Vigil of All Holy Popes

Devonia & Heather Mildenhall.
St. Gabriel / Sedevacantist Unity

This message is endorsed by H.H. Pope Michael

Call For A Week-End Of Prayer & Fasting
Against The Evils Of Today

And To End The Crisis In The Church

We would like to call all Catholics to a weekend of prayer, mortification and fasting for the 3rd and 4th July.

We realise that many of you work on Saturdays, so would ask you to treat it as an ordinary fast day. We would not set prayers or a regimen but would ask you to advertise this call amongst your friends, family and congregation.

Sunday should be set aside completely as a day of prayer and religious reading. Again for those of you who are unable to follow this, just offer up all your work etc for that day for these particular intentions. God looks at the intentions we bring to a task, not the outward appearances. He sees into our hearts and minds.

Some relevant reading could go well here, for example the CATECHISM OF THE COUNCIL OF TRENT for those who have it.

Remember what a concerted effort of prayer did at the battle of Lepanto.

We need to ask for the RESTORATION of the church hierarchy with its resultant obedience, lest we all end up as another protestant sect. Obedience is a prerequisite of Catholicism. It is not practised in the non-Catholic world.

A Day Dedicated to the Sovereign Pontiff

The faithful who devoutly assist at any of the religious services held every year, on a day dedicated to the Sovereign Pontiff, either to celebrate solemnly the praises of the Roman Pontiff and to call to mind the countless benefits which he has hitherto bestowed upon the whole world, or to give thanks to God for the preservation of the life of the supreme Ruler of the Church and at the same time to obtain from Almighty God the help he needs in ruling the Church, exposed as she is to so many dangers, may gain: An indulgence of ten years, if a prayer for the intentions of His Holiness is added; A plenary indulgence, if in addition they go to confession, receive Holy Communion and pray for the intentions of the Pope. [S.C. Ap., December 29, 1933. Raccolta, 606]


"Lord Jesus, shelter our Holy Father the Pope under the protection of Thy Sacred Heart. Be Thou his light, his strength and his consolation." [An indulgence of 300 days, Raccolta 605, S.P. Ap., January 18, 1924 and June 19, 1933]

Feast of All Holy Popes

July 4 in the Missa pro aliquibus locis in the Roman Missal.

From Urbs Et Orbis or The Pope as Bishop And As Pontiff, by William Humphrey, page 7, S.J., 1899: Similarly, although we may in our popular speech say that the visible Church contains the primacy, yet we see, when we come to think of it, that it is more strictly true to say that the primacy, in its embodiment the Pontiff, contains the visible church. In so saying we have our model in the language of one of the most ancient of the Fathers when he says that as the Bishop is in the Church, so the Church is in the Bishop. From what St. Cyprian says in respect of a diocese it follows that as the Supreme Pontiff is in the visible Church, so is the visible Church in the Supreme Pontiff. Makes one think of the sun is darkened and the moon will not give her light.

Devonia & Heather Mildenhall
Devonia & Heather Mildenhall.
St. Gabriel / Sedevacantist Unity
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