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Pervious 11/11/2001 - Columbus and Their Electricity

Large Eyes, Small Hands - November 11, 2001

I was watching some TV program, on the Learning Channel I think (Iím a geek, get over it), about facial features and what they mean. And on this program, they mentioned the fact that large eyes and small hands stimulate tender feelings. Because of babies, you see, and their freakishly, scarily large eyes and small, under developed hands. Itís one of natures ways of getting the human parents to take care of their defenseless offspring. And so, I watched this, and stored this information in the back of my mind for later.

Now, jump forward a few months, to my very first TMBG concert (In fact, my very first concert, period.) on October 24, 2001, where I spent my fair share of the time staring at Linnell, which is to be expected. Since it was a small venue and I had gotten there freakishly early, I had a good spot for both Linnell and Flans watching, and I was able to notice how small Linnellís hand were. Are you seeing where Iím going with this? Not only does he have these large, dark eyes, heís got these, small, slender little hands that he used to pounded away at the keyboard for my entertainment. Maybe thatís why I think heís a sexxy bitch. ĎCause heís appealing to my tender feelings. What a sec, I got tender feelings? Whereíd those come from? I donít remember buying any...

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