* 1 10 foot piece of 2 inch diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe

* 1 10 foot piece of 4 inch diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe

* 1 4 inch threaded female coupling (also called a cleanout trap)

* 1 4 inch threaded end cap (also called a cleanout cap)

* 1 4 inch to 2 inch reducing bushing

* 1 Coleman lantern sparker- These can be found in Wal-Mart or a local sporting goods store.

* 1 PVC  primer can

* 1 PVC  glue can

1. Cut a 18 inch piece from the 10 foot piece of 4 inch in diameter pipe (This piece will become the combustion chamber).  Sit the rest of the 10 foot piece aside.

2. Grab the 4 inch to 2 inch reducing brushing and glue it to one side of the 18 inch pipe.

3. Glue the 4 inch threaded (only on one side) female coupling to the other side of the 18 inch pipe.

4. Cut a 45 inch piece from the 10 foot piece or 2 inch pipe (This piece will be used as the barrel).  Sit the rest of the pipe aside.

5. Glue the 45 inch piece to the other side of the reducing brushing.  You should now have a completed gun, except for mounting the sparker.

6. The Coleman sparker is threaded and it has two nuts to hold it on.  To mount the Coleman lantern sparker you need to drill a hole in the center of the end cap that is the diameter of the shaft of the igniter.  Unscrew the knob with a screwdriver.  Then unscrew the nut that�s on top of the sparker.  Mount the igniter inside the end cap.  Make sure the unscrewed nut is on the outside of the end cap.  The shaft should slide back and forth, but it shouldn�t come out.  Now put the knob back on and tighten it with a screwdriver.

7. Wait overnight for the glue to dry, just to make sure.

8. Make a ramrod from an old broom stick.

9. Take a potato or something from the ammo section and shove it down the barrel. The tighter the bullet, the more pressure that will be created and the bigger the boom!!!

10. Use the ramrod to push the potato down the barrel.

11. Spray some Right Guard or hair spray down the chamber for about 4 seconds.(experiment to see what works best)

12. Quickly screw on the end cap.

13. Brace yourself for the kick of the gun.

14. Then sharply twist the igniter.

15. It should go boom! if not blow into the gun and try again THIS WILL PUT OXYGEN INTO IT AND and clean the chamber of ignited gas..

16.I'v never blown up mine but it is possible to so watch how much stuff you cram in the barrel,and what kind and how much fuel you use.
fuel test
mini spudgun
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