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©Lúcio Mascarenhas, January 11, 2005.
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If someone wants to allege that I am blind, I will not cavil. I have just discovered to my astonishment that I overlooked for many years something too obvious. But I will come to that by-and-by.

On January 10, 2005, while poking around the Internet, I found (once again) the website of the Occupation Regime in Goa, one with a long list of "Goa websites" ( Listed among them are "stalwart" Goan sites, listed as if they are branches of the Occupation Regime, among its official organs! And this, mark you, is during the BJP's Parricar administration!

Among other sites is this "gem": [The Occupation lists the site wrongly as ".net".]

It is only when I followed the links that I noticed certain things, and certain other things, too obvious to miss, also struck me for totally the first time.

First of all, there is the "Goa-world" site, operated by Ulysses Meneses and Gaspar Almeida, who also operate the "Gulf-Goans" list. I have always wanted to know where these people's sympathies lay — with Goa or with India, but could find nothing either way. Then, when I clicked on the "Goa-world" link, on the Occupation Regime's web page, all doubt and ambiguity was removed.

When the "Goa-world" website comes on, a small window is also opened, where the name Goa is superimposed on the Indian colors, and the "o" in Goa is replaced by a wheel — the Indian Chakra — constantly rotating.

This demolishes any doubt whatsoever as to who these people are, and where their affections lie — with the Indian Union rather than with Goa!

I have rarely seen anything so insulting and so despicable as this graphic. Truly, it is proof that its originators are not "Goa-world" but an authentic "Chakram-world"!

But this discovery woke up another realization: I had been listening to Jose Colaco's pious pretensions that he believed that Goa was unjustly imposed upon by India, and that the only reason that he counseled connivance and even collaboration was because he believed that Goa and Goans are not capable of taking on the might of India.

Yet, the abomination of desolation that disgraces "Chakram-world" made me sit up and ask: Have I not seen Colaco fly the Indian flag alongside the Portuguese 1911 flag for years on his site? What earthly reason should Colaco have in flying the Indian flag?

Flying the Indian flag is proof that Colaco's pretensions are false and hypocritical, and that he is a man who tenders his loyalties to the Indian Union; so that, obviously, all his pretensions are merely eyewash meant to deceive the gullible!

I feel like kicking myself for having overlooked Colaco's Indian flag for so many years!

But what does the Indian flag and color represent when brandished by these Goans? It exhibits persons who rejoice in being chattels — slaves — of India, of traitors who rejoice in the Rape of Goa.

It demonstrates that these persons are proud to be India's branded products, its property!

The choice of sites listed is telling. The list does not include Errol Rodrigues' for obvious reasons. Nor, Agnelo Gomes', for equally obvious reasons.

Yet, it also does not include Jose Colaco's "The Goan Forum". This is because, while counseling collaboration with the Indian bandits, it nevertheless catalogs their crimes and castigates them.


Lúcio Mascarenhas
©Lúcio Mascarenhas
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