Meet the Press

The following highlights from American press conferences appeared in the September 2004 issue of Mojo magazine.


Q: Why did you start the tour in San Francisco?
John: We...(to camera) hello, Cillia...we don't plan the tours. We just say we don't want to go to sort of, uh...Ba-boo-boo-land, and we leave the rest of the world open, and it's all planned for us, with a hearty, healthy...hey! Jolly good.
Q: You did look too happy when you got off the airplane.
Ringo: If you'd been on it 15 hours, how would you look?
J: How would he look, Ringo?
R: Look at him now!
Q: Which one of you is married?
R: John's married.
J: All right, Cilla.
R: We'll all get married in the end.
J: D'you mean you're not funny like the rumour says?
Q: In America, slang things are "tough", "boss", and "dig". What are some of England's?
Paul: "Alec Douglas Home".


Q: What held you up on the way in?
J: We had to be de-loused.
Q: There's a rumour you own a bank in England, is that currect?
J: No, we just borrow it now and then.
Q: Any marriage plans for anyone?
George: DeGaulle, I think he's getting married.
Q: When are you going to retire?
R: About ten minutes.
Q: Do you enjoy beating off girls?
J: We don't do it, the police do it.
Q: Were you aware of the bomb threats in Seattle?
P: I think we must get about a bomb theat a day, y'know.
J: A bomb a day keeps the doctor away.
Q: You're all Tories, is that correct?
J: Whoever gives us the most money, y'know. We'll vote for them.
Q: Have you got any questions you'd like to ask us?
J: Can we go?


Q: Who do you like for President?
P: Ringo, and Johnson second choice.
Q: If your fame subsides, will you cut your hair?
P: Well, we had out hair like this before the fame - what's the opposite of subside? Upside?
Q: Some of your fans say they're going to switch to the Stones because you didn't wave.
J: Well, if they're going to leave us for that, they may as well leave anyway.
Q: What do The Beatles think of the topless bathing suits?
P: We've been wearing 'em for years!
Q: Do The Beatles like Pepsi Cola?
J: No.
P: We're just good friends.
Q: Is John going to leave The Beatles?
J: No, Ringo is.
Q: John, how would you describe yourself in one word?
P: "John".
Q: George, you had an incident the other night with a photographer on the West Coast. Do you find that the frenzy of your life makes your tempers wear thin?
G: No. I was in very high spirits that evening, and I just thought I'd baptise him.
Q: About how many hours do you rehearse every day?
J: None.
Q: You don't rehearse your songs?
J: Well, we wrote 'em, we recorded 'em, we play 'em every day, what do you rehearse? Smiling, that's all we rehearse.


Q: Where do you gentlemen stand as far as the draft is concerned?
J: About five-eleven.
Q: Which is the best song you've written?
J: Land of Hope And Glory.
Q: As you're confined to your room all day, what do you do?
G: Oh, tennis and water polo.
Q: If you could just walk down the street without anyone recognising you, what would you like to do?
J: Well, we used to do that with no money in our pockets, so there's no point in it. It's a dead loss.


Q: If I was in London, England, I'd like to go out and see something, but you chaps don't get a chance to see anything!...
J: Pity you don't get a chance to see the place, George.
G: It is, it is.
J: And see the bricks and that.
G: It's a pity you don't too.
J: Well, you know. I don't mind it. How do you feel?
G: I don't mind either. I'm having a good time.
Q: Now, I have one more question: where did the hairdos come from?
J: Out of our scalp.
G: We just found them, you know.


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