterated Hindu Advaitism — Monism or the heresy that all spirits are part of the Godhead.

Today, the Satanic tools — such as "yoga" — of Hinduism, which is Indian paganism or Indian satanism, have become the de facto and universal Sacraments of the West. Hinduism has thoroughly penetrated the West.

However, this penetration is not a penetration brought to the West by Hindu emigrants or missionaries from India, but has been, first of all, imported into the West from the East, by people from the West in order to sabotage Christianity, to seduce Christians away from Christendom and in order to augment the perpetual revolution that has created the West.

It is only subsequently — and consequently — that Eastern missionaries have been invited and have been indulged by the West.

Recently, a movie, The Matrix was released. This movie is the most horrendous blasphemy against Christianity with the simultaneous glorification of Hinduism, of Advaitism. However, strangely enough, there has been no protests by "Christians" against this movie.

As a matter of fact and ironically, Mel Gibson elected to star the Hollywood actress Monica Bellucci as Mary of Magdala in his movie, The Passion of the Christ, who also starred in the viciously anti-Christian Matrix series!
©Lucio Mascarenhas. April 13th. 2004.
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