Nikki Dial: Of Female Bondage

by BioDread

Nikki Dial sat pensively in her car, inhaling deeply from a smoldering cigarette, trying not to glance at the downtown warehouse across the street. It was around five in the afternoon, Nikki was pretty sure that no one was visiting the warehouse, people didn't start flowing in until after eight.

The lithe, dark-haired woman finished her cigarette and flicked it out the half-open car window. She reached for the wrinkled pack resting on the leather passenger seat beside her. Nikki removed another cigarette with slightly trembling fingers, placing it between her pink, unpainted lips and setting it aflame with a cheap plastic lighter. Nikki drew in the smoke, expelling it slowly from mouth and nostrils. The former porn actress slammed the heel of her left palm against the steering wheel, frustration marred her beautiful features.

Nikki climbed out of her car and walked across the empty street. The sun disappeared behind a high rise as the young woman marched up to the warehouse door and just stood, right hand raised to knock, but her mind unwilling to complete the action.

The thick metal door opened without Nikki's prodding. A pale woman with waist length, dark red hair and thickly painted violet lips smiled at the hesitant porn queen.

"I knew you'd be back," murmured the woman huskily, eyes savoring every curve of Nikki's body.

"I..," Nikki began to protest before her voice fled her, a hot flush spreading across her skin.

"Come in," invited the woman, backing away so Nikki could slip inside.

Taking another long drag from her dying cigarette, Nikki walked quickly into the dark warehouse, flinching when the heavy metal door thudded shut behind her.

"Who do you want?" purred the red-maned woman into Nikki's right ear. "Do you want one of the men, do you want me?"

"I want..I want Leather Face," stammered Nikki, her flushed, light brown skin burning hotter.

The woman chuckled softly, taking Nikki's left hand lightly and leading the woman deeper into the darkness, to the small, lit office across the storage bay.

A huge black man sat at the office's only desk, watching a bank of security monitors that showed outside and inside the warehouse. The man nodded when he recognized Nikki, pressing a button on the desk that unlocked a heavy, reinforced, metal door. The red-haired woman tugged open the heavy door and ushered Nikki inside.

When the door was secured shut, the freight elevator began to descend.

"You know what to do," prompted the woman, licking her moist, violet lips.

Stamping out her cigarette on the metal grill floor, Nikki started undressing, removing her shirt, skirt, and underwear. Nikki stuffed her clothes and shoes into her bag, shivering slightly from the cool interior of the elevator. She clasped her left elbow, keeping her bag between her and the leering diva. The elevator rumbled to a halt. The fiery diva jerked the door open and waited for Nikki to leave.

Aware that the diva was admiring her bare ass, Nikki walked out of the freight elevator and proceeded down a dimly lit hallway. Rusted, iron doors lined the stained walls of the passage, each with an open grill so observers could look inside. The rooms were silent now, but Nikki could remember when they were not, when screams of agony and pleasure echoed from them into the long, dark passageway.

One doorway to Nikki's left was lit. She stopped for a moment, her breath quickening, her nipples already stiffening with expectation and arousal. Nikki resumed walking, her bare feet quiet on the cold stone as she reached the open doorway and entered the chamber beyond.

Leather Face was intent upon his work, meticulously oiling a set of dangling chains in the center of the square room. The man was tall, with lean, sinewy arms covered lightly with dark hair. He was bare-chested, his wide torso shaved smooth, silver nipple rings gleaming in the light from the bare bulb overhead. Leather Face's head was encased in a skin-tight black leather hood. The hood had iron-framed holes for the man's dark brown eyes, two breathing holes for his nose, and a narrow slit for his pale, gray lips. The man's only other garments were a pair of black leather gloves for his large hands, a set of tight leather pants, and a pair of brightly polished black boots.

Leather Face seemed to smell Nikki's presence. He turned slowly from the gleaming chains, his eyes dark voids that devoured everything.

"You're back."

Nikki couldn't speak, she could only nod, her face veiled by her long, dark brown hair.

"I didn't think you would. You didn't seem to enjoy our last session."

"You hurt me."

"That's my job."

"I told you to stop."

"Then why was your pussy so wet? Why did your cunt clench so tightly?"

Nikki felt her face turn hot and her throat constrict.

Leather Face shot his massive hands forward and seized Nikki's thin arms.

"Answer me when I ask a question, bitch!"

"I..I don't know," whispered Nikki, her heartbeat roaring in her ears, her naked breasts pumping.

"You do know," murmured Leather Face close to Nikki's left ear, the leather of his hood brushing against her smooth cheek. A muscular arm tightened over Nikki's back, fingers dug painfully into her buttock.

"Please..," panted Nikki, her long legs quaking, her pussy growing warm as Leather Face crushed her curvaceous ass in his powerful grip.

"You want me to hurt you, don't you, Nikki?" whispered the man huskily, his tongue flicking from the hood's mouth slit to touch her throbbing neck.

"Yes," moaned Nikki, pressing her naked body against her muscular tormentor, her slim arms coiling instinctively around his waist even as he squeezed both of her buttocks so hard she grimaced. Leather Face covered Nikki's panting mouth with his, an eager tongue caressed the aroused young woman's. Continuing to kiss Nikki hungrily, Leather Face led her to the waiting chains.

