This is a page dedicated to the more Forgotten and Underrated bands. You'll eventually find bands like Hardline, Giant, Hurricane, Roxy Blue, Etc here. So I thought I would just start a temporary page for the few songs that I do have, or that me and friends of mine tried attempting by ear. So Keep checking back for more tabs.

-The Webmaster
Double Eclipse
1. Life's A Bitch
2. Dr. Love
3. Love Leads The Way (Bonus Track)
4. Rhythm From A Red Car
5. Change Of Heart
6. Everything
7. Takin' Me Down (Riffs & Bassline)
8. Hot Cherie (Updated With solos) *New*
9. Bad Taste (Intro/Verse)
10. Can't Find My Way
11. I'll Be There
12. 31-91 (Unfinished)
13. In The Hands Of Time

Hardline II
1. Hold Me Down
2. Y
3. Paralyzed
4. Face the Night
5. Do or Die
6. Hey Girl
7. Only a Night
8. Your Eyes
9. Weight
10. Way It Is, Way It Goes
11. This Gift
Misc. Songs And Bands
Bad English-Possession
Bad English-When I See You Smile
Black 'N Blue-Miss Mystery
Black 'N Blue-Without Love
Giant-I'll See You In My Dreams
Giant-Stay (Acoustic)
Hurricane - Dance Little Sister
Reb Beach-Black Magic
Tyketto-Forever Young
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