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©Lucio Mascarenhas. 21st March 2003.
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Lucio: Hinduism is disturbed deeply with the notion that cows may be slain and their flesh consumed. So much so, that they force the Indian government to ban beef. And Hindu vigilantists attack abattoirs, beef shops, transporters of kine and of beef, etc. But they are supremely indifferent to the trading in women, or the abortion holocaust! Man counts for nothing, the cow is all! This is the form that Indian Paganism takes.

Beef Transporters Stopped, Arrested

5th March 2003, Times of India, Bombay edition. Times News Network.

BARODA: The city police seized two trucks allegedly carrying beef from the Golden Chowkdi area in the wee hours of Monday. The seizure was made follwoing a tip-off by the Jivdaya Gauraksha Samiti (JGS). Seven people were arrested from the two trucks.

According to sources, the total seizure weighed about forty tonnes and was valued at two million rupees. Volunteers of the organisation and the police had kept a watch on the Halol road since Sunday night. When they tried to stop a truck coming from Halol, the driver tried to speed away, in vain.

The truck, which came from Rajasthan, allegedly contained a hundred and fifty skinned bodies of cows without their legs and heads. Three people present in the truck were arrested.

Soon, another airconditioned container passing on the route was stopped by the volunteers and the police and as many as two hundred and fifty skinned bodies were recovered from the container. Four people were nabbed from the carrier.

Officers said the meat had been brought from Rajasthan and was on its way to Bombay. All those arrested have been booked under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Jhajjar-Style Terrorism Spreads

Comments by Lucio Mascarenhas.

To refresh your memory on the Jhajjar atrocity, see here: The Murders At Jhajjar

The above news reports demonstrates the mischief and malice of the Hindu revanchists — and the complicity of the state and of the police in their crimes. Despite the desire of the Hindu lunatic cow-worshippers, the slaying of cows is not entirely banned and especially is this ban on slaughter not extended to other animals of the bovine family.

The transporters in this case, or the butchers either, have prima facie, committed no crime or infraction of the law, whether in Rajasthan or in Gujarat.

The allegation that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act applies in this case is so ridiculous as to not merit mention.

The crime or infraction was the stopping of the trucks without just cause and the wrongful detention of the transporters.

The crimes committed are intimidation, wrongful restraint, kidnapping, etc., not to mention the destruction of property, and it is these 'vigilantes' and their accomplices in the state police who should be brought to book and punished summarily.

There is, however, no hope of such justice being executed in the near future, at least under the present dispensation.

However, it is important to keep the spotlight on these cockroaches, to let them know that the world is watching, and that one day, they will be required to account for their crimes. This is the purpose of this website, and of the posting of these news items here.

It would be particularly useful for individuals and organisations in the world to take up such news and to give them greater publicity — especially in the face of the mendacity of the same Hindus in the West, etc., and their constant whining about being persecuted and discriminated against.

Lucio Mascarenhas
©Lucio Mascarenhas. 21st March 2003.
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