the way of this Spirit is follied by deceit but the truth inside you like a trail of shrimp guts left in the excretions of a whale's blowhole perhaps... i believe no one can fully mask the deeds they hide inside themselves from all Beings... but I feel blessed by the Grace and Mercy of not only my own Goddess but also by others.

some have taken a psychological interest in my attempts to survive my homeless time it seems.

i know theyre out there, watching with the minds of hunters, not all of them psychologists. I'm not afraid of them, just weary... I've withered to hate most types of psychology.  I feel a fish out of water on Earth.  I don't fear death but I'm not hoping to die either. Ang'jee says I have the Heart of a Warrior and there's wisdom hiding inside me.  Perhaps I'm blind to it but she gives me hope that there's something peaceful for my future. Love songs make me shed tears of peace and gratitude in Honor of Her.  I place her above me in my Heart but it seems I please Her well... we want many of the same things in life.  Simple stuff like somewhere to rest our heads, I'll make a cup of coffee for your head will always remind me of the times she smoked meth with me so non-judgementally.  She's my Angel, literally.  I write some of this in Praise of Her, to make a record.