Indian Hypocrisy

©Lucio Mascarenhas. Extract from Dr. Rajendra Prasad: Correspondence & Select Documents by Valmiki Choudhary. Emphasis added.

Pay particular heed to the text I have emphasized. This statement was made in reply to the Muslim League's demand for a Muslim state — Pakistan — to be carved out of India. The Congress, led by Jawaharlal Nehru, acquiesces here in the secession of these Muslim majority lands, because the Congress "would not force anybody to remain in India..." yet, they forced Goa into India against Goa's will!
Resolution passed by the All India Congress Committee on 15th June 1947.
The A.I.C.C. has given careful consideration to the course of events since its last meeting in January last and, in particular, to the statements made on behalf of the Britis Government on February 20, 1947, and June 3, 1947. The Committee approves adn endorses the resolutions passed by the Working Committee during this period.

The Committee welcomes the decision of the British Government to transfer power completely to the Indian people by the next August.

The Congress accepted the British Cabinet Mission's statement of May 16, 1946, as well as the subsequent interpretation thereof dated December 6, 1946, and has been acting in accordance with it in the Constituent Assembly which was constituted in terms of the Cabinet Mission's plan.

That Assembly has been functioning for over six months and has not only declared its objectives to be the establishment of an Independent Sovereign Republic of India and a just social and economic order, but has also made considerable progress in framing the Constitution for the free Indian Union on the basis of fundamental rights, guaranteeing freedom and equality of opportunity to all Indians.

In view, however, of the refusal of the Muslim League to accept the plan of May 16 and to participate in the Constituent Assembly, and further in view of the policy of the Congress that it cannot think in terms of compelling the people in any territorial unit to remain in an Indian Union against their declared and established will, the A.I.C.C. accepts the proposal embodied in the announcement of June 3 which have laid down a procedure for ascertaining the will of the people concerned.

The Congress has consistently upheld that the unity of India must be maintained. Ever since its inception, more than 60 years ago, the National Congress has laboured for the realisation of a free and united India, and millions of our people have suffered in this great cause. Not only the labours and sacrifices of the past two generations but the long course of India's history and tradition bear witness to this essential unity. Geography and the mountains and the seas fashioned India as she is and no human agency can change that shape or come in the way of her final destiny. Economic circumstances and the insistent demands of international affairs make the unity of India still more necessary.

The picture of India we have learnt to cherish will remain in our minds and hearts. The A.I.C.C. earnestly trusts that when present passions have subsided, India's problems will be viewed in their proper perspective and the false doctrine of two nations in India will be discredited and discarded by all.

The proposals of June 3 are likely to lead to the secession of some parts of the country from India. However much this may be regretted, the A.I.C.C. accepts this possibility, in the circumstances now prevailing.

Though freedom is at hand, the times are difficult, and the situation in India demand vigilance and a united front of all those who care for the independence of India. At this time of crisis and change, when unpatriotic and anti-social forces are trying to injure the cause of India and her people, the A.I.C.C. appeals to, and demands of, every Congressman and the people generally, to forget their petty differences and disputes and to stand by vigilant, disciplined and prepared to serve the cause of India's freedom and defend it with all their strength from all who may seek to do it injury.

©Lucio Mascarenhas. Extract from Dr. Rajendra Prasad: Correspondence & Select Documents by Valmiki Choudhary. Emphasis added.
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