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Pope Michael is the true and lawful Pope, the Bishop of Rome, etc., since he has been the first to be legitimately elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Pope Pius XII and the Modernist Apostasy that arose subsequently. However, there are very many Antipopes vying for the attention of men, in order to deceive mankind, and to divert men to hell.

This is a partial list of these antipopes, taking only the more significant and credible ones, in chronological order:

  1. Collin, Michel: a Frenchman, fraudster and a confidence artist, expelled from the priesthood and then from the Church by Pope Pius XII for his various acts of mischief. Claimed to follow in the tradition of Melanie Calvet's latter, spurious "revelations" ("Rome will fall..."), and that he had been constituted Pope, 1950, in a private revelation (this, when Pope Pius XII was still alive!).

    His sect is ultra-Modernist, yet Authoritarian.

    Sect operated under several names:
    1. Renovated Church of Christ

    Antipapal Title: “Clement XV.”

    Successors: 2.

    (a)Gaston Tremblay as "John-Gregory XVII" (sic!).
    (b) Unknown, France.

  2. Roncalli, Angelo Giuseppe: Italian Modernist apostate, who became the second antipope John XXIII (the first was Baldassare Cossa, deposed by the Council of Constance). Promulgated the heretical "Bringing-Up-To-Date" or "Aggiornomento", followed by the "Vatican II Council" which formally turfed-out the Catholic Faith and adopted, in its stead, the Modernist heresy condemned and excommunicated by Pope St. Pius X. Successors: 3. Giovanni Battista Montini, Albiano Luciani and Karol Wojtyla, as "Paul VI", "John-Paul I" and "John-Paul II".

  3. Montini, Giovanni Battista: See under Roncalli.

  4. Luciani, Albiano: See under Roncalli.

  5. Wojtyla, Karol Jozip: See under Roncalli.

  6. Dominguez y Gomez, Clemente: Spanish youth who hijacked a purported apparition in Palmar de Troya, Andalusia, near Sevila, to further his own agenda. Procured episcopal consecration by deceit from Bishop Peter-Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc, the brother of the martyr, John Baptist Ngo Dinh Diem, President of Free Vietnam, who, along with most of his family was murdered for his faith on the orders of the apostates John Kennedy, President of the USA, and Giovanni Battista Montini, the Modernist antipope.

    Don Clemente claimed to be constituted Pope by apparition, that the Papal See has been permanently shifted to Palmar from Rome, and founded the "Palmarian Church.

    He has been exposed as a homosexual… even from before his papal claims, which he has finally admitted. As a result of the crisis, some of his group have broken away as the “Archidonians.”

    Antipapal title: "Gregory XVIII"

  7. Tremblay, Gaston: See under Collin.

  8. Von Pentz, Victor: South African of German descent. Studied for priesthood under the SSPX, then Byzantine Rite. In 1994 - four years after the election of Pope Michael, and without giving reasons for not considering validity of Michaeline claim, an assembly gathered at Assisi, Italy, and elected Von Pentz as "pope." Lives in Bishop's Stortford, Hertsfordshire, England.

    Antipapal title: "Linus II".

  9. Pulvermacher, Lucian Earl: American of German extract. Became missionary in Okinawa, Japan, then, following Modernist Apostasy, emigrated to Australia before returning to his native USA. There contrived, in 1998, an election where he was elected "pope," without however, proving beforehand, why both Pope Michael and "Linus II" are to be disregarded...

    Pulvermacher founded the “True Catholic Church” sect.

    His closest aide, Gordon Bateman, subsequently discovered and exposed him as an occultist since his seminarian days, one who uses the pendulum to divine, an act forbidden and excommunicated, thereby utterly nullifying Pulvermacher’s papal pretensions. Pulvermacher has never denied the divining pendulum, and has instead defended and sought to legitimise it, as being guided by the Holy Ghost!

    Antipapal title: "Pius XIII"
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