Do Protestant Have Popes?

Lucio Mascarenhas.
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Thread: Radio Replies; Rumble & Carty
Subject: Radio Replies; Rumble & Carty
Date: 1999/09/23

I wrote: Dear Pat, - I have not been able myself to find one such website. But there is certainly the excellent work, Frs. Rumble & Carty's "The Radio Replies" in three volumes, which is, in my opinion the best. It is the reason why I am today a Catholic...

However, it was written in the early part of this century. Since then, there has been a major schism amongst Catholics. The major group, presently under 'pope' John-Paul II has compromised its faith with the evolutionists, freemasons and protestants. The remnant is divided into many groups - there are atleast 4 men I know of who claim to be the true Pope, including one each in Spain and the U.S.A.

Timothy Consodine wrote: I've got some excerpts from Rumble & Carty's work on my homepage. These "remnants" are nothing more than 20th century protestant denominations with an affinity for the Tridentine liturgy (which is perfectly admirable) -- but if they're not in communion with John Paul II, then they ain't Catholic.

I wrote: Dear Tim, - You say that we, the Anti-Modernist Resistance, are Protestants with an affinity for the Tridentine liturgy. This is the most rudiculous charge that could be made against us: Protestant and Tridentine. Are you insane?

A tree is known by its fruits. You look at the sempiternal Church depicted by Fathers Rumble & Carty in their works and compare it with your 'Church'. Is there any identity? They are exactly opposite. Your sect affirms as lawful what that Church absolutely denies as unlawful: eg. Their Church teaches that there is salvation only through Christ and only through his one and only lawful Church. Yours teaches that there is salvation through the various Protestant religions, which it affirms, following the Branch Heresy, to be part of the one Church founded by Christ, and also that one can be saved through Islam, Judaism, the various pagan religions etc.

It teaches that it is unlawful to take part in the liturgies of heretical and schismatic sects - such as of the Protestants or of the infidels and pagans - the law against 'Communicatio in Sacris'. Your sect teaches that it is lawful, and to be encouraged, so that your fellow-sectarians worship alongside Anglicans, Lutherans, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. Not to forget your 'pope'.

It teaches that men are not free to believe as they like, but are obliged to seek out and obey God, and that this is not only the duty of individuals but also of societies. Your sect teaches that men are free to believe as the like and that states must be secular or neutral in matters of religion - the heresy of Religious Freedom.

The attempt to legitimise these and the various other heresies of your sect by appealing to the doctrine of the development of doctrine fails since this doctrine excludes irreconcilable innovations. Your sect itself has admitted the impossibility of progress from the Catholic position to its present one.

Look at all the unchristian, even antichristian liberty and chaos in your sect. Is this from God? Remember, God is not the God of chaos but of order. Also remember that the true christian is not led about by contrary winds of doctrine.

Finally, it is your sect that like the Dolingerites fellowships with the various protestant sects, not us. Therefore, since, you fellowship, you are one. But for all the divisions amongst us in the Resistance, none of our groups fellowship or wish to fellowship with the protestants and any other heretical or schismatic sect.

Lastly, while we reject John-Paul 2 as pope, most of us are not content at leaving matters there, but have actively sought to have the papal vacancy filled. Do protestants have popes? Do they believe in the necessity of one? Do they accept the Catholic doctrine of the Petrine Commission?

Dear Tim, you belong with the sempiternal Catholic Church and not with the Roman Modernist heretics. Leave them now, this is your duty before God, and the way to your salvation.
Lucio Mascarenhas.
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