If you ask anyone from Santa Rosa County about their most historic cemetery, most likely they'll tell you about COON HILL CEMETERY.  The remote Coon Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of Florida's first state senator as well as others who hailed from the once- bustling part of Santa Rosa, in between Chumuckla and Jay. It's buffered by hundreds of acres of timberland, down the end of a mile-long dirt road.

An iron gate blocks the road into the cemetery, which is carved into about two acres of land nestled in the tall pines of the northern part of the county. A cement wall was erected around the cemetery more than 100 years ago to shield it from the fires that previously had devastated the wooden grave markers. One wooden marker survives and is believed to be about 200 years old.

Now, ask those same people if they'd go into Coon Hill Cemetery after dark.  We guarantee they'll tell you NO!  Legend has it that if you walk on the four foot high brick wall around the cemetery that before making completely around, you will be pushed off by unseen hands. Many voices can be heard within the cemetery and several murders have occurred on that same spot. Reports have been made of a thick fog that seems to cover the ground only inches high and every time a small child can be heard singing.

It is well know that Coon Hill is in a desolated area.  Is it wild imaginations and tall tales that created the mystery behind the cemetery, or is there truth to the legends?  P.P.I. has set out to do what noone else has done before.  We confront these stories head on and find out if they're fact or fiction.

Please read our investigation report before viewing the pictures.  It will help you understand the pictures better and their significance to the events that took place.
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