Guenter Rieger , Mayor of the Township of Spallumcheen
First Term 1989-1993     Second term1993-1996
Big challenge in Spallumcheen's municipal election.     - Rieger challenges Norris -
     Guenter Rieger is challenging Spallumcheen incumbent mayor Harold Norris in the civic election on November 17.
The farmer/businessman said leadership and more co-operations with other communities are his reason for let his name stand for mayor."We should be able to solve our differences and problems through a spirit of co-operation." He said council has to work with neighboring communities, like the city of Armstrong and other communities, together. The City of Armstrong was once a part of Spallumcheen, before incorporated into a separate Municpality in 1922. Today the residents of both communities are working well together in different social clubs etc, but councils have some difficulties to communicate with each other.
Change in Spallumcheen.
     Guenter Rieger is the new elected mayor of the Township of Spallumcheen. In a stunning upset. Guenter Rieger defeated the incumbent, Harold Norris, 14 years on Spallumcheen council and  three years as mayor of the township, at the polls on Saturday.
Mr Rieger said. " I feel very confident, and would like to thanks Spallumcheen voters for their trust . I will stick to my promise to provide an honest and open government.."
     Defeated Harold Norris,  still upset with the the election outcome,  says, "its going to be an interesting three years for Spallumcheen, but I will watch him."

    Newly elected council of the Township of Spallumcheen in 1989.
Mayor: Guenter Rieger  
Coucil members: Ald. Nonie Anderson,  Ald. John Low, Ald. Dave Jordan, Ald. Marlene Docksteader, Ald. Les Young, Ald. Rob Hay.
Mayor Guenter Rieger calls for a co-operative spirit.
"The best way to solve problems is through a spirit of co-operation", Mayor Guenter Rieger said in his inaugural speech on Monday at the inaugural meeting. Spallumcheen with over 65,000 arce can use its unique position as a municipalty whose heart is another municiplaity, the city of Armstrong, to have a bright future, " Mayor Guetnter Rieger said.
Mayor Eric Hornby of the City of Armstrong stated, "There have been allready more exchanges in two weeks with Mayor Guenter Rieger, than in the three previous years.." Mayor Eric Hornby is very optimistic about the general atmosphere between Armstrong and Spallumcheen....Spallumcheen taxpayers made a good decision......
    The next three years were filled with challenges, and newspapers used a lot of ink. Mayor Rieger says, "When first elected as Mayor in 1989, he had to overcome resistance of some re-elected council members, but managed, that Council made important decisions, which reflected Spallumcheen and Armstrong in a positive way.
Some examples of Council's achievements between 1989 and 1993.
The Waterstudy, including 17 independent water districts located in Spallumcheen, started in 1991 and was completed in 1992, but Spallumcheen Council of the day  was not willing to act on  the Study. Representations from independent water districts, the general public and the city of Armstrong, will allow all water disrtricts, rate payers and tax payers of Spallumcheen, to make an educated and informed decision regarding the future of Spallumcheen's water supply. (see also council of 1993-1996)
Building permits skyrocketed in Spallumcheen by more than 400 per cent, for a total of alomst $3 million, by allowing buildings being build on existing parcels of land in Spallumcheen, without creating further subdivsions.
Milestone Wood Products will build a plant for $10 million in Spallumcheen.
Hans Blattner, former Mayor of Spallumcheen, was named Good Citizen of the Year,  by the communities of Armstrong and Spallumcheen.
George and Dorothy Scott were honored at their 60th wedding aniversary. Mayor Rieger presented greetings and flowers from the Township of Spallumcheen.  Alderman John Low stated "it could be to expensive for the Township to buy flowers and such. He moved a motion, which was passed by council, that the Mayor is not allowed to present flowers, paid by the Township of Spallumcheen, to taxpayers at aniversaries. Only Alderman Marlene Docksteader and Alderman Noni Anderson opposed the motion. Mayor Guenter Rieger continued the tradition started in 1892, and paid for flowers from his own pocket, to honor the pioneers of Spallumcheen.
Joint Council workshops with the City of Arrmstrong Council. "We have improved the realtionship between the two councils, the City of Armstrong and the Township of Spallumcheen. Since elected, I have successfully initiated regular Joint Council Workshops. These have helped both councils speeding up the process implementing improvements for both communities......
Planning Applications: Since 1992 all planning applications have been guided by professional advise from the planning department of the regional district. The process ensures that all applications are treated in an unbiased fashion. Council will make the final decision.....
Mayor Rieger announced on Monday 28,1992 to print is own information paper for Spallumceen taxpayers " I have no intension going into the News buisness. But the time has come to inform the taxpayers of Spallumcheen in an unbiaest fashion and eliminate repetition of confusion created by a local newspaper". The monthly information paper will cost Mayor Rieger $300,, which he will pay out of his own pocket.....
Sewage treatment plant of Armstrong;  After more than 15 years of negociations between councils of Spallumcheen and the City of Armstrong, the City of Armstrong was able to build a new sewage treatment facility, located in the Township of Spallumcheen. Spallumcheen may connect to the new treatment plant. "I am very proud that I have played an important role maintaining Otter Lake, a natural treasure of Spallumcheen, and keeping Okanagan Lake clean by reducing the phosphor levels in both lakes."

Mayor Guenter Rieger said," Only  futuristic planning will ensure, that the Township of Spallumcheen will remain as  the most scenic municipality in British Columbia, were taxpayers will be able to enjoy their life in the future, as we enjoying it today.

      In 1992, the Township of Spallumcheen celebrated the Centennial.
Residents from Spallumcheen and Armstrong participated in the celebration.

       Municipal Election 1993.
Spallumcheen voters
Mayor Guenter Rieger for a second term.

Council 1993-1996
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