Cacopedia Or The Malice of Wikipedia

PUBLISHED on the Internet: Oct. 12, 2005.

Readers may recall my posts of some months back where I had drawn attention to the Wikipedia entry on Mel Gibson's Holy Family Chapel, Malibu, and my corrections to it. I had even made corresponding corrections to the Mel Gibson and Hutton Gibson entries at Wikipedia. For many days, the Red Fascist cowards did not dare touch it, and eventually, I gave up watching it.

The original text read:
The Holy Family sect is a "traditionalist" sect of the Roman Catholic Church. They are reported to believe that the Mass should still be said in Latin and that the reforms of the Second Vatican Council are in error.
I added a remark on this page:
Is there any reference for this pretended "sect" — it's location, it's main protagonists, its history, a link to an external site providing a more and better detailed account?
A Wikipedian using the identity "Muya" moved this remark to the Talk:Holy_Family_sect page, with a request that I confine my remarks there, to which I replied:
Take it to the "Talk page" muya? Why, because Wiki's divine right to slander and libel is being challenged? You are all a bunch of ignorant cowards! If you have guts put up the facts! facts! facts!
Subsequently, I decided to alter the article myself, which I altered to:
I also made the corresponding change in the article for Mel Gibson:
And for Hutton Gibson:
Now, I have checked up these pages and I find that my corrections have been effectively reverted to the same garbage that they had purveyed earlier.

The page as it stand now, reads thus:
According to this garbage, Holy Family constitutes a "sect". I had pointed out that Holy Family is merely a private chapel that belongs to the larger "Traditionalist Catholic" phenomenon, and that, if it qualified to be accounted a sect, then each and every of the TC communities ought to be recorded as a sect.

It is also strange that Wikipedians felt themselves compelled to create an entry for the fabulous "Holy Family sect", but none for the factual "Spiritus Christi" sect founded in the city of Rochester, New York State, U.S.A., by Frs. James Callan and Enrique Cadena, besides the women, "Fr." Mrs. Mary Rammerman and "Fr." Mrs. Denise Denato, who were "ordained" as "priests" by an Old Catholic "bishop"!

I must point out that I have serious problems with the clique to which Mel Gibson, Hutton Gibson, Gary Giuffe and their associates (probably also including James Condit and the St. Gemma Group of Websites) belong.

I have severe difficulties with Mel Gibson's selection of porn stars to play the roles of Jesus Christ and other characters in his movie The Passion, which I have come to accept is homo-erotic and with an unacceptable focus solely on the Passion of Christ to the exclusion of other parts of the message of God.

These difficulties, however, do not justify the infantile pretension that Holy Family or any other particular community of the TC movement constitutes a sect.

But if it is accepted, for arguments sake, that Holy Family and other TC communities constitute sects, then each and every TC website that is not merely the internet presence of any physical community, must also count as a sect.

Indeed, on the same principles, each and every of the various autonomous bodies of the Institutional, Roman Modernist Church, such as the Augustinians, Dominicans, Franciscans, Opus Dei, Missionaries of Charity, etc., etc., must be accounted a sect.

Indeed, to be even more exact in applying the same principles, each and every of the local facilities — parishes, chapters, priories, monasteries, convents, etc., etc., should be acknowledged to be independent sects.

Likewise, each and every diocese, congregation, and monastic or conventual communities, not only of the Roman Modernist sect, bu also of the Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Bahais, Ahmedians, Buddhists, etc., etc., sects ought to and must be recorded as independent sects.

Do the infantile cowards and half-wits of Wikipedia have the courage to apply the same principles to all these other religions? Or is it that the relatively small number of the Traditionalist Catholics make them easy targets for these cowards to vilify?

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