Math class poem #12

(uh, duuuh, I wrote it in math)

(you have to read this to a certain rhythm for it to make sense)

I tried to draw a picture that
could capture all the sadness
and the death around today
But it seems impossible
Nothing's really plausible
As to what it should say

How do I draw the devastation
That so many have gone through
And the anger that it brings
And the tears that are pending
Wherever lives are ending
the funeral bells that ring

I didn't think it would affect me much,
so many people dying
and so far away
I thought that if I drew the sadness,
I'd put a face on all the madness
Help it go away

But I found it impossible
to illustrate and it obviously
Won't go away
No matter how I try it
Some people just won't buy it
And that's all I have to say.

Copyright 2001 Bluberri


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