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Ok, this page contains all of the things that i have tried to shoot in my spudgun, YES just because its called a "SPUDGUN" dosent mean you m,ust shoot only spuds. Anything that will fit in the 2" barrel is good ammo. Be considerate of the weight and shape of the object. The heavier the object is, the less distance it will go, also if the object is too light, then the same will happen. So you need to experimant with weight to see what best works with the length of barrel you have and the type of fuel your using.
Potatoes (Spuds):DUH!!!!
This is obvious type of ammo. It's dense, tough, and makes a big SPLAT!

Dirt in a Sock or a bean bag:
Shapes to the size of your barrel. its reusableuntill you shoot a hard surface and then it explodes.

Get whatever kind of ball will fit your barrel and launch it. They fly well and are reusable.

This one's simple. Just drops a few in after your spud, and it'll go through some thick material.

Put a bunch into an old rag and push it down the barrel.

Smoke Bombs:
Mount a smoke bomb into the back of a potato and put a little gasoline on the end of the wick.

If you find yourself getting soaked in a water fight, Put a really tight potato into the barrel and pour about a half gallon of water into the barrel after it. This'll get your opponents REALLY wet. Watch out, though. It KICKS bad!

Frozen Stuff:
Be CAREFUL when freezing fruits and veggies for the gun. You need to remember to A. cut it first and B. watch where you shoot. Since these and frozen, they don't splat, they penetrate!
Ice Plugs:

Take another extra piece of barrel scraps, much like your spud cutter, and seal one end with two-part epoxy. You now have an ice cylinder mold. Fill it with water and let it freeze overnight. Pop out the ice and load it down your barrel. Very dangerous!

Pour a bunch of them in after your potato.
Bolts, Screws, Nuts:
Just get a hammer and pound some metal into your spud. It does five times the damage.

Simple, and effective. Wrap some D-Cell batteries in duct tape to form a perfect fit, and these babies are hard to stop!

Wadding for smaller objects:
Use a shop towel or any old rag and shove 1-3 of them in before your small projectiles. It works great for anything small and can really throw them!!

stick them into a potato or use wadding before the nails. Watch out where you shoot!

Spark Plugs:
Very dangerous! I have seen these penetrate 1/4" plywood like it was nothing!Use wadding

Better than spuds. Self lubing and fly far and make a good splat on hard surfaces and can penetrate plywood.

Use with wadding, Can penetrate HARD!! And fly straight and far.
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