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This is my first page so I'm just having fun experimenting with it. I've updated things a bit and added a few links and more info - which you can reach from my second page or by clicking here. updated 19/April/03
    You'll think this page rocks if you like
  • Christian Music
  • playing guitar (I have a cool link if you need tabs and chords)
  • reading about me :-) Yes! Right?
    Interested in any of the above? Check out my second page, PLEASE!!! Second Page
      I have also done some interesting research over the past years. Maybe you'll enjoy reading about my findings. They may not be complete and concise but at least they'll give some insight into each subject.
    1. Pentecostals
    2. Napping
    3. Martin Luther
    4. Depreciation of Christianity in Movies
    5. The "Philosophy" of Mary Baker Eddy

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