(Professor of Linguistics at Centre for Linguistics, JNU, New Delhi)

(Associate Professor of Linguistics, ON LIEN from the University of Delhi)

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IPA-Chart (.pdf)

Greenberg's Universals

Data Template for Field-Methods

Why should we study Linguistics?

Language Families at a glance

Design Features (Hockett 1960)

C.S.Pierce's Classification of Sign

Courses Taught


Historical Linguistics 2011-12

IDC (L-10: Lang & Ling-I)-2013

IDC (L-35: Lang & Ling-II)-2013

Phonology (for short duration)

Research Methodology

Language Typology 2012


Language and Mind (08, 12)

Classes @ GRS

Field Work(s)

Work @ HUFS, South Korea

Hindi Dictionary Online

Type Hindi Online

Classes @ JNU (2005)

Courses in JNU (Monsoon  2013)

LE401L: Intro. to Linguistics (Shared)

LE414L: Historical & Comparative Linguistics

LE411L: Morphological and Syntactic Analysis (Shared)

LE601: Research Methodology (Shared)

LE625 :Areal Linguistics and Language Typology

Lecture at ASC, UGC, Aligarh and LEC, JNU



A linguist must put in words, Words as 'WORDS'.   M. Heidegger



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