Hair Spray:
The most used propellant, Good for most uses but can leave a sticky mess behind.

Axe or other spray deodorant:
A little more powerfull than hair spray, But leaves a good smell behind.

Spray Paint
Not much good about this but it will work if thats the only thing u have. Pain in the ass to clean up if at all possible.

This is my propellant of choice. I have rigged a tank and on/off valve onto my gun to regulate the propane entering the gun. Clean, Powerfull, Cheap. What else could u ever want?

Oxy Acetelene torch:L
Havent tried this one but i would think it would be very powerful. Oxygen alone added to any of the above gasses will raise the strength of it, and also run the risk of killing yourself :)

Brake Cleaner:
About the same as the deodorant but dosent smell as good.

Also very powerful. but kinda hard to find just the right amount to put in.

Very powerful and easy to obtain. Use a spray bottle to vaporize the liquid into a gas. Dont use too much though.

Lighter Fluid:
Good clean propellant  that u can squirt into the chamber and it will vaporize after a few shakes.

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This page is for the propellant you can use for your new spud gun. The basic purpose for the propellant is first is must be flammable and must be a gas. The flammable gas is mixed with o2 (oxygen) in the combustion chamber. Here it is sealed by the end cap at one end and the projectile in the barrel at the other. The gas is ignited by the sparker which explodes and expands, the only direction for it to go is out the barrel and it will force anything in the barrel out! This is what causes your spud to be flung into space!
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