What You Need To Know First About Reshaping Your Breasts To Make Them More Attractive. 


Strategic Mix of Plastic Surgery of the Breasts –

Breast Lift and Breast Enlargement. 


How to determine the suitability for combining breast augmentation with a breast lift?

For various reasons, patients decide to perform combined breast surgery procedures. It can range from their desire to reform their figure after pregnancy to recontouring of their body after a major weight loss. In general, a good candidate for the dual procedure has sagging breasts. This is often accompanied by deflated breast tissues falling below the fold between the breast and the chest wall, with the nipples pointing down. Breast symmetry may also be affected. Patients who want to undergo this double surgery should be physically and mentally healthy. They should have reasonable expectations based on the detailed information obtained during their consultation. 

Dr. Srinjoy Saha always works hard to fulfill the desires and goals of all his patients in every way. In keeping with the best interest of all his patients, he may advise against breast augmentation with a breast lift to some of his patients. Patients who wish to become pregnant or want to lose weight in the future would benefit from performing it later. In addition, any capsular contracture that has occurred in a patient with a history of breast augmentation should be treated before undergoing any breast implant revision surgery. 

Patients with serious medical problems may have an increased risk of complications if two breast surgeries are combined in their case. Diseases such as hemophilia, diabetes mellitus, and high blood pressure increase the postoperative risks significantly. Finally, patients who smoke are encouraged to stop smoking for at least a month before performing combined breast augmentation and breast lift. This habit can cause a variety of potential complications after their surgery is over. These complications include, but are not limited to, poor wound healing, infection, and decreased blood flow. 

What kind of implants should be used? 

Silicone gel implants vs. saline solution filled implants: 

Dr. Srinjoy Saha performs both the implant options and can help you make the best choice during your consultation. In general, silicone implants are selected for their excellent appearance. They are suitable for women who want to increase breast volume and settle at a large cup size. Saline implants may be selected because of their lower tendency to form a capsule contracture. They require less invasive incisions and tend to be more affordable. During your consultation, Dr. Srinjoy Saha will thoroughly review the different types of breast implants along with their benefits and risks. 


What are the different kinds of breast lifts? 

Standard Anchor Lift: 

In this, a plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and fat through a cut in the form of an invaded “T”. The incision surrounds the areola, then runs vertically through the chest, and finally horizontally along the fold between the breasts and chest wall. This approach, similar to that used in breast reduction surgery, is more suitable for people with sagging breasts. In more severe cases, where the nipples remain hanging under the lower part of the chest, this approach provides ample scope to reshape the breasts differently. 

Lollipop Shaped Incision: 

While lifting the breasts with a lollipop-shaped incision, a plastic surgeon creates a vertical incision that goes from the areola down to the crease between the breast and the chest wall. Through this approach, it is possible to reshape the angle of the breast and adjust the nipple-areola complex upward. The result of these changes makes your breasts more attractive. 

Benelli Lift: 

This is also known as a doughnut lift, as the incision lines look like a doughnut. Circular incisions are made all around the areola, and the breast tightened centrally. This technique is useful for women with mild sagginess in their breasts, with small cup sizes. It is the best method of preserving sensation to the nipple. So, to all those whose primary concern is the preservation of nipple sensation, this method works well. 


What are the different ways of placing an implant? 

The two most common ways of placing an implant are subglandular and submuscular. In subglandular, the implant is placed above the pectoralis muscle. In submuscular, the implant is placed below the pectoralis muscle. There is another type, called dual-plane breast augmentation. In this, the implant resides below the muscle in the upper part. In the lower part, it is subglandular. Each placement position has its own benefits and risks. It needs to be cleared and sorted out during your consultation. Dr. Srinjoy Saha can guide you about what will be best for you depending on your body type, lifestyle changes, and ultimate aesthetic goals.

Briefly, what can be the expectations after the surgery is over?

Depending upon the body characteristics of the patient and how complicated the surgery turns out to be, patients can expect the surgery to last anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours. It is usually performed under general anesthesia, under the direct supervision of an acrredited senior anesthetist.


After the surgery, the breasts will be reshaped into a perky, round, well defined size and shape. To get an idea about the effects of this surgery, you may see the before and after pictures in the link embedded here.