"Spread out your arms," ordered Leather Face after he had parted from the compliant porn actress.

With firm tits heaving, Nikki obeyed, extending her arms out for the hanging leather manacles. Leather Face shoved Nikki's wrists into each of the manacles and cinched them tight, so that the leather pinched into the nude woman's flesh. Moving to a winch, Leather Face retracted the chains, forcing Nikki's hands up over her head. After securing the winch, Leather Face walked to a cabinet and collected a studded, black, leather collar, which he fastened snugly around Nikki's throat. The man reached around Nikki and tugged sharply on her left nipple. Nikki moaned, biting her lower lip, tears of pain welling in her bright, green eyes as Leather Face twisted her breast.

"You like that, don't you, slut? I can smell the wetness between your legs."

"No," panted Nikki, her flat stomach clenching when Leather Face reached between her thighs and rubbed her glistening cunt.

"No? Then why are you so moist?" purred Leather Face into Nikki's ear, his fingers working faster, stroking the lips of Nikki's slit until his hand was covered in sticky fluid. He rubbed his fingers clean in Nikki's thick bush of brown pubic hair, making her shudder in her chains, her hips thrusting forward wantonly.

"Whore," said Leather Face, slapping Nikki's right buttock hard. When Nikki moaned, Leather Face slapped her ass again, spanking her over and over until her buttock was glowing cherry red. The man slipped his right hand between Nikki's taut buttocks, massaging her slick pussy, making her pelvis shake violently.

"You want me to fuck you right now?"

"Yes! I need you inside me!" begged Nikki, perspiration beading down her naked, hot skin, dripping from the tips of her breasts.

Leather Face jerked back on Nikki's long, silky, brown hair, stifling her groan of pain with a rough, demanding kiss. Sucking on her tender, trembling lips, Leather Face groped her wet left breast with his gloved left hand while his right hand fondled her moist cunt. Chain links shook above Nikki, her manacled wrists burning with pain even as her pussy quivered, oozing a constant stream of honey that ran down her long, slender legs. Nikki moaned deeply into Leather Face's mouth, her orgasm threatened to blossom inside her.

The bare-chested man released Nikki before she could reach her climax. She hung limply from her chains, ragged breaths making her gleaming breasts shudder. Leather Face placed a black leather blindfold over Nikki's eyes, then he set a large, red, rubber ball gag inside her mouth, fastening it tightly. Nikki groaned into the gag, drool escaping from her lips and sliding down her small, dimpled chin. Leather Face stroked Nikki's small belly, soothing her, before he brought down the riding crop against the naked woman's back, the stiff leather slapping sharply upon her flesh. Nikki screamed into the rubber ball stuffed between her teeth, her arms struggling in their chains as Leather Face lashed her again and again, adorning her creamy back with burning red welts. The hooded man shifted to Nikki's luscious ass, smacking the riding crop over each buttock until the shapely mounds were cris-crossed with glowing bruises. Glittering tears escaped the tight blindfold and rolled down Nikki's milky cheeks. Leather Face whipped the backs of Nikki's thighs, drawing more pain-filled moans from the bound woman, but her pussy remained moist, dribbles of fluid slid down the insides of her trembling legs.

The smell of Nikki's soaked pussy was too much for Leather Face to ignore anymore. The tall, burly man knelt behind Nikki, grasping her hips and burying his hooded face inside the crack of the young woman's ass. Nikki groaned sharply into her rubber gag as her tormentor slurped upon her cunt, his tongue lapping up and down her wet snatch, cleaning the sticky juices emanating from her clenching vagina. Leather Face slid his wide tongue up and down both of Nikki's legs, licking the honey gleaming on her warm skin. He reached between Nikki's shivering buttocks and pried open her pussy until the pink hole of her wet sex was visible. Leather Face extended his tongue and inserted it inside Nikki's vagina, moaning with pleasure while he stroked the soft walls of her vaginal orifice. Nikki rolled her hips, grinding her pussy against the hooded man's face, fresh drool oozing down her chin as her stomach tightened, her thighs shuddering as the orgasm finally ignited within her pussy in a spray of musky vaginal fluid. Leather Face opened his mouth wide for the stream of honey, when the outpouring stopped he licked Nikki's clit, drawing a soft moan from the young woman's ball-stuffed mouth. Holding Nikki's pliant legs apart, Leather Face slowly licked each of her cum-stained buttocks, his tongue caressing her warm, perfect skin.


Nikki stumbled to her car, her back stiff with pain, every stride sending lances of agony through her slim legs. She practically collapsed against the car door; she rested her arms upon the car roof, her wrists darkened with bruising. Nikki reached into her bag with a trembling hand, drawing out her pack of cigarettes and pulling one out with her lips. Lighting the cigarette, Nikki sucked in a mouthful, then she climbed into her car and blew out a stream of gray vapor. She leaned slowly back into her soft, leather, bucket seat, taking another long drag, closing her eyes to savor the tobacco. Fresh tears slipped down Nikki's cheeks, she fought to hold back a weary sob. Starting her car, Nikki tried to ignore the pleasant heat still lingering between her legs as she drove away from the crowd-filled warehouse.

The End.


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