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Take me Hoooooome ... 'Phil Collins'
Don't trash my planet
i try to work on my lawn weekly :)
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My Quote: Move with the Chaos inorder to perceive the inherent Complexity, then begin to Manage it.
Periodic restructuring of all entities, sustains evolution (growth), towards renewed abstracted intelligence. [ 1 ]
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dedicated to Love of Life
To seek Unity at a Rock Concert
& Diversity at a Funeral;
To find Oneness within me
& Togetherness without you
Life is made up of moments (read: Taal's) & it is for these moments (read: Taal's) we give our lives
Think: the more complex things we give birth to, the more we seem to know about ourselves; the entity that created us must have had quite a thirst to know about itself (to have created us), are we complex enough to quench its thirst, lest we hatch another set of ... {if your mind can laterally digress further, emailme, or submit your URL}
Neural Catalysts: Radio, Enchanted Mind, S. Hawking, Ayn Rand, Mysteries of our Universe, String Theory, Lateral Thinking, Organizational Dynamics, Daily Zen
Call sign: Maverick [1]
Hi Stranger, let me introduce myself to U: UFO's, please click for The Contact
He who finds a friend, finds a treasure...I am an Arian, Consultant-Architect by profession, who used to have hobbies like Stamp collection, Coin collection. Now I have hobbies like Travelling, Chess, Abstract Lateral Thinking, writing on Existential Philosophy [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] . Yup, I can hear some of my friends/relatives chipping in to say the B.S. kind. I cherish the quiet moments I spend with myself to ponder over the, not so obvious perspectives that dwell among the bylanes of Life's less travelled paths.
Here I go again... 'Whitesnake'
The places that I have imprinted more than a few footprints in the sands of time are,
Law Office
Forms, etc.
US Congress

@Mumbai (pehle Naam Bombay Tha aray, edhar jhuckhaas public log rehta hai, bus kya) - [School]
@Kuwait (Cargo ship ordeal during the Gulf war, hell of an adventure, eh!) - [High School]
@Manipal (Mighty!... MIT !!! tattoo carved for a lifetime, degree in life, much needed torque) - [Degree]
@Delhi (thought I was resolving chaos, rats seemed to disagree with some coding flows at nights) - [IT, Nucleus]
@Greensboro, NC (My first wellrounded Manager Bill Atkinson, 3rd shift dinners at friendly Waffle - gr8 coffee) - [IT, Lucent]
@Jef City, MO (mmm..., the hot chocolate free refills were fun at Country Kitchen @1am) - [IT, Rose Int]
@Hauppauge, NY (the race with .NET betas towards surviving the next tidal wave) - [IT, Reuters]
@NJ, NYC (breathtaking experience/view from the World Trade Center) - [IT, MSDW]
@OhiO, the only music concert been to NSYNC, cleveland downtown bars were nice - [IT, R.I.T.A]
@NY, the city that never sleeps and I really dig this place - [IT, BE]
@Atlanta, downtown with friends, desi, shushi et al - [IT, BellSouth]
@Danbury, CT, beautiful 50m drive to&fro with steptronic - [IT, CARTUS]
Apts 4Rent

Dancing in the darkTable Tennis (PingPong) used to be my passion (Prof. K.D.Kini & Mr. HHN {at MIT} & I had long hours of communal battle on the TT board, I have some fond memories of the sounds {war cries} emanating by the rythmic bouncing {almost sensual} of the TT ball), but now it is writing on, Abstract Lateral thought patterns to arrive at the Creator's perspective of creating Chaos.
A Lateral ThinkerI mean what could have been the purpose of an evolving species like us, within an evolving environment; the challenge is in front of us is to get there, does our unity take us there or diversity, our current trends suggest diverse global self interests for survival, is that our only focus? I suggest we get the global thought leaders front and center on media to talk about our progress towards our species purpose, instead of the divided self interests (read politicians) and policies geared towards disintegration. How far do we continue on the current pattern, before an envitable correction occurs to bring us in line with that purpose? Possibly our evolving intelligence is evolving without periodic alignment, sooner or later the vehicle will find itself on all fours ;) - calling all children of the Planet Earth moving on this vehicle to nudge their drivers.
Don't, hesitate, cause your love...your love won't wait...Oooohhhh, Baby I love your way...I liven up my sometimes boring thought patterns, by listening to English/Hindi songs.
English: Richard Marx, Phil Collins, WhiteSnake, Don Williams, Bryan Adams, & of course Country [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
-- & all I am takin' with me, are the pieces of my heart
& all I'll leave, is the Smoke Rings in the Dark --- by Gary Allan [lyrics+music]
-- I am gonna love you, Forever & Ever, Amen --- by Randy Travis [1]
I hope U dance- by Lee Ann Womack [lyrics]
... other fav. Kenny Rogers, Don Williams
I will never reach my destination, if I never try; So, I will sail my vessel, till the river runs dry ...
Hindi: Rafi Sahab, Kishore Da, Yesudas, Jagjit/Chitra Singh, Pankaj Udhas, Salma Agha, & latest beats [ 1 ]
-- Din kuch aise guzar taa hai koi -- [Marasim]
-- Dil ke tukde tukde karke muskura ke chal diye --
-- Sach Mere Yaar Hai, Bus Wahi Payaar Hai --
Fav Amitabh Bachchan dialogues (fav movie - Sharabi):
"Jigar ka dard upar se kahin maloom hota hai (?), Jigar ka dard upar se nahin maloom hota hai." -Sharabi
"Govardhan seth, Samundar mein tairne waale- kuon aur taalabon mein dubki nahin lagaya karte hain." -Sharabi
"Mai aur meri tanhaai - aksar ye baatein karte hai...." -Silsila
"Narang Saab ...Yeh Kaam koi bhi Insaan akayle kar sakta tha ..Basharte ki use bhi Meri hi tarah ..yeh pata hona chahiye ke woh is duniya mein akayla aaya hai aur akayla hi jaayega, isliye agar use kuch karna hai tou woh bhi akayle hi karna hoga ! -Shakti
I have 2 younger brothers Amit (whoisa Doctor in UK, wrote an informal article on his PLAB experience) & Anupam (whois heading towards an undergraduate program at Austin) we are kinda great, when apart, but awesome when together. What say bro's? ... he ain't heavy, he's my ... Parents, of whom I cannot express in words, but just can combine to form momentary fluctations of semantic thoughts to express my love for them.
... I am everything because of the people who love me, and those who have loved me at a moment in time.
Hi Friend, now U may introduce yourself to me.
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HEY...before U fly away & take those thoughts away with U...(hopefully +ve ones were generated)
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