Abu Ghraib And Gulf War II

©Lucio Mascarenhas. May 25th., 2004.

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The opponents of Gulf War II have pounced upon the unsavoury doings by Allied personnel in the Abu Ghraib facility.

But it is not only those who were already opposed to Bush's Gulf War II who are appalled, but also many who were either favourable to Bush and those who were neutral, are appalled.

But this universal public nausea at the Abu Ghraib doings is being exploited by the opponents of Gulf War II in order to push forward the idea that these doings prove that Gulf War II is immoral.

This is nothing but a tissue of lies.

This is nothing but false, lying propaganda — the shameless mischief of shameless liars who thrive on lies and misrepresentations.

As a Goan, I find the Indian pretence of moral outrage to be completely hypocritical.

My point is clear: All armies world-wide do much the same thing.

When the Indians invade Goa, they came specifically looking for "Portuguese" women to rape. And they did rape a huge number of women, the vast majority of them Goans. The hypocrites refuse to acknowledge and identify and punish the perpetrators. But what justice can Goans expect, when the very invasion was immoral, in itself the Rape of Goa?

The Indians — the infamous "IPKF" (Indian Peace Keeping Force) — committed atrocities and rapes on a huge scale in Sri Lanka and against the very Tamils whom they went to relieve from the racist and genocidal depredations of the Sinhalese — which is why Rajiv Gandhi, the man who backstabbed the Tamils, was deservingly executed by the Tamils. Like with the Rape of Goa, the perpetrators of the atrocities have never been punished.

The Indians are famously doing the same thing in Kashmir, where there are a huge number of rapes, both by the Mujahideen — the Islamic terrorists, and by the Indian armed forces.

Ditto for the Brahmaputra River Basin, where the Indians have done and are still doing the very same thing to the Nagas, the Asom, Bodo-Cachars, the Meiteis, the Tripurans, etc.

Russia has always done this same thing, everywhere that its armies went. They did it in Poland during the joint Soviet-Nazi invasion and occupation of Poland. They did it in East Europe and East Germany during the decades of the Cold War. They are still doing it in Chechenya and in Sogdia-Tadjhikistan.

The French are no saints either. They too have done the same where-ever their armies have gone.

There are, in fact, no people who have not sinned against another people. As the Bible says, "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."

I am not attempting to whitewash, palliate or excuse the wrong-doings at Abu Ghraib. I am merely attempting to put them in perspective.

Before Bush liberated Iraq, things were far more brutal than under the Coalition Dispensation of now.

And, may I suggest that in a brutal, male machoist society like contemporary Iraq, "psychops" will be a very necessary tool in order to intimidate potential wrongdoers?

Whatever. My main point in this article is to point out, rather brutally, that the pretension that the outrages at Abu Ghraib is evidence of the immorality of Gulf War II — and of the liberation of Iraq — is nothing more than pure and unadulterated hypocrisy!

My point is that the inexcusable outrages perpetrated by Coalition personnel, even if systemic, as it most probably is, does not negate the unquestionable morality of Gulf War II, nor must malefactors be permitted to misuse these to this end.

I insist that despite my defense of Gulf War II's morality, I am not a supporter of either Bush or of the socio-cultural system — the West — which he represents and seeks to defend. Nevertheless, the campaign of slander and of subversion of Bush's War poses a great threat to mankind.

This campaign aims to undermine and destroy the West, not for Christianity or to restore Christendom, which the West has supplanted, but in order to inaugerate an even more degenerate substitute, the very and proper Kingdom of Antichrist.

At the least, the campaign against Gulf War II will achieve the descent of Iraq into an anarchy and chaos a la Somalia. At its worst, under President John Kerry, the US will pull out or dilute its commitment to the Bush Program and thereby provide an opening for the Radical Islamists like Osama bin Ladin or Radical Arab Imperialists like another Saddam Hussain to seize power and to become a bastion of evil, a thorn in the side of mankind.

This is what must be avoided at all costs.

Lucio Mascarenhas
©Lucio Mascarenhas. May 25th., 2004.

